Note: Inspired by the Avatar Incest Drabble Challenge (challenge #1: The Storm). I'm not kidding about the incest, folks.

The Turmoil In Heaven

It's only on stormy nights. It's only when thunder shakes the earth and the lightening splits the sky in two that she wanders into his tent.

"I'm scared," she whispers, snuggling against his chest.

It's a lie. He knows it is; Katara isn't scared of storms. But he doesn't argue with her. He doesn't want her to leave, and he knows it's wrong and he knows that she's his sister but it doesn't matter. Because he's still here, lying motionlessly awake and listening to the storm begin to brew outside.

A light rustle tells him that the tent flap has opened. He pulls himself up.

Katara stares back at him, soaked. Behind her Sokka can see the weather take a turn for the worse, but in the next instant he's drawn to another storm – wanton and hungry – that thrashes in her eyes. Tonight is going to be different.