Author's note: this story is the first in a series of fics based on the anime Dragon Ball Z. The emphasis in al these stories is on guy/guy spanking, so only continue if you're into that sort of thing. This story takes place during episode 191 - The newest Super Saiyan (not sure what the Japanese name or episode number is), very early in the Buu Saga when Gohan takes his little bro out to train together. This story takes place right after Gohan saves Goten from being eaten by a T-Rex. It can be taken as a sort of "deleted scene".

Gohan scowled down at his little brother, "Goten! Do you know how dangerous that was? That dinosaur could've had you for lunch!"

Goten kicked a loose stone, "Awww Gohan, I was just playing with it."

"What you were playing was a very dangerous game Goten. You had me very worried. Think of what momwould do if I came home and told her you had been eaten by a T-Rex!"

Goten lowered his head, "I'm sorry Gohan, I promise I won't do it again."

Gohan looked at his little brother carefully. Goten had made promises like this before, then gone back on it without a second thought. It wasn't that Goten did it on purpose, he just never really thought things through. This led to Goten getting in trouble almost constantly lately. Gohan suspected this might have something to do with the influence of Goten's best friend, Trunks. Gohan decided that he would have to really make sure Goten really got the message this time and wouldn't be up to any mischief again. He could think of only one way to do that...

Gohan decided to act on this plan fast before he could talk himself out of it. With a burst of super speed he grabbed the back of Goten's shirt and lifted him off the ground. He yanked both of Goten's shoes off before Goten could protest.

"Gohan! What are you doing?"

"I'm going to make sure you don't pull a stunt like that again, Goten. Whenever dad needed to teach me something important, I remember that he knew exactly what to do. He knew how boy's mind's work, sometimes they learn best through their butts!"

As he spoke he tugged on Goten's pants leg and took them down. Underneath his pants Goten was only wearing a pair of tight white briefs.

Goten couldn't believe it! His older brother was stripping him! Wait a sec, could Gohan be planning on actually spanking him? No way! Goten didn't think so! He slipped his arms out of his sleeves and dropped to the ground, leaving Gohan holding his empty shirt. Then he sprinted away as fast as he could!

He didn't get very far though. Gohan tackled him to the ground and drew his younger brother's squirming form over his lap as he sat down atop a nearby boulder. Gohan had a lot of experience with spanking (he had taken, and given enough of them in his life!) so he knew just how to restrain Goten over his knee and keep him from getting away.

Goten was shocked that he was reduced to wearing just his underwear, and over the lap of his usually mild older brother! He couldn't believe Gohan was really doing this! The only other times he'd been disciplined in life had been a few swats from his mother, Chi Chi. But those hadn't really hurt much and he'd never paid them much mind. He had a feeling this spanking would be a lot different!

"Gohan, please don't spank me! I'll be good!"

"No offense Goten, but I think you've needed this for a long time now," Gohan said, ignoring his little brother's pleas and lowering his briefs off his butt. After he did this, Gohan was struck (as he was everytime he saw it) by how well muscled Goten's butt was. For just a little kid, it was incredibly round and firm. The Son family was famous for their spankable bubble butts, and Goten was definitely no exception!

Goten usually wasn't embarrassed at all about Gohan seeing him naked. They were brother, being naked around each other was no big deal! They used to take baths together all the time, and they both still often went skinny dipping in the lakes and streams near their home. Also, Goten had inherited his father's lack of inhibitions concerning clothing. In fact his mom, Chi Chi, still yelled at him all the time about running around nude inside the house!

But this time was different! Trapped naked across his brother's lap like this... Goten felt vulnerable, like he was on display. He was especially aware of how exposed his butt was.

Gohan pondered the best way to proceed; it had been a while since he had spanked anybody. The last serious spanking he had ever given was when he was still a kid, when he had spanked his very own dad! It was before the final battle with Cell, when all the Z-Warriors were taking turns training vigorously in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Gohan knew that he could reach the next level in his training, but Goku was just too soft with him, not wanting to accidentally injure his son. In the end, Gohan had gotten so frustrated with his father that he had used the element of surprise to power-up and tackle his dad during a sparring match. Gohan managed to wrestle the big man over his lap, and then proceeded to strip Goku's pants off and spank his bare ass for a solid minute before Goku could regain control! After that point, Goku realized his son was serious and upped the training regimen accordingly, without bearing a grudge. That was the type of guy Goku was... he would let his own son spank him if he thought he deserved it.

