Snow fell on the cobblestone streets of Central City; everyone was busy with their last minute Christmas gift shopping. Children are caroling merrily and everyone is smiling and giggling happily, greeting people they pass by.

'What a beautiful December day.' Riza thought at once, looking out her window.

True, it was a beautiful December day, Riza could see that everyone that passed by had a cheery Christmas spirit and a nice smile to match; it was a perfect picture. She closed the curtains and resumed preparing for work. She then turned to her own Christmas tree and brought the gifts she bought for her fellow officers.

'I'm almost late!' Riza thought while she tied her hair neatly, 'Where is that dog?'

Riza spun around, looking for Black Hayate, wanting to bid the dog goodbye. Eventually, she gave up and headed for the front door. Just when she was about to turn the knob, she hears Black Hayate's distinct whimpering in the living room. Riza rushed to the living room and found her dog on the floor, asleep and dreaming. She then quietly made her way to her Christmas tree and brought the gifts she wrapped for her fellow officers in a rather large paper bag. She smiled and carefully closed the door on her way out.


Riza was about to enter the office she worked in when she realized that the Fuhrer declared the day a holiday and everyone should take the day off, except for a few selected officers. She smiled and simply decided to see the office before she goes back home.

'Breda was supposed to lock the door yesterday, apparently, he didn't.' She thought as she entered the room, 'What if someone went in and--'

The First Lieutenant's thoughts were cut short when she saw Colonel Roy Mustang in the office, sitting behind his desk, alone. She froze for a while, not expecting him to be there and finally asked him,

"May I ask what you're doing here, sir?" She saluted and closed the door.

"Thought I might visit the office," Roy said. "And you can stop the 'sir' for now, Riza Hawkeye. It's declared a holiday, Fuhrer says"

The Flame Alchemist gestured for Riza to approach his desk.

"What is it, sir?" She asked, standing in front of his desk.

"Nothing," Roy smiled. "I thought you might want to sit down."

Roy pointed at a chair beside Riza. She sat down and put the paper bag on her lap. The two smiled at each other for a second and then there was silence. It was long period of silence, wherein Riza was thinking whether or whether not to give Roy the gift at this moment. This moment she waited for so long. How would she give it to him at a time like this? So many thoughts filled Riza's head, confusing her more.

She finally decided to give the little present she wrapped up for him. Riza pulled out a gift wrapped present with ribbons and a tag; she placed the gift on Roy's desk.

"Merry Christmas," She paused for a while, "Roy."

Roy stared at the present and finally brought out his present too. He placed his gift on the table beside Riza's

"Merry Christmas, Riza" He greeted.

The two smiled at each other, and First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye thought to herself,

'It is a beautiful December day.'


Ah. Christmas-y fic and it's only August. I must be insane. I hope you like it XD