She's the Man

Prologue: We Want to Join

"I can't believe this"said a long pink haired girl

"I know who could they"replied long a brown haired girl

"But we're best here"replied the long pink haired girl looking at the blond girl

"Not enough girl sighed up"said the long brown haired girl

"Come on"said the long pink haired girl to the rest of her team

Across the school yard

"Sorry to hear about your team being cut"said a long blacked haired man when the group of girl came up behind him, "Wish there was something I could do"

"There is"replied the long pink heired girl, "We wont to join the boys soccer team"

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha"laughed the long black haired man

"We're not kidding"replied the long pink haired girl

"Well Sakura, you can't"replied the long haired man

"Why not, Orochimaru"replied Sakura

"Hey couch whats the problem"asked a red haired boy coming towards group fallowed by the rest of the team, "Hey babe"

"Hey"replied Sakura

"The girls want to join the team"replied Orochimaru. All the other boys laugh until they noticed that the girls looked serious

"Your not serious"replied the red haired boy

"What makes you think we're not, Gaara"replied Sakura

"I'm sorry girls but you can't join"said Orochimaru

"Why not"shouted Sakura getting angry

"Well its a provendered fact that girls aren't as fast, strong, or athletic as boys"stated Orochimaru

"Well Gaara your the team captain. What do you think"asked Sakura looking at Gaara for support

"I think Orochimaru said it all"replied Gaara

"But yesterday you said I was better than over half of your team"replied Sakura getting angry

"I never said that"replied Gaara flooding his arms, "End of discussion"

"Than end of relationship"replied Sakura glaring at Gaara and with that the girls all walked off

Sakura's home

Sakura was walking up to her front door when someone graped her shoulder and turned her towards them.

"Shikamaru"shouted an annoyed blond haired girl, "Oh its you and your brother look a lot alike from the back probably since you have no curves"

"Nice to see you too, Temari"replied Sakura sarcastically

"If you see Shikamaru tell him I looking for him"replied Temari walking back to her car. Sakura glared at Temari until she drove off and than head into the house.

When Sakura entered the house her mother was standing there waiting for her.

"Oh goodies your home"sang her mother

"Not now mom. I've had the worst day"replied Sakura trying to get over to the stairs to make her getaway but was stop by her mother.

"Well this is just the thing to cheer you up"sang her mother covering her eyes and directing her over to the sitting room, "Eyes closed"

"They're closed"replied Sakura wanting to run off

"Open them"sang her mother. When Sakura opened up her eyes her mother was holding up what looked like a wedding dress.

"Who's getting married"asked Sakura

"No one! This is your new dress"replied her mother

"Mom"complained Sakura

"What! You know Gaara will just love you in this"replied her mother

"Another reason not to where it"replied Sakura heading towards the stairs

"What!"demanded her mother

"I broke up with him"replied Sakura as she started to walk up the stairs

"Wait why? I mean he's just so...manly"replied her mother going to La la land

"What ever"replied Sakura as she continued to walk up the stair. Sakura saw her brother's door was wide open so she walked into the room

"Temari was looking for you"said Sakura sitting on his bed, "Why do you date her...she is a total bitch"

"She's cute"replied Shikamaru shrugging

"Where are you going"asked Sakura

"London"Shikamaru replied lazily

"As in London England"replied Sakura as Shikamaru lowered his guitar to the ground

"But you start school in like a week"replied Sakura

"Well can you call school and pretend to be mom and say I'm sick"replied Shikamaru

"Who did you swing this with mom and dad"asked Sakura

"Lets see mom thinks I'm at dad's who thinks I'm here"replied Shikamaru as he climbed at the window

"Shikamaru"said Sakura


"Shikamaru"hissed Sakura

"Where you talking to your brother"asked their mother coming in the room

"Yes I was over the phone but her hung up"replied Sakura graping the phone

"Okay...Now just imagine they call your name and you stand up in this"replied her mother again showing off the wedding dress again

"NO"shouted Sakura

"Oh you may as well be your brother"replied her mother walking out of the room. Sakura stood up and waked over to the mirror picking up a picture of her brother. They where twins the only real difference was her hair and the fact that she was a girl. Thats when an idea hit her..

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