With a start, Gohan shook off his reminiscence, realizing that he'd been staring off into space for quite some time while his younger brother had been squirming over his knee. Not that Goten probably minded the temporary reprieve. Gohan started to spank Goten lightly, not wanting to overwhelm the boy his first time getting spanked. He left a stinging swat on each of Goten's young buttocks. Soon, the pink handprints on Goten's rear started to merge together to form larger areas of pinkened flesh. Gohan slowly covered every part of Goten's smooth rump.

Goten was dismayed that it hurt so much! This was nothing like the spankings he'd gotten from Chi Chi. Those had been over quick, never lasting more than five swats. But the spanking he was getting from Gohan seemed to be stretching out forever! Gohan's hard muscular arms and years of training were in evidence as his hand came down on Goten's small round butt over and over. Gohan started to increase the tempo of spanks, creating a painful beat!

"Gohan, it really hurts! Ouch! Please stop!"

"You think this hurts? This is nothing compared to what I used to get when I was your age!"

It was true too. Gohan had been spanked more time than he could remember. From his father to his friend Krillin and the other Z Warriors, to even Master Roshi. All had left his ass red and sore for days. Hell, even Vegeta had given him a particularly stinging spanking once on the planet Namek. Most of the spanking he had been given were in fun, Gohan was rarely naughty. But those "fun" spankings could make sitting down quite painful for a long time. There was nothing the Z Fighters liked better then to have a friendly contest, with the loser getting a spanking from all of them! Gohan hadn't held back when he was on the giving end either!

Gohan laid down another minute's worth of spanks. Goten gasped and jerked and winced with every whack.

"I'm sorry Gohan! sniffle I'm soooowwy!" Goten was in so much pain and embarrassment. It hurt so much!

Gohan gave Goten five more devastating smacks. Goten let out a long wail at these.

"Alright Goten, the spanking's over, you can get up now."

Goten lifted himself off of Gohan's lap shamefully and stood on wobbly legs. He immediately rubbed his hot bottom, trying to get the sting out from Gohan's powerful hand.

"Oooooh!", he said as he hopped about trying to relieve the pain. Gohan laughed at Goten's impromptu dance.

"It's not funny, big brother! That really hurt!" Goten stuck his lower lip out in a pout and crossed his arms. Goten hadn't made one move to get his clothes. He'd been embarrassed about it before when he'd been held over Gohan's lap, but now that the spanking was over he didn't feel any embarrassment at all about being bare-butt naked.

"That was only a warning Goten, if I had given you a real spanking it would've gone on until you were in tears."

Goten uncrossed his arms and regarded Gohan speculatively. How did Gohan know so much about spanking? Had he given any before? Had Gohan been spanked before? These thoughts were unfortunately dismissed as he set about rubbing his poor butt again. At the moment some things were just more important to him. He wondered if his butt would ever stop burning!

"Now, just stay out of trouble and we won't have to repeat this event okay?"

Goten nodded solemnly to Gohan but thought to himself with distress, Oh man! Looks like I'm going to get spanked a lot from now on... Goten didn't know why he got in so much trouble all the time, even without Trunks around to instigate him. Whenever he got bored, he just tried to make things more interesting, that's all!

Gohan gave the still naked Goten a hug, "You took your spanking really well Goten. You bet that if Krillin had got that spanking, he would've been howling for mercy!"

Goten looked at Gohan with wide eyes, "You mean you've spanked Uncle Krillin TOO?"

Oops. Gohan hadn't meant to tell him that. He coughed embarrassedly, "Well er, that's sort of a long story. I'll explain it to you some other time okay?"

Goten nodded. Wow! He couldnt wait to hear that one!

Gohan slung an arm around Goten's bare shoulder for a quick brotherly hug, "Good! Now get your clothes back on and let's head back, I won't tell mom about this if you won't."