Disclaimer: All Yu-Gi-Oh characters belong to Kazuki Takahashi. This fic has Yaoi; you have been warned.

Main Pairings: YugiXAtemu/Yami; JonouchiXSeto; RyouXBakura

"blah" - talking

blah – thinking

Full Summery: (AU, Yaoi) Yugi's always been an animal lover. His love of animals made him rescue a small black cat being attacked by dogs, and became the small cat's new owner. But there's a surprise waiting for him when one night the small cat turned into a tall handsome young Egyptian that looked just like him! Now Yugi's confused, he loved the cat like any owner would, but when his cat turns human at night, Yugi starts to fall deeply in love. Can Yugi choose between loving his cat like family, or loving his cat in a deeper sort of way?

Cat Nip Love
by Yami-Yugi

Chapter 4

Yugi woke up first the next morning and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as the sun blinded him. He carefully pulled back the covers, looking for Yami. He genki smiled when he found him. Nuzzled against his side was a black ball of fur. The only indication that it was alive was that it was purring. He giggled a little, startling Yami awake.

"Meww!" Yugi laughed and stared happily at him. Yami kept purring and walked out from under the blankets, sitting down on Yugi's chest. He rubbed against his face and started licking it.

"Ha ha ha! Stop, that tickles." Yami just mewed in amusement before Yugi picked him up and sat up in the bed. Yami nuzzled against him, his purring very loud and happy. "Hungry?" Yugi said as his stomach rumbled. Yami mewed a 'yes' so Yugi carefully got out of bed with him. He picked up the sleep pants from the blankets and set them next to Yami's cat bed. They headed downstairs, Yugi on the lookout for Bakura.

- - -

He ran into him and Ryou in the kitchen. Both of them were having breakfast. Yami hissed and yelped, hiding deep within Yugi's arms. Bakura barked and growled, following Yugi over to Yami's food and water bowls, hoping to get a shot at him. Yugi turned around with the deadliest death glare. Bakura whimpered and went back over to Ryou with his tail between his legs. "Serves you right. You better behave yourself," Ryou scolded. Bakura sighed and sat down at Ryou's feet. Yugi set Yami and his breakfast down, watching the cat as he hesitantly stared at it.

"Go on, Bakura won't get you. Both Ryou and I are here." Yami mewed up at him. "Go on. I know you're hungry." Yami still just stared. "I'm not moving from my spot. Go on." Yami mewed one last time before relenting. Yugi sighed. Bakura slowly got up and crept over.

"No! Bad dog!" Ryou said as he pulled on his collar and led him back over to the table. Bakura whimpered and sat down at his feet again. "You stay away from him and behave. I'll make you go to obedience school." Bakura growled at that. "Then stay away from Yami."

Yami turned from drinking his water to check if Yugi was still standing there. Yugi smiled, "Yes, I'm still here." Yami blinked and finished drinking before nuzzling against Yugi. He smiled and picked him up. He pet him as he walked over to the cabinet for his own breakfast. He held him tightly with one arm as he picked out some cereal and a loaf of bread for toast. "Ryou, can you help for a sec?"

"Sure," he said putting Bakura on his leash and tieing him to the table. "Sit and behave," he said going over to Yugi.

"Yami, I'm going to make MY breakfast. Let Ryou hold you okay?" Yami mewed hesitantly and cowered as Ryou held out his hand. He let Yami sniff it and give his lick of approval before taking him. It took a few moments, but Yami finally purred in his arms as he pet him. "I really am sorry about last night," Ryou said. Yami rubbed against him, forgiving him. It was that darn Bakura's fault anyway.

"Okay, thanks a lot. I'll take him back now," Yugi said sitting at the counter, as far from the table as possible. Ryou set Yami down in Yugi's lap as he started eating his breakfast. He curled up and settled there, waiting for him to finish. At that moment Joey and the others came in as well.

"Morning." Anzu said with a yawn.

"Morning guys." said Yugi as Yami sat in his lap.

"Man I have the most weirdest dream last night." Said Joey "I dreamt that there was two naked teen age boys in your bed room Yuge, and they were wearing Yami and Bakura's collars."

- - -

After breakfast, the others decided to go hang out. Yugi needed that lock for his room and the gang agreed that they'd get it while they were out. They all got ready to leave and Yugi put Yami up in his room. "What about Bakura?"

"I can tie him up downstairs somewhere."

"I guess...we'd have to come back before dark though." Ryou nodded, knowing what he meant. Once Bakura changed that night he could untie himself and get into Yugi's room. They'd have to be back before then.

"Alright, we ready to go?" Joey asked.

"Yeah." Ryou took Bakura over to the laundry room and tied him up in there. He set him up with food and water too.

