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Pretend World

By: xScenex

Chapter One: The Winter's Offering

Blood was splattered everywhere; against walls, against the floor, dripping and sprayed upon the surfaces. The massacre of bodies, high and numerous, lay scattered around what was left of the Ministry.

Large, broken stone cast dark shadows onto the deceased, giving their crimson stained faces a hollow look. Their eyes, dull and unmoving, stared listlessly at the smoke filled sky before them.

The sky, dark and velvety, was encased with a thick layer of smoke that billowed from the ruins of the wizarding building, and the stench of burned skin and blood rose up like a monstrous being. Nothing had survived that last episode of the last battle.

The savior against the immortal - none were safe. Chaos fueled fear, and soon, the sanity of what was real was lost in the sea of hate, and the Phoenix crashed into the Snake, sending them both into deep despair. And in their trepidation, both sides fell equally, side by side.

Or so it seemed.

As there is always good and evil, where one cannot be without the other, there is parallel and dissimilar. In one world, where the Phoenix fought against the Snake, all things came out equally.

But what if there was a world where the Snake fought against the Phoenix, in a opposite paradox? Would all things come to a complete balance in the end? Or would it all fail and one side would gain more than the other?

Join Harry James Potter as he finds himself thrown into a new world, where the light he once knew is nothing as it had once seemed, doused with shadows and flickering darkness.

Tick… tock… tick…

Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding…

The sound of a tolling clock echoed through a warm, homely house. A dull, pale light began to filter through the window shades along the walls.

Carey Potter sat up urgently, unsure of her surroundings. She felt panicked and adrenaline flowed through her veins, causing her to twitch and jerk in her already tangled sheets.

She had no idea why she felt the way she did. Maybe she'd had a nightmare? That sometimes happened to her. She'd wake up after a horrid dream and feel as if it had been real.

She looked over at the bright red numbers on his digital clock and sighed. It was only five-o-two in the morning. The girl rolled over, a nagging feeling settling over her. She tried to remember what her dream had been about, but she couldn't even recall a single bit of it.

Carey hated having a dream that she knew had some important information in it, but as soon as she woke up, it would all just slip away like water through bars.

But the girl decided to just let it go. No use in crying of spilt milk, right?

After nearly half an hour of tossing about in her bed, Carey decided to get up out of it and start the morning, albeit a bit tiredly.

This alternate version of Harry was more of an outcast than anything; she was quite and absurdly alone. She lived with the Dursley's, all of whom hated her with a deep, burning passion. The neighbors were boring and the local kids were obnoxious. And none wanted anything to do with 'Careless-Clumsy Carey'.

Said girl snorted lightly at the mere thought of the name. If only they knew how true they were!

A witch? An orphan? A fool? What other labels could she use to describe the ludicrously of her life? In normal life, she seemed like an ordinary, shy and quite girl. But in truth, she was far from it.

Carey was like a double agent, living by summer as a common girl, but during school sessions, she was off training in magic and other mumbo jumbo.

But she never had any fun. Everyone had labeled her in an offending way, and she had no friends. She had been so scared to go to Hogwarts, that she had been unsure of what House she wanted to be in. Did she want bravery? Power? Wisdom, or friendship? She was unsure what suited her. But in the end, she had been thrown into Hufflepuff, the house where friendship and loyalty ruled above all.

And because of that, she had been shunted as 'stupid'; and no one wanted to be friends with a Hufflepuff except for the others in that House.

She thought that being in Hufflepuff would give her a new voice, but even the others in that House didn't like her. She nearly laughed at how horrible it seemed. She was completely by herself.

The fourteen year old girl sighed heavily as her feet touched the cold of the floor beneath her bed. She shivered as the cold, winter air seeped in from the windows. She had chosen to go home that year for the winter, because she couldn't stand being at Hogwarts for the Yule Ball. Before the holiday had even come into full force, she had been teased mercilessly about not having a date. And they were right - no one wanted to go with her, and she really didn't blame them.

She was scrawny, short, and clumsy; not that she was exactly bad looking. She just looked much younger than her actual age. The only thing she could classify himself as was a nerd, really. The mere word made her grimace.

Carey stared through her window at the icy clouds above. They twisted and twirled above in unseen patters to her vision, as all the girl really saw was a blanket of grey above the many houses of Privet Drive.

