Chapter 2

Harry jumped out of bed and opened the door. He rubbed his eyes wearilly and raced down the hall towards Hermione. He opened the door and ran in. He smiled as he saw her asleep on the bed. Walking over he sat down on the side, touched her hair and smiled as she opened her eyes.

" You're awake " she said.

" You're alive " he said. " I would have thought they would have killed you in the night."

She laughed and sat up.

" I cant believe this... if Mum and Dad knew."

Harry jumped. " What will you tell them...surely..."

" Dont worry. I sent a letter with Hedwig last night telling them I was staying at Ron's... then I sent a letter to Ron telling him to cover for me."

" Did he reply back?"

" No it was pretty late though... I am sure he knows now though...hopefully he wont blab."

" Nah he wont " said Harry. " Ron will find this amusing I am thinking."

Hermione nodded. " Hey look it's Hedwig."

The snowy owl stopped at the window and when Harry opened it climbed onto his outreached arm and hooted softly.

" It's Ron's writing " said Harry.

" Go on then open it " said Hermione.

Hi Hermione... you too Harry.

Hermione you better hope this works because if your parents in anyway find out. I'm dead and I mean dead. Mum will kill me and then wish she could kill me again. Quite funny though I have to admit. But still be careful and dont screw it up.

All the best


PS You and Harry can come to me for the last few weeks untill school.

" Well thats okay then " said Hermione.

" Harry come with me today."

" What?"

" Come with me to my house and meet my parents."

" Ah Hermione... I ah... I dont know..."

" Dont be silly...come on... I'll write to Ron and say that you are arriving at the burrow tonight. But first you and him can meet my parents."

" Ron doesnt know where..."

" It doesnt matter. We can meet him Diagon Alley and instruct him from there."


At the Grangers House.

" You got here " said Harry as he saw Ron walk towards him. " How?"

" Hermione told me..."

Harry walked towards the gate.

" I cant do this Harry."

" Why not?"

" If I mess things up or screw up..."

" You wont... god you're acting like a petrified boyfriend or something."

Ron blushed.

They knocked on the door.

" Do you think we should have worn wizard robes?"

" No...sure they're muggles..."

" Yeah your right."

The door opened and Hermione appeared. She was dressed in blue jeans a red top and her hair was tied back.

" Hi " she beamed at them.

" Hi " said Ron and Harry sheepishly.

" Well come in Mum and Dad are in the living room.

They nodded and walked into the living room and two figures stood up.

A tall man with brown hair smiled at them and nodded. His wife...also tall with light brown hair , brown eyes and a nice smile beamed at them and beckoned them to sit.

" Mum, Dad this is Harry and Ron " said Hermione.

They smiled.

" Welcome to our home " said her Mother and she sat down beside them. Her Father shook their hands.

" You must be the Weasley boy " she said to Ron. " Ronald am I right sweetie?" she said to Hermione.

Hermione nodded and blushed.

" Yes my Hemione talks a great deal about you Ronald. Seems to believe you are the best..."

" Mum this is Harry Potter " said Hermione.

" Oh Harry " said her Mother. " You are very welcome to our home... Hermione has talked a great deal about you too... about how heroic you are..."

" Dinner " said Hermione. " Mum is it ready?"

" Yes dear...well into the kitchen then " she said. Harry and Ron followed and sat down.

" So you must all be looking forward to your fifth year " said Mr Granger.

" Yes Sir " said Harry.

Ron nodded still trying to avoid the curious gaze from Hermione's Mother. He gazed at the painting on the wall trying to concentrate on it.

" Do you like her?" said Mrs Granger to Ron.

" What? I ah...I didn't say..."

" The painting dear of my Mother. It was painted when I was just a girl."

" Oh's lovely."

Hermione looked and Ron and smiled. He smiled back.