Of Loss and Second Meetings
by atrum infractus

It wasn't really that bad of a place. It was obviously old. The wooden fence surrounding the area was rotting, and mold grew up most of the tree trunks...But still, it was nice, in it's own little way. It was very peaceful- quiet, too. And the sky above, streaked with vivid pinks, violets, and oranges just seemed to stretch on for miles.

"So, you came back."

The familiar voice brought Dean out of his reverie with a smile. He should have known Sam would be here, waiting for him. He always had a knack for turning up at all the right moments, and this time was no different. "Yeah, I came back."

Sam grinned, leaning against stone. "It's been ages, man. And what'd you do to your hair?"

Dean snorted, thinking of how strange his new style must look to Sam, who had grown so used to seeing him with short hair. "It grew, and I didn't cut it. Didn't they ever teach you that in your fancy school, college boy?"

His brother's smile went sad. "It's been a while since anyone's called me 'college boy'."

"I'm the only one who ever did- and yeah, it's been a long time." Dean sighed, sitting down across from Sam, who had ceased his cheerful manner and only gazed at him with concern. "What's your problem?"

"How've you been, Dean?"

Great. This surprise visit was to psychoanalyse his brain, not just have a nice, as-normal-as-it-gets conversation with his brother. Couldn't there be just one oblivious talk, like nothing had ever happened? No, because good ol' Sammy always had to go searching for something that wasn't right.

"I've been fine," lied Dean.

"I haven't," said Sam honestly. "I keep thinking about the last time we saw eachother. It didn't end too well- you remember?"

How could he not remember how he'd lost Sam a second time? How could Sam even question him remembering? "Yeah, of course I do," said Dean softly. Closing his eyes, he could almost see Sam, exactly a year ago, his face, his eyes...what he really remembered were the eyes...

"I'm sorry."

"Dude- you've got nothing to be sorry for. Really. I screwed up big time. I should have double-checked those maps like you told me to. Then none of it would have happened."

Sam cocked his head slightly. "You really believe it was all your fault?"

"Yeah, I do," said Dean solemnly, voice low and bowing his head. "I do."

"That's bull, man. I'm not letting you get to take all the blame again. You always get to take all the blame!"

"You sound like me."

Sam smirked. "I guess you did rub off on me then."

"Look, Sammy, it was my fault, and I'm sorry. I really am." The emotion was too much for Dean- his heart was swelling into his throat. Sam's smirk had slipped off his face. "I shouldn't have let you go- it was wrong of me."

"I'm just sorry he had to pay for our mistake," said Sam sadly. "It shouldn't have ended that way for any of us."

Dean brought his fingers to his lips, then pressed them to his father's tombstone.

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