Tonight, it was Christmas Eve, and her Aunt Marge was to come down with gifts for Dudley and the others. But Carey wouldn't get more than a mere glare from the woman.

Sometimes, the Hufflepuff girl thought it would have been best if her Uncle had actually squashed the magic right out of her before she came to age to go to school. Then she could be at least a tad bit normal in the muggle world.

But after four years, Carey had learned to deal with it. She'd ignore the insults coming from the Slytherin's and some of the Gryffindor's in her school, and would ignore any guidance provided from teachers. What good would it do?

Tired of thinking now, she decided to look for a clean change of clothes. She spotted a worn blue sweater at the corner of her bed and picked it up. It was a bit thin and considerably huge compared to her small frame, but pretty warm overall and she knew she'd have to do snow shoveling that day. The Dursley's had already told her so.

After shoving the sweater on, she slipped into a comfortably baggy pair of jeans. After finally fixing her clothes, she ran her fingers thought her messy shoulder length hair, hoping to tame it a bit, but she knew it was useless. It had always been useless.

Minutes later, Carey walked down to fix breakfast for the Dursley's, ready to start the day. Yet, she had no idea that she'd be in for a huge surprise, later that evening…

Silvers, blues, and greens flashed by in a quick haze as he fell. He flailed, reaching out for anything to grab hold of. He couldn't believe it! Even though he thought he'd die in the battle, he found himself blacking out and awaking - in the middle of the air of all places!

Wind whipped around him, and droplets of water slashed against his face. He narrowed his eyes against the onslaught. He wanted desperately to be able to control the falling, to be able to stop himself from continuing downwards in what looked like a continual tunnel.

Suddenly, pain resided in his shoulders. He gasped out loud, eyes wide in horror. What was happening? Was someone there with him, shooting spells? He struggled to flip himself around in the air, the pain getting more and more noticeable. As he was finally able to turn, he saw long strands of raven black hair swirling around his face and he stared. It was his own hair; It hadn't been that long before!

He didn't have long to think on it as the pain in his shoulders seemed to become nearly unbearable as something literally burst from them. A scream ripped from his throat, his voice echoing around him loudly.

His ears rung with his scream, and his throat ached in torn resentment. He felt the pain lessen in his back as whatever it was had been was released from him, but he felt a small weight on his back. Tears leaking down his face from the pain stung at his chill skin as he looked up above him.

Large, feathery wings loomed above, the color of the darkest shadows in the night. He gaped and reached up, feeling the soft texture of them. Were they real? They were… his?

He stared. And then he suddenly realized it without knowing where the indication of what was going on came from- he was an angel. And he was dead.

The pain that filled his heart was more than enough to cause the strongest of men complete despair. His friends, his family. Everyone was lost to him. No more would he see his lover, nor his best friends.

Tears poured down from his face and he continued to fall into the abyss below. His tears fused with the other water droplets, and with no indication of where they were headed, fell downwards with the Angel following slowly from above, wrapped in anguish and despair. He didn't fly away, much as other angels would. Harry was falling; falling into a place unknown and above him, others watched with saddened eyes, for they knew.

An angel was falling.

"Make sure to get all of it off of the driveway!" Dursley boomed loudly while shoving the shovel into Carey's hands. "If you aren't done by supper, you wont be allowed to eat dinner!"

And with that threat, the front door slammed loudly and she was standing in the cold by herself. Carey had an hour and a half to finish up the driveway before it was dark and dinner would be ready, and with her heart sinking, she realized she wouldn't finish in time. There was too much snow!

But she decided she'd best get started, or the Dursley's wouldn't allow her any food for the following day as well.

She shoveled on and on for nearly an hour. The sky was darkening, and the clouds seemed to become more heavier. More snow, she thought regrettably. More for her to do tomorrow.

Sighing and rubbing at her cold nose with a decidedly numb gloved hand, the shook her head. It was useless. Maybe it would have been best for her to stay at school - it was better than freezing her arse off all night.

She leaned against the shovel at stared out into the street. All the houses were lit up, casting light on the snow, and in some of the windows, you could see people happily enjoying their holiday. Carey had longed for that kind of family herself, but what was the use in wishing? Wishing never got anyone anywhere.

"Yeah," she said outloud to herself moodily. "Why wish? It never works! Wishing is for kids… but… if I could wish…" she paused. What could one wish do? It wouldn't work, she knew, but she could at least state her wants. She was human, after all. "I wish there was someone who would be here for me. Someone who could understand."

