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The war was over and Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph continued to travel the world, keeping peace throughout the nations…

Morning had come at the four friends' campsite. They had woken to the sound of retching coming from the river nearby. Katara had been this way for a while now. Sokka walked over to his sister and began rubbing her back and murmuring words of comfort quietly. Aang was worried for his girlfriend. When she returned with Sokka, he was up in an instant, asking her if she was okay. "It's just a bug," she'd say, "I'm fine," she'd repeat over and over. Toph knew better. She knew what was wrong with her friend. Katara just wasn't ready to admit it. Aang also knew something was wrong.

When they were in the river, practicing waterbending and swimming, he noticed her stomach was protruding slightly. Aang brushed it off, thinking of how much she'd been eating lately. When they returned, however, Sokka, being the rude idiot that he is, did point it out.

"Katara, did you gain some weight?"

Toph and Aang face-palmed. Katara was quite embarrassed.

"Yes, Sokka. I've gained about ten pounds. What of it?" Her brother just shrugged.

That night, after Sokka and Toph went to sleep, Aang and Katara were sitting by the fire, talking. When they ran out of things to talk about, Aang pulled Katara into his lap. His hands wound their way up her kimono. He began rubbing her back and stomach affectionately. Katara pulled away and said, "Aang, no…" I have to tell him, she decided. "What's wrong, Katara? So what if you've gained a bit of weight? I'm sure you can work it off in no time."

He immediately knew he'd said the wrong thing.

Katara's face grew dark.

"What? So you think I'm fat now?"

Aang shook his head. "No, of course not! Come on, tell me what's wrong."

Katara looked him straight in the eye and said, "I'm pregnant, Aang. With your child."

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