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Chapter 8

The girls looked around. There were a few trees here and there, but it was mostly just barren land. Where could she be hiding?

Serena kept her eyes alert as she looked around the barren plain. The girls also watched, their cloaks wrapped tightly around them.

"There," Amy called, pointing to a tall oak tree. They walked to it and saw a hole in the hollow tree. "You're supposed to send negative energy into it in order for the door to open," Amy explained. The others sighed.

Serena backed away from the tree; a respective distance of four meters. Judging the direction of wind and the speed, she looked at her hands. Looking inside herself, Serena found all the pent-up anger, fury, malice, and disgust and pushed.

A black ball of negative energy grew in her cupped hands. Opening red-tinted eyes, she pushed the power towards the tree. It swallowed the power and split open, revealing stone steps.

"How did you do that?" Raye asked, shocked at what she just saw. Amy quickly typed and read:

"All the negative feelings Sailor Moon felt towards Beryl were enough to take physical shape and had enough power to open the door."

They stared in awe at Serena, who looked like she hadn't just done something strange. "Let's go in," she whispered, and she led the way down the dark stone steps. There was darkness ahead. They kept walking down the steps, taking care not to trip in the semi-darkness. Suddenly, there was a loud scraping noise behind them, and the light began to fade quickly.

"The door is closing!" shouted Serena, but she could hardly be heard above the noise the tree was making. Soon there was a crack of light, then nothing at all. It was completely pitch black now. They started to panic, but then realized they must calm their nerves and continue on. Nobody said a word as they crept down the stairs.

The steps kept descending into the earth. How far under the ground were they? Three fathoms? Ten fathoms? One? Amy had no idea. She only knew that the air was getting cooler the further down they went. Then, Serena spotted a shaft of light up ahead.

"Welcome to my lovely home," Beryl's voice came from all directions.

Mina curled her lip in disgust as they dropped their cloaks. "Lovely my ass," she whispered.

Beryl's 'home' was far from lovely.

They appeared to be standing in a damp cave. The ceiling was high and in shadow. Stalagmites jutted out of the floor like sinister yellow spears. Water made murky pools of dark green all around the floor. Something yellow was slowly dripping down the walls. Lita felt something wet hit her head. When she reached up to feel what it was, it was sticky.

And then, adding to the horrible décor, was Queen Beryl herself, in all her hideous splendor.

Beryl sat on a gnarled throne made of stone and tree roots. A dark crystal floated in front of her, absorbing the darkness.

"How did you brats get in here?" she demanded, rising gracelessly from her throne. Serena stepped up.

"All my feelings towards you were enough to open your door," she replied, taking her fighting stance.

"Oh, how cute. Is wittle Sewena angwy at big bad Queen Beryl?" she said the first words in a high, babyish voice, and the last few with an evil snarl. "And—oh, let me guess. You want to fight me now? You want to bring me down? You want to scour the Universe for evil and make a whole new one without evil to bring on a big, bright future of happiness of love?" She paused, looking at the faces of each Sailor Scout in turn. "Well, it doesn't work that way. There'll always be evil, and I'll almost always be behind it. Except for the evil on your miserable little planet. That stuff's homemade." Serena could feel her temperature rising. Anger was welling up inside her chest. She knew the other girls felt the same thing. There was one thing, one common goal between them: Revenge. And that is exactly what Beryl would get. The beating of a lifetime.

"NOW!" Serena roared. The girls readied their attacks.

"Double Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze!"

"Mars Celestial Fire Surround!"

"Supreme Thunder Dragon!"

"Venus Love Chain Encircle!"

"Moon Princess Halation!"

Beryl nimbly dodged the attacks and landed some of her own. The girls flew back with enough force to break the stone. In fact, Serena was quite sure that something had broken, it hurt so much. But she struggled to stand, and succeeded, and she watched the other girls follow suit.

"We have to try something else," said Lita. They nodded their heads in unison toward her.

"Is that all you've got, girlies?" asked Beryl in her metallic voice.

"Not—yet," said Serena. She couldn't give up. They had barely gotten started! With this thought, a surge of energy filled her. The girls, watching her for the next move, suddenly felt the same surge of energy. They continued to shoot attacks at her, but to no avail. She would just swipe it out of the way, or step to the side. It didn't take long for them to start slowing down and becoming weary. How could Beryl be beaten? Could she even be beaten? It wasn't looking like it.

