Hello! This is my first fan fiction ever!! I co-wrote it with one of my friends, dragonseeker55, and it's turing out awesome! The parts in bold are the parts I wrote, and the rest is what she's written. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

"Where in the hell is she!" a raven-haired girl in a fiery red Sailor suit called out angrily. Looking at the mailbox-like monster in front of her with smoldering violet eyes, she dodged its "flying letters of doom".

"I don't know!" a tall brunette in an emerald green Sailor suit responded. Her sparkling green eyes glittered menacingly at the ugly monster. "Mercury!"

A small frail girl in a blue suit typed furiously on a handheld computer. "Working on it" was what she yelled in response.

"God, I'm so mad! She's always late, especially when we need help!" yelled Sailor Mars.

"She's probably out with Darien or something, knowing her," replied Sailor Jupiter.

Mars tried hard to suppress an agitated scream.


"Baka! Now look what you've done!" A blonde girl was complaining to the college boy she had conveniently ran into. Now her long hair was tangled on one of the buttons on his hideous green jacket.

"I'm so sorry, Meatball Head," said the college boy, whose name happened to be Darien, sarcastically.

"No—you're—not!!!" She gave one final yank and was free from the grasp of the evil buttons. "AND DON'T CALL ME MEATBALL HEAD!!!!" She ran her fingers through her hair, trying futilely to make it straight again. "My name is Serena! S-E-R-E-N-A! Say it right!" Serena Tsukino yelled, her face going red. Darien Shields smiled.

"Alright, Meatball Head. If you say so," he smirked. Serena balled her fists, eyes flaming with inner fire. He thought she looked cute.

Wait, "cute?" Meatball Head? I must be losing my mind!

"Don't punch me! Please! I beg you!" exclaimed Darien.


"Yes ma'am, Dumplinghead." An evil grin spread across his face.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!" shouted Serena, and they both engaged in a tongue war.

A stick-out-your-tongue war, to be exact. A beeping sounded from Serena's wrist. She looked at her pink wristwatch decorated with small gems and a gold star in a circle.

"Oh crap!" she exclaimed. Looking up at Darien, she stuck out her tongue at him once more before leaving behind a trail of dust.


"Took ya long enough!" shouted Mars. "Where have you been?"

"Uh. . .I can explain. . ."

"You better explain!" she shouted.

"We're getting pummeled with pieces of paper, if you haven't noticed!" shouted Jupiter. "We can talk later—OUCH!!!"

She had just received a fairly large paper cut on her left arm.

"DAMN THESE LETTERS!!!" she shouted.

"You evil fiend! Hurting my best friend with papers of malevolence! I am Sailor Moon, Champion of Love and Justice, and in the name of the moon, I will punish you!" she ended with her trademark pose.

"Great," Sailor Mars remarked. "Sailor Moon learned a new word!"

"Let's see how long she remembers it," said Sailor Venus blatantly. Sailor Mars giggled.

A woman happened to be walking by with her dog.

"Ma'am, may I borrow your dog for a moment?" asked Sailor Mercury. The dog was a fairly large beagle.

"Uh. . .sure?" the woman said, obviously both confused and rather shocked at the sight of an overly large flying mailbox.

"Take that, you mailbox of terror!" screamed Sailor Mercury as she let loose the dog. The dog ran after the Youma, barking and growling all the way. The mailbox flew away with terrified yelps.

"Well, that takes care of that," said Mercury triumphantly.

The girls gave her weird looks before rounding on Serena.

"Spill," Lita demanded playfully. Serena sighed.

"I ran into baka again and my hair got tangled on the buttons of his ugly green jacket," she exclaimed.

"That's it?" Raye asked, eye brows furrowing together. "Man, you are lame."

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Enough!" shouted Mina. "It's too early for you two to be fighting again!!"

Serena and Raye gave her the evil eye, then began to argue again about something totally useless. Mina rolled her eyes. "Come on, let's go home," she remarked, and the girls split separate ways.


