Disclaimer: The Chronicles of Narnia, all characters, places, and related terms belong to C.S. Lewis. The plot is mine.

What's in a Name

"Polly, Polly, Polly." The twelve-year-old girl frowned as she repeated her name again and again. "Polly."

She sighed heavily and plucked at the grass at her feet. Her name sounded quite dull to her ears, a bit childish and too sweet. And so simple!


Why couldn't she have a more elegant name, such as Victoria, Catherine, or Marianne? Something that was beautiful and wonderful?

"Pol-ly," she said once more.

A soft cough was Digory making his annoyance known. Reclining against a tree trunk a little ways from where Polly sat, he peered over the top of his book at her. This was the second day she was bemoaning having such a name as "Polly," and he was getting quite annoyed by it all.

Polly gave him an apologetic smile.

"You can do nothing about it," he reminded her helpfully.

"I know," she sighed.

The thirteen-year-old shook his head. Before returning to his book, he commented, "A name is not everything."

"But it is such a funny name."

From behind the book came, "I do not mind it."

Polly did not answer. Thoughtfully, she watched her friend. Digory, she silently said, Digory. And she smiled.