"I see you grow weary." Beryl was smiling. If that's what you could call it. None of the Scouts said anything. "Maybe you deserve a rest."

They stopped moving. Beryl walked up to Lita, and looked her straight in the eye. It made Lita's heart freeze over. "You've been battling hard. Good job." Then, she grabbed Lita around the neck and raised her a few inches off the ground. Sailor Jupiter's face began to turn red as she gasped for air. The other four girls ran forward to her defense. Beryl held out her hand to stop them, and they stopped, as if some invisible force was holding them back. Lita struggled for breath, but none came. Her face was turning blue.

"Let her go, you devil!" cried Serena.

Beryl turned around. "Okay," she said simply, then she threw Lita hard against the wall. Her left arm grazed a razor-sharp stalagmite on her trip to the wall, and she got a deep cut that immediately began to bleed profusely. She was gasping for breath, a dazed look on her face. "Who's next?"

Pure, raw anger welled up inside Amy's chest. She couldn't contain it. Putting on her game face, she strode up to Beryl. There was only one thing she could think of doing.

She reached her hand out and smacked Beryl across the face.

Beryl stood there, stunned. Then, she conjured up a ball of black light and thrust it at her. It quickly engulfed her entire body, and Serena gave a small cry as she watched the life being drained from her frail body. The black light disappeared, and Amy's body fell limply to the floor. Beryl let out a shrill laugh.

Tears streaming down her face, Raye stammered, "You can't—do this."

"Watch me." She then lifted Raye high up into the air, without touching her. Raye screamed at the top of her lungs as she was thrust down onto the floor. Serena heard bones crack. She knew without even looking that Raye was dead. Serena didn't try to contain her sobs. She couldn't stand to lose her friends. Mina walked up beside her and put a hand on her shoulder. Lita seemed to wake up a bit, and she stared in their direction, even though she couldn't move. Her body felt leaden and heavy. It was all she could do to stay conscious.

Then, another form walked out of the shadows.

It was Tuxedo Mask.

"Well, look who showed up," Beryl said in a high voice quickly to Serena. Edymion's eyes were blazing red, contrasting to his black armor.

"Hello, Serena."

Serena stared in horror. Darien! How could he? It must be true, then. There he was, standing there, in the flesh. Her protector and lifetime love had betrayed her. And now, he was going to watch her die.

"Darien, how could you. . ."

Beryl laughed a high, cold, piercing laugh. "See what love does? It only ever causes grief. You fall in love with him, and he betrays you. What do you have to say to that?"

"I hate you."

Queen Beryl smiled. Then her eyes turned down toward Serena's neck.

"That Crystal is mine."

Now, at last, it had come to the moon crystal. Serena's thoughts flashed back to the park, when she saved Darien's life. She clutched it.

"You can't have it," she said simply. Mina stood still beside her, bracing for an attack.

It came. An invisible force knocked her against the wall. The bone-jarring impact almost knocked her out. She kept her eyes on Serena. Serena's face was contorted with a mixture of rage and grief. Tuxedo Mask laughed along with Beryl, and the sound made her blood run cold. Beryl blasted Serena with another beam of light, and it lifted her into the air a few inches. She then walked forward, and reached out to Serena's chest. Her white fingers tore Serena's off the crystal, and she grabbed hold, and pulled it toward her. But it didn't move.

The pain it was causing Serena was immense. Lita couldn't stand to watch. "Don't!" she cried.

With her other hand, Beryl threw another jet of light at her, and Lita's head hung limply on to the side. Beryl pulled harder at the crystal. Serena screamed a high, terrifying scream, and the crystal was lodged free of her body. The light faded and she fell to the floor. Mina feared she was dead. She was right.

Beryl gave a scream of delight. "Yes! The crystal is now MINE!!!!" A wind was swirling around the cave. It became more intense with each passing second. Mina wasn't sure she could hold on much longer.

But then something strange happened. The crystal began to glow with a bright light.