"SERENA! Wake up!" Luna's voice was in the sleeping girl's ear.

"Uhhhh," groaned Serena. She groped around the bed, trying to find the one responsible for waking her from her beauty sleep so she could smack them. Luna stealthily avoided her outstretched hand.

"Come on, Sleeping Beauty," Luna said. "Lita has so graciously prepared your breakfast."

"Gracious, smacious," Serena moaned, "we force her to make us breakfast."

"Well, if that's your case, you're late for school," Luna said. Serena shot out of bed and pulled her hair.

"IIIIEEEE! Luna, why didn't you wake me up sooner!" Serena yelled, slipping on her rug and falling on her face.

"Well, any sooner and you would have fallen back asleep, and we would still be here, arguing," said Luna matter-of-factly.

Serena grabbed the closet door handle to try and pull herself up, but then the handle broke off the door and she fell on her butt.


Raye slid into the room. She looked up at Luna first, on the bed, then down at Serena. Up, then down.

"Serena, what are you doing down there? You're going to be late for school!" said Raye.

"I. . .I fell."

"Twice," interjected Luna.

"Down on your luck, eh?" asked Raye. Serena nodded her head slowly. Then she shook her head vigorously, looked at Raye and said, "Help me up, will you? I'm not going to sit here all day in my PJ's!"

"Well, I would, but I think I hear Mina calling me," Raye smirked. "Bye!"

"Get back here! Mina's still sleeping!" Serena wailed.

"Oh. Right," said Raye. She reached out her hand, and once Serena took it, she yanked her up as hard as she could pull.

"OUCH!!" screeched Serena. "What was that for?"

"For being a dumb blonde," she said.

"Grr," said Serena, and she stomped out of her room to see what Lita 'had so graciously prepared'.

There was no food.

"Lita!" Serena screeched. "Where's breakfast!"

Lita Kino appeared from the kitchen. Her brown hair was in a ponytail out of her emerald green eyes, now glinting with annoyance. "You should've been down here an hour ago. We had eggs sunny side up, bacon, sausage, and orange juice."

"We?" Serena repeated.

"Yes, Amy, Mina, Raye, and I. Mina and Amy are already at school, Raye's school doesn't start for another half an hour, and I was waiting on you."


"Here are some leftovers from last night's dinner," Lita offered. Unfortunately for Serena, it was steamed vegetables over rice.

"Blah," said Serena. Her distaste was clear; she didn't even try to hide it.

"WELL, then, YOU can have NOTHING!!" Lita spat at her. She slowly laid the plate back in the fridge. "See if I care."

Serena grabbed her bag off the chair and stalked out the door, leaving Lita standing in the kitchen.

Serena sprinted for her life, trying not to run people over. The passerby, familiar with the streamers of gold hair, nimbly sidestepped out of her way.

Effectively not all of them.

"Oof!" Serena mumbled as she slammed into something hard. About to fall, she was saved by strong, warm arms.

"I think it's becoming a habit of yours to bump into me everyday, Meatball Head," that hated familiar voice said in her ear.

"It's not my fault that school always starts before I'm ready!!" shouted Serena. "AND DON'T CALL ME MEATBALL HEAD!!!!"

"Yeah. Sure. It's all the school's fault."

"Well, it is. . ." Serena realized she was sounding a lot like a middle schooler at this point.

"Well, catch you later. Wouldn't want you to be later than usual. The teachers might be happier," he said.

Too bad Serena was already too far away to here the second half of his sentence.

Luckily, Serena made it to school before the bell rang. Unluckily, she ran into the Home Ec teacher and made him drop his cherry soufflé.

Of course, she got detention.

"But how?" Serena complained. It was lunch time.

"Mr. Peterson was making that dish so he could show his third period class!" Lita argued back, mad that she would never learn how to make the dessert.

"Oh, come off it," said Serena. "It was purely an accident. I'm sure he could make another in a jiffy."

"Do you know how long it takes to make a soufflé?" asked Lita.