The air around her quieted and the wind picked up softly as if listening intently to her words as they strung onto the wind's current. Carey looked up just as a loud boom of thunder sounded close by. Thunder in December? But she noticed that it was in misery that it sounded, like a howling wolf looking for it's mate.

She didn't ponder too long about the strained sound, for it started to rain.

Drip… drip… drip…

Cold rain. It was rain of anguish, but Carey didn't know that.

"Bugger," she whispered dejectedly. She walked to the front door and tried to open it but found it locked. They had locked her out! Now she was stuck in the icy rain! "Uncle Vernon!" she shouted as the rain became steadily heavier and more biting. "Please, Aunt Petunia! It's raining! Let me in, please?"

No answer. What was the use? She banged on the door a few times, but no one answered. She didn't even hear anything from Aunt Marge, criticizing her for being too loud and weak to handle a little bit of cold.

After more silence, Carey decided to sit on the steps dejectedly, where the small overhang above the door would shield her from most of the precipitation.

She hugged her knees to her chest, her icy breath steaming in the cold. She nearly felt like crying. No one would question her if they saw - it was raining, and it would be disguised easily. But she would be strong - what was a little rain and cold?

But it wasn't that that tore at her heart. It was the fact that the Dursley's didn't care enough and were willing to leave her out in the cold. Did no one care?

She sniffled as her eyes prickled and burned as the tears threatened to spill from her green eyes which were hidden by the obscured lenses perched on her nose. Carey shook her head and blinked violently, trying to rid of the tears.

"No," she said determinedly. "I won't cry!"

She buried her face into her arms and muttered to herself that she wouldn't. All those years at school, being teased and hated, she hadn't cried. Well, not all the time. There had been a few times in her first two years where she'd break down and give into the emotions of sadness, but it had been too long since she'd done such a thing.

She would be strong, she thought to herself. She wouldn't let anyone know that the things they did to her really hurt her.

She sat there for a few more minutes, listening as the rain grew heavier. She sighed heavily and looked up finally, resting her chin against her hands. The grey rain poured down, and she watched its hypnotizing dance.

But before long, she was jerked out of her daydreaming when a loud rushing noise was heard. She looked up and gasped loudly. She couldn't believe her eyes.

There, not a few yards up in the air, was someone falling - but it wasn't the fact that it was a person that startled her. It was the large, black wings spread out from their back.

"Wha-" she began just as the person crashed hard against the ground, sending up a flurry of slushed snow and ice. She winced as the cold water hit her exposed face.

After a few startled moments, she brushed the snow off her face and looked down. She could clearly see the person was a young man - no older than twenty by the looks of it.

His dark black hair splayed out against the white snow, along with the wings. His slightly tanned skin shown darkly as well, giving him a look of mystery. He wore clothes that looked a bit 'goth' to her, but in all honesty, she'd never met one before.

She stood up slowly, almost cautiously. What was this man? Carey approached him and knelt down. He was beautiful, really. His defined features, his perfect skin and slight build on his lean body. She reached out and pushed a strand of hair out of his face and noticed that it was tearstained.

"Hello?" she whispered, unsure if what she was seeing was real. The man didn't move. She moved her hand, brushing it accidentally against one of the large, feathery wings. A sense of ease came to her.

The man seemed to stir slightly with that and his eyelids fluttered a bit. A small groan left his lips as he moved - the impact must have hurt him.

"Excuse me," Carey said in a small, timid voice. She was still unsure - what was this guy? An Angel? You had to be kidding… She peered closer at the man. There was some kind of resemblance to someone but she couldn't pinpoint it.

She stared for a few moments, completely awed. It was the first time anything remotely odd had happened since she first received her Hogwarts letter and found out about her parents.

At the thought of her parents, she jolted backwards a bit and gaped openly. The man in front of her resembled her father!

"D… Dad?" she squeaked.

At her voice, his eyes snapped open. They were unfocused for a few seconds, but soon flared a violent, bright green. She gasped at the life in them - they were so unnatural. She nearly fell over, but gentle hands grasped her shoulders.

"Be careful," he said calmly. Carey looked up at him and realized she had been wrong. There were similarities, but her father had never had green eyes, and he had been taller in the pictures she'd seen. She blushed horribly at the mere thought of even thinking that her father had come to guide her.