Beryl screeched, as if she had been burned, and dropped the shining orb to the ground. A white vapor came out of it then, and slowly took the shape of a person. She had very, very long white-purple hair, and skin as white as snow and fair as silk. A shining face took form, with bright, sparkling lavender eyes. A loud, clear voice filled the room. "Beryl," it said. The voice seemed to be full of hope and protection. Mina eased up a little. "You think you have won. But you have been defeated. Once and for all. Peace will be restored to the Moon Kingdom and the rest of the Universe. You are dead."

"No!" shouted Beryl. Then, the form of Tuxedo Mask wavered and vanished. Mina couldn't believe it. It wasn't him! It was just an image! If only Serena could know. . .

White light filled the room, and became so intense that Mina could not see. She heard the booming voice in her head. "Be at peace, Princess Mina of Venus," it said.

She closed her eyes, and the world went black.


Serena felt like she was floating. The world was all black around her, but she could see her own body, just floating there in the black abyss. She did a quick scan: she was in one piece. But where was she? Then she suddenly realized that she couldn't feel any pain.

Am I dead?

Sailor Moon was pretty sure that she was. But was this heaven? No, it couldn't be. Maybe it was some sort of holding chamber until Saint Peter had a free time slot at the Pearly Gates. Maybe.

Suddenly, she saw a shape taking form in front of her. It was as if someone were walking out of a dense, dark fog. At first, she feared it might be Queen Beryl, but then the face swam into focus and she recognized who it was.


Serena reached out and embraced her companion. She noticed that she didn't look wounded, either. Serena didn't know what had happened to her after she had been knocked out; she didn't even know what happened when Beryl got the crystal. But now she figured that Mina had died as well, and was here with her in this waiting-room for Heaven.

Sailor Moon began to notice other shapes taking form in the darkness. Lita, Raye, and Amy came into view, and they all embraced each other and shed silent tears. It was Sailor Venus who spoke first.

"We've won, guys," she said. "After Serena d—blacked out," she choked, "the Crystal got really bright, and then—and then—Queen Serenity appeared."

"What?" Amy, Lita and Raye gasped at once.

Mina kept talking, "And then, she told Beryl that she had lost, and that peace will be restored and that—" She had a hard time finding the right words, "that Beryl was dead."

Another gasp from the group, this time Serena included. Could it be true? Had they really won, even though Beryl had gained possession of the Moon Crystal?

"Also, before the bright light came, I saw Tuxedo Mask's body waver, and then vanish in a cloud of vapor. Serena, it wasn't really him. It was just an image, conjured up by Queen Beryl to give you more grief! Don't you see? She was attacking you where it hurt most."

Serena's couldn't believe her ears. Was it true? Was Darien telling the truth that he hadn't been there with Beryl in her bathroom? She wanted to cry tears of joy.

Their thoughts were interrupted when a pale amethyst glow appeared some distance away. It moved closer, getting larger and larger all the time. Finally, it was almost human-sized, and a woman appeared.

Queen Serenity.

"My girls," she said in a voice as smooth as glass, "I am so proud of you."

Words were not needed to convey their feelings. Inside, they could feel their spirits soaring with joy, soon forgetting about all that had transpired, just happy to be with each other. It was Serenity who spoke first.

"You behaved admirably. Your actions will never be forgotten." A tear rolled down her soft cheek. "But your task is not yet complete. You have more time to spend on Earth before you can return to your true home in the Silver Millennium. Never forget anything that you have accomplished, and keep pushing forward. Even though Beryl herself is gone, her minions still walk the Universe, and will be out to seek revenge. And remember, never, ever turn your backs on your friends. They are all you have." With that, she began to fade away.

Serena made a frantic call, "Mother! Oh please, don't leave!" Tears were streaming freely down her face. Her eyes became puffy and red.

"It's time for you to return to Earth," said the Queen. "Never forget your duty to your Universe."

"We never will," said Mina. Then, Queen Serenity faded away into the darkness, and their world went completely black.


Serena woke up lying on something hard. She cracked open her eyes and managed to pull herself up with the help of a nearby rock.

She was still in the cave.

As the Moon Princess surveyed her surroundings, she saw the other girls struggling to get up. She looked down at her own body. There were cuts and bruises everywhere; her hands were stained in blood. Her uniform was covered in dirt. There was a gaping hole in the front where the Crystal used to be.