"A long time?" guessed Serena.

"Yeah. A long time," answered Lita.

"Are they good?" asked Serena. Lita gave her a look.

"Of course," Lita said as she munched on chocolate chip cookies. "They're one of the tastiest desserts on the planet."

"Can you make me one?" Serena asked sincerely. Lita smiled.

"Yeah, when you get back from detention, and if I ever get to learn."

Right. Detention. Serena grimaced at the thought. How many times had she seen that bleak little room now? Ten? Eleven? She couldn't remember. She couldn't even remember why she was in there all those times.

"Gonna have your tots?" asked Lita.

"Huh? Oh. Huh?" Serena shook her head. "Heck yes I am! You know I'm a junk food—er—junkie!!"

The bell rang, and the girls rushed back to class.


"Mars Fireball Surround!"

The fireball hit the octopus Youma square in the jaw. The monster growled and captured the Sailor Scout, slowly draining her energy.

"Mercury Bubbles Blast!"

Surrounded by bubbles, it dropped Raye, who crawled over to Lita and Mina close by.

"You okay, Raye?" asked Amy in a concerned tone.

"Yeah—fine—just finish him off, OK? I hate octopus."

Mina boldly stepped forward into its large shadow.

"Venus Love Chain Encircle!" A whip of glowing gold hearts appeared and wrapped itself around the monster. Sailor Moon readied herself to attack, but the monster wrapped a tentacle around her throat. She gasped for breath.

"Serena!" yelled the girls down below. Serena started to see white spots appear on her eyes as she stared into the eyes of the monster. In the huge pools of black, she saw something there. Was it fear? Nervousness? Empathy?

Her mind was torn from the thought as one of the girls attacked it from below.

"Lita, no!" Serena yelled as Sailor Jupiter was knocked aside. Suddenly the monster dropped her with a yowl, and Serena looked up to see a steel-tipped red rose embedded in the tentacle that had held her.

Tuxedo Mask appeared from behind a tree.

"In a bit of a pickle, are we?" Serena could see his sparkling blue eyes from where she lay. She tried to lift her head, but her whole body was numb, and Tuxedo Mask's sweet face was the last thing she saw before she blacked out.

Tuxedo Mask swooped down and scooped up Sailor Moon. He knew from his special bond that connected them together that she had passed out. Smiling down at her sweet face, he set her down at the bottom of the sakura tree as the Scouts finished the Youma off.

"Take that, you overgrown hunk of seafood!" shouted Sailor Mars as she threw a ball of fire at it. The Youma screamed, and a foul smell filled the air. The smell of burning flesh.

"Try that again, Raye!" shouted Mina. This time she conjured up a fireball five times as large. With all the strength her arms could give her, she threw the missile at the octopus. It was quickly engulfed in flames, and a high pitched scream filled the Scout's ears. They all put their hands over their ears to block the awful sound.

The Youma shriveled up into a tiny black pile of ashes in the air, and it fell to the ground. They cautiously removed their hands from their ears and surveyed the damage. Several nearby trees were scorched, and there were a few cuts and bruises, but that was about it. As Sailor Scouts, their bodies could handle a massive beating. Then, suddenly remembering, they rushed over to where Serena lay under the sakura tree, guarded carefully by Tuxedo Mask and all his splendor.

Amy stopped running, realizing something.

"Uh, guys?" she called out. The Scouts, confused by the scared tone of her voice, ran back to her.

"What's wrong?" Mina asked.

"What if he heard our names?"

"Uhh—uh-oh. We can just hope he didn't!" she said quietly back to Amy.

"Didn't what?"

Tuxedo Mask was right behind them. How does he do that? Mina wondered.

"Oh—nothing. Nothing at all." She smiled up at him. Boy, was he tall. "Is Sailor Moon okay?"

"She'll be fine. She's just unconscious, that's all." He smiled back. "Well, since the world, meaning Sailor Moon, is saved again, I'll just leave now," he said. And with a swish of his long, silky cape, he was gone.