"Where am I?" a pleasantly deep, calm voice asked. She found herself looking up into the eyes of the stranger.

"Y-You're at P-Privet Drive," she squeaked. Was he going to hurt her? He still hadn't let go of her yet.

The man blinked and looked up. His eyes landed on the front door and for a moment, she nearly thought he'd bolt out of there.

"It can't be…" he whispered. "this place was destroyed years ago…"

She looked unsurely at him. Destroyed? No, but she could only wish!

"Uhm…" she looked at him, unsure. "Who are you?"

Surprised, the man let go of her and she fell back into the icy slush. She didn't care though, as she was more intrigued by the man in front of her.

"I should be asking you," was his next words. These surprised her, as a cold edge lingered on each syllable.

"I-I'm Carey," she stumbled over the words. She was scared at what he might do.

"Carey?" he asked skeptically.

"Yes," she whispered this time, "Carey Potter."

The man was quite taken aback, she noticed. He stared incredulously at her, eyes wide in horror.

"No," he mumbled, backing away. "No, no, no!"

"No?" she questioned weakly. What was he on about? She was Carey.

"This… this isn't right!" he stood up, and the girl realized just how tall he was… and it wasn't by too much. He was actually short for his age, but nonetheless, he was still quite imposing. He moved fluidly, even as he winced from the pain in his body. He unsurely flapped his wings, as if he had no idea of what to do with them. After a few moments, his hands ripped at his hair in distress.

Carey stared, open mouthed. What if the Dursley's saw him? She'd be in so much trouble! As if reading her thoughts, the man looked down at her and gave a thin lipped smile but his worry showed through. "Wonder what they'd think about this sight."

Her eyes grew larger. What was he indicating? Had he actually read her mind? "Wha… what?"

"The Dursley's," he said quietly with a small wheeze. She continued to stare, open mouthed until the man groaned and held onto his side before falling to his knees. His breath was labored.

"Are you okay?" Carey asked. She crawled forward. He didn't seem like a bad guy, although there had been odd people about - like those Death Eaters at the World Cup.

"No," he stated, deadpan. "I'm hurt."

She was taken aback by the obviousness in his voice.

"Well, I only thought…"

The man was silent. "It's okay," he said eventually and sat up strait, eyes closed. He breathed in deeply. "I'm Harry."

She stared. How odd was this guy? His emotions and his actions changed constantly! "Nice to meet you?" it was more of a question.

He grinned and opened his eyes, the green flaring with life once more. "A pleasure."

There was another stretch of silence. Carey decided she wanted to find out more about this 'Harry'. "What are you?" she asked more boldly than she felt. His face twisted in pain and frustration and he looked away.

"I honestly don't know. I woke up like this not too long ago," he indicated, waving his hands towards his wings. "I was in a battle, and I thought I'd died. I guess I did, now that I'm an angel."

She gaped. After a few moments, she glared at the guy and said skeptically, "An angel? Is that possible?"

"I learned that anything's possibly," he stated, his eyes overcast with shadows. Carey felt her heart go out for the man and no longer doubted his words, for some reason or another. His tearstained face showed just how distressed he was. How would she feel if she had just died? The thought boggled her mind and she let it go.

"Well," she said, unsure of what she should tell him.

He laughed lightly, the melodious sound bringing a light warmth into her bones. But his next words were bitter, "Don't worry, Carey. I've learned as well to just take what life gives you - or death, now that I think about it."

She couldn't help but give him a shy smile. Even through his words, he gave a smile of warmth. Something about him calmed her - if he really was an angel, it could be that.

"Why are you here?" she decided to ask.

There was a pause and Harry looked up into the sky, his long locks falling over his shoulders. He looked emotionless, eyes piercing the air above him. "I don't know," he said eventually, shrugging his shoulders.

Carey stared once more, wide-eyed. Maybe he was a Guardian Angel! She had wished for someone to understand her - maybe he had been sent. But it was all so ludicrous! How could she actually think that? But… like he said, anything was possible!

"You're my Guardian Angel!" she said joyously, her voice awed.

His head snapped back to her and he stared, incredulously at her. "Guardian Angel? Me?"

"Yeah!" she smiled, "Right before you fell from the sky, I wished for someone to be here with me that could understand me. Maybe it's you!"

"But…" Harry looked irresolute. "If you're… certain…"

She smiled wide. She'd finally found that someone to be there with her.