Serena pulled herself up on wobbly legs. Amy, Lita and Mina were standing up, too. Mina's wrist hung at an odd angle, and the cut on Lita's arm was still bleeding. They were all covered in dirt and splotches of dried blood. The only person missing was Raye, who they soon found.

"Guys. . ." she moaned. "I can't move."

Her eyes were out of focus, and she was slumped against the wall. The girls rushed over to her. As they did, Mina nearly tripped over something. When she looked down to see what it was, she saw that the Moon Crystal was lying at her feet, faintly glowing. She picked it up with the gentlest care, feeling its warmth soak into her hands. She also felt a great power residing within its murky depths.

"Serena," she called over to her. Serena came over immediately and Mina passed the Crystal into her hands. Before it even touched Serena, it floated up on its own and fixed itself to the hole in Sailor Moon's uniform. The girls watched in awe. Serena's eyes closed, soaking in the power, and her body glowed gently. Then the moment was over.

"I'm glad to have it back," said Serena.

"Um, over here?" called a voice from behind them. Raye was still on the ground.

"Oh, sorry," said Mina.

When they reached her, Amy surveyed her body.

"She's broken a lot of things," said Amy. "I don't think it's safe that we move her."
"But what are we supposed to do?" yelled Lita in a frenetic voice. "We can't get the paramedics up here. What would they say? What would we say? How did we get here? They won't even know where the heck we are!"

"I know what to do," said Serena trance-like. She walked over to Raye and put her hands up on either side of the Crystal. They girls watched as light flowed from the Crystal to Serena's hands. She then held her hands over various parts of Raye's body and the light flowed from them and seeped into her skin. Slowly, Raye's broken body began to mend. She had taken a hard blow against the wall. She would later tell her friends that she got into a fight with a rock and the rock won. But right now, she was just watching in wonder as her closest friend healed her. When she was done, Serena slumped to the floor, exhausted.

"Thank you, Serena," Raye whispered. Then, Mina picked up Serena, and they flew home.


Back at the apartment, Darien was pacing. He had transformed into Tuxedo Mask when he had sensed that Sailor Moon was in trouble, but he had no idea where she was. It was like something was blocking her signals to him, some dark energy. Then, something devastating happened. He felt their connection sever completely. This could only mean one thing: Princess Serenity had died. Endymion fell to his knees and cried his heart out. He was utterly, completely crushed. The love of his life, who he had had a connection to since they were very small, was now no longer alive. He felt empty inside, as if some part of him was missing. In essence, it was. Then, there was a scuffling at the door. He stood up, his mind on full alert. Whatever was coming through that door, he would be ready. Rage filled his body and mind and completely took over. He strode over to the door and opened it.

He stood face-to-face with Serena.

He was absolutely shocked. She had died! He knew it! Yet here she was, standing in front of him. . .

Serena reached out and gave him the biggest hug ever. Darien returned it. They were so happy to see each other. Serena was so ecstatic to know that he would never, ever betray her. She felt the bond between them suddenly grow stronger, like a thick rope pulled tight and turned to gold.

Darien pulled her off of him, gently.

"Serena, wha—what happened. . ."

She pressed a finger to his lips. "Let's sit down, shall we?" Followed by the gang, she sat down on the couch, and began to explain all that had happened. Darien just sat the entire time in silent awe.

At the end of the story, he didn't sat in silence for a bit, then said:

"Well, I'm glad that's over. Let's go to the Arcade."


Late that night, Serena had one final dream.

She was walking through the same forest, the leaves tickling her arms and legs. She found the lone image of Endymion, standing alone in the moonlight. When she approached him, a smile lit up his face.

"You found me," he said quietly. "You found the truth. Now all you need is to forgive me."

"Forgive you for what?" she asked.

"For ever doubting you. When you were gone, our connection was severed. You were gone. I thought you were dead, and that we would never see each other again. And when you told me about your encounter with Beryl in the bathroom, and at the park, I thought you were making things up and jeopardizing our group. But I was wrong. Will you forgive me?"

"Of course," she said, and they pulled each other in tight and kissed for some unknown amount of time. This time, they were not interrupted by a phone ringing. The only sounds were the natural noises of the night.


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