"Now, you stay here and behave yourself or I'll register you for obedience school and take you tomorrow morning." Bakura whimpered and growled.

"And stay out of my room!"

"Let's go already," Tristan said getting impatient.

"Okay..." Yugi sighed. So they left to go out.

- - -

The first stop was a specialty store that sold locks. Yugi and Ryou went inside as the others waited. Both went up and down the isles, examining all the different locks. "Do you use any of these at home?"

"One or two to keep Bakura out of certain rooms and away from valuables." Yugi nodded as he picked up another lock that looked like what he wanted.

"...Not recommended for use around pets..." Yugi sighed as he put it back.

"Yugi, this one might work. I'm one hundred percent certain that Bakura can't hack it either." Yugi's eyes widened in curiosity as he took the heavy box from Ryou. It was exactly what he needed. He carefully read the label to make sure it was easy to install and use.

"...Great for keeping pets, especially dogs, out of mischief. Alright, let's get this and get going." Ryou nodded and they went to pay for it.

- - -

"Finally," Joey whined.

"Sorry guys, but as long as Bakura's in the house I need it. Besides, it will be good for when he's home alone."

"Right, incase Bakura wonders around at night."

Yugi nodded. "So, where are we going?"

"The arcade!" said Joey as he raced ahead of them. The others hurried to follow.

- - -

Time soon got away from them as they shopped up and down the strip and went to the park. As Yugi dueled Joey for the tenth time, Ryou noticed that the street lights were coming on. "Is it that late already? ...Oh no...Uhh, Yugi?"

"I win again, Joey. You had me for the longest time though. You've gotten a lot better."


"What?" It was then that Yugi looked around and realized it was dark and the street lights were all on. "...Damnit...We have to go, now!" He hurriedly put away his deck and rushed home.

"Wait up!" Ryou called running after him. The others were a bit confused and followed.

- - -

"No one's here to save you now!" Bakura cackled as Yami landed against the wall for the third time.

"If...If I...could fight...back...y-you...you would...be...dead...by...now..." Yami spoke weakly as he tried to stand up.

"Well you can't, so I'm taking this opportunity to pay you back for destroying my village!" he said, pinning him against the wall.

"...I...I didn't..." He was silenced as Bakura slapped his uninjured cheek.

"Shut up and die!" Bakura said taking some scissors he found and slashing the Pharaoh's side. He cried out alerting the two pairs of frantic footsteps on the stairs. The door was thrown open, causing Bakura to stop and drop the scissors which were aimed for Yami's heart.

"BAKURA!!!!" Yugi screamed as he shoved him into the wall. He started hitting him.

"Ow! Hey!"

"Bad dog!" Ryou said. He pulled Yugi off and away.


"No Yugi...come on. Yami needs attention." Yugi growled and breathed heavily as he went over to the distraught Pharaoh. Ryou put the leash tight on Bakura's collar before pulling him up by it.


"Shut up you! You deserve a much worser beating than what you've gotten. Tomorrow you're sorry behind is going to Obedience School whether you want to or not! I've had it with you!"

"How da-..." He was silenced as Ryou smacked him hard on the head.

"BAD DOG!" Bakura growled, nursing his stinging cheek. Ryou led him out of the room and downstairs.

"Good thing I bought that lock today. I wish I had gotten it sooner," he said as he checked Yami over. He winced and moaned as Yugi touched the fresh bruises and examined the cut. The cut was pretty bad and the blood was getting onto the black sleep pants. "I'm sorry if I hurt you at all. Are you okay otherwise?" Yami just shook his head. He was in great pain. "C'mon," Yugi said carefully taking him into his arms. "We're going to have to take you to the hospital, the human hospital." He carefully carried him to the bathroom and put a clean washcloth on the cut.

"OWW!" Yami yelled as Yugi pressed against it.

"I have to stop the bleeding."

"Yugi, are you alright in there?"

"Kind of. We need to get him to the hospital."

"It's pretty far. Let me walk with you."

"What about...?"

"He's locked in your laundry room again, this time he's NOT getting out." Yugi nodded and they walked to the end of the street, getting a Taxi to the hospital.

- - -

The taxi soon reached the hospital and Ryou helped Yugi carry a now sleeping Yami into the Emergency entrance. It wasn't long until a doctor came. She carefully looked over Yami, making sure he was alright. "How long has he had that cast?"

"A couple of weeks." said Yugi.

"Okay. He seems to be alright. I'll have to stitch up his side." she said. Yugi sighed in relief. She carefully cleaned and numbed the wound before getting to work. Luckily, Yami slept through it all. She soon finished, carefully bandaging up the wound. "He should be fine. Just take care of him as you have been and come see me in two weeks about his side." Yugi nodded and carried him out.