Harry looked at this girl. Her hair was shorter than most he knew, but it was at a pleasant length. Her eyes were hidden by the horrid lenses like what he used to wear, and for some unknown reason, he felt that he knew she was like him in some ways. The only odd difference was the fact that she was a girl, and that she lacked the scar on her forehead. Was she the savior of the wizarding world if she was a Potter as well? She was living with the Dursley's so something had to have happened to her… or their, parents.

She looked excited about the prospect of having him as a 'Guardian Angel' that he couldn't just say no. He felt drawn to her anyway, and felt that he couldn't just up and leave her.

So he decided that he would stay with this girl, and get to know the world around him. It was obvious he wasn't in his home anymore, because the Dursley's were there, and then there was Carey. He knew she wasn't a sister - it just wouldn't fit. Life and Death were full of mysteries.

"Carey," he said, the name odd on his tongue. She looked expectantly at him, cheeks flushed a deep pink in her excitement. "Are you… were…. Er."

"What?" she asked, leaning forward.

Harry stared, not sure why this girl was so trusting. "Did you kill Voldemort?"

Her face turned sour, and Harry thought he'd said something to insult her. "What are you on about?" she whispered. "Me, kill? You-Know-Who of all people?"

"I-I just thought… I was wondering…" the nickname for the dark wizard struck a part in him odd. He didn't like hearing it.

"Everyone knows who killed You-Know-Who! But, I suppose you didn't, because you're an angel.." she paused then smiled, eyes lighting up. "Where were you from? Are you some ancient angel come to help me, or are you some-"

"Wait!" Harry said desperately, trying to cut off her rant. Girls talked way too much! "That's what I'm trying to figure out, see, where I was from, it was just like this… just, different. You weren't there, but the Dursley's were. I lived with them."


He nodded.

"But you… I don't know any Harry's… And the Dursley's don't, either. How could you live with them?"

"I'm not sure, but they died years ago…" he stated sadly. "Even though they were horrible to me, they were the only family I had after mum and dad were murdered…"

"Who was your mum and dad?" she questioned, "I might know who they were."

"Lily and James Potter," he said after a moment.

"What… that… that can't be," she said, her body jerking in surprise. "But that's my parents! You can't be my brother, can you?"

Harry's mind was completely boggled. "No… I don't… I don't think so…"

The girl was silent for a long time before she sat back up and crawled through the cold slush towards him. She had a hesitant look in her eyes, but nonetheless, smiled brightly. "Would you like to have a sister?"

"Carey," he said, stunned slightly. Was she really saying that… she'd be his sister? "What do you mean?"

"I mean," she said, slightly exasperated. "That you can be my brother! We have to be related in some way," she nodded excitedly at the same time, "because you're parents are my parents. How old are you?"

"I'm.. or I was seventeen," he looked away.

"Only seventeen? I thought you were older!"

"That's new," he smirked at the irony. "Most thought I was small for my age."

"That's what they say about me. They say I look twelve, although I'm fourteen," Carey replied sullenly. "But it doesn't bother me."

Harry looked up. This girl reminded him of himself a bit, but there were a lot of major differences.

"So what do you say?"

He stared into her eyes and saw a deep sadness in them. What would it hurt to go with this girl who claimed to be a Potter, and who seemed harmless? He was dead already, so she couldn't do too much harm to him. He sensed that she was good in his heart, and allowed the feeling to guide him. A new warmth filled Harry's bones as he smiled gently at the girl, his hair whipping around him in the winter wind. The smile that graced his face was of an angelic beauty, giving his face defined features.

"I'd love that."

The smile that spread across the girls face was enough to break the ice of any heart. And Harry felt himself finally feeling at ease for the first time in the past few years of the war. Even though he had no idea of what was happening, maybe, just maybe, he'd fit into this place. Wherever it was.

"The ice shall break before nightfall and the stars will shine brightly with ease. Then we will take our journey through life until we meet our destiny's end. The destiny known as Death." -- quote by me (Min) that's written in an original story of mine.

A/N: Yeah, it's not my best. I haven't written anything in a while, and I'm brushing up my work… it's horrible. I'm not so pleased, but at least I'm getting this out of my mind. Yup yup. Not to mention thatthis was an old plot bunny come to life by a friend of mine telling me to finish it. Someof the stories already written, but lets just say it's got the english skills of a nine year old. That's how old this plot is.- Mindy