"Thanks," he said going to the front desk to pay for it. The bill wasn't cheap, especially not as cheap as a vet visit. Yugi sighed and paid the money. "I'm gonna need a job if this keeps up..." he sighed.

"I know how you feel." said Ryou. Yugi smiled a bit as they walked out of the hospital and got a taxi home.

- - -

"Yuge! Bakura is going crazy! It sounds like he's trying to brake down ya door!" Joey explained when Yugi and Ryou came back.

"Oh dear!" Ryou said rushing to the laundry room to let him out. Yugi rushed upstairs as quickly as he could and closed the door.

Bakura glared at Ryou. "Okay where's the Pharaoh?!" he growled.

"You are NOT going after him. Behave yourself or I'll tie you up again."

Bakura growled again. "How DARE you treat me as some kind of animal?!"

"That cause you are."

"Only in the day time, you crazy mortal!"

"Well then start acting like a mature, well behaved human then!" Bakura just growled and followed Ryou into the living room. He slowly started to creep up the stairs, sniffing the Pharaoh out. As Ryou turned around, he ran up. "BAD DOG!" Ryou yelled, yanking him down by his leash.

"OW Damnit!" he cried in pain as he fell down the stairs.

- - -

Meanwhile, during that time upstairs, Yugi was already gently laying the sleeping Yami on the bed. He carefully tucked him into bed and worked on putting the new lock on the door. He got out the box and read the instructions. As he did, he beings to think about his strange cat that will turn human at night. "I wonder what Bakura meant...'you think he's your pet? That's a good one!' And Ryou said something too. Maybe he could explain things to me..." he said softly to himself as he put the different parts together. At that moment Yami begin to stir from his sleep. Yugi stopped his tinkering and looked over to the bed when he heard a soft, groggy moan. A pair of crimson eyes slowly open.


"Hi, Yami. What's up?"

"...What you are doing...?"

"Putting that special lock on the door that Bakura can't open."

Yami slowly tried to sit up. "...R-Really...?"

"Yeah. It's a small, almost computer-like device. It uses a special code that only you and I will know. That way, no one except us can get in or out."


Yugi smiled. "Sorry if I woke you. You can go back to sleep, okay?"

"..It's okay..."

Yugi smiled again. "...Bakura! Stop it! You sit and behave now!!"

Yami shivered a bit. "...Ra dang...Tomb Robber..."

"He isn't getting in here. Not with Ryou around."

Bakura ran up the stairs again, the leash slipping from Ryou's grip. "BAKURA!"


Yami jumped and weakly got off the bed and hid behind Yugi. "BAKURA! SIT!!"


"I SAID SIT!" Ryou exclaimed with anger, pulling tight on the leash and forcing Bakura to the ground. Yugi was surprised for a moment, he never heard Ryou so angry. He was usually so quiet and kind.

"You foolish mortal..." Bakura growled. "You can't control-...SMACK!"

"SHUT UP AND BEHAVE!" Ryou breathed heavily. Yami still cowered behind Yugi. Yugi tried to comfort Yami.

"It's okay," he spoke gently as he hugged him and slowly ruffled his hair.

"Yugi...?" Ryou spoke from the other side of the door.


"It's getting late and I think I should leave like everyone else."

"Okay. Thanks for coming and all your help today."

"No problem. See you at school on Monday."

"See you."

"C'mon Bakura. It's time to go. Besides, we have an early start at Obedience School tomorrow," Ryou smirked in a way unlike him.

"No! You can't make me, Ra Dang it!"

"Oh yes I can," Ryou smirked again. He pulled tightly on the leash, half dragging Bakura down the stairs. It wasn't long until Yugi heard the front door close.

He sighed in relief and slowly let go of Yami. "Is he...gone?"

"Yes, he's gone now," Yugi smiled petting him on the head.

"Thank you...again... For all that...you done..."

Yugi genki smiled. "Go on back to bed and let me finish."

"Can I...stay...and watch?" he asked, his curious nature getting the better of him.

"Okay..." Yugi sighed with a smile. As Yugi finished installing the lock onto his door, he chuckled to find Yami asleep on his shoulder. He carefully pushed the box, the instructions, and everything to the side. He took Yami into his arms and carried him to the bed.

He yawned as he tucked Yami into bed. He went to the bathroom and got ready for bed before coming back into the room. He smiled to see Yami sleeping peacefully, despite all the injuries he had accumulated since he'd been there. He carefully got in next to him. "Sweet dreams." With that Yugi soon fall asleep. Yami cuddled close in his sleep.