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Chapter 3: The Movie

"What movie should we watch Botan?" Kurama said looking threw Keiko and Yusuke's movie collection.

Botan shrugged her shoulders. "How about...a scary movie!?"

Kurama's eyes widened. "Um, okay but not too scary because remember last time..."

Botan raised her brow. "Kurama, I'm not scared of movies anymore! I won't hurt you like I did last time."

"But-" Kurama started.

"No buts!" Botan said cheerfully. "You'll be fine!"


Botan's eyes lit up. "OOOH! I got it! How about this one!?" Botan said holding up "Things That Go Bump In The Night".

"Um, okay." Kurama said with a smile. He put the movie into the DVD player.

The movie was horrifying and very violent. Kurama hid behind the couch, Botan covered her face with one of the couch pillows. Kurama whimpered and Botan screamed at the end of the movie, because everyone died. Kurama made a mental note "Never watch scary movies like these ever again!"

When the movie was over, Botan looked at the clock. It was 3 o'clock in the morning. Kurama came from behind the couch and sat next to Botan. He smiled at her and put his arm around her shoulder.

"Now that was a scary movie." he said with a laugh.

Botan nodded still haunted by it. "Y-y-yeah..."

"Well, time for bed." Kurama said standing up, grabbing Botan's hand and heading to their bedrooms.

"Um Kurama?" Botan said before she and him entered the rooms.

"Yes Botan?" Kurama said turning to look at her.

Botan twiddled her fingers. "I'm scared. Can I sleep in your room tonight?"

Kurama had a sweatdrop. "What? Botan, you promised you wouldn't get scared."

"I know...but the movie was super scary!" Botan explained looking terrifyed.

Kurama chuckled. "How about I stay with you until you can sleep?"

Botan's eyes lit up. "Thanks Kurama!" Kurama and Botan entered the room to be met by a terrible smell.

"Oh gosh, what's that smell!?" Kurama said coughing.

"I don't know! This is the smell I was telling you about!" Botan said.

"It smells like, gun powder? Uh, I don't really know."

"Wait a minute!" Botan said. "It's...bone dust!"

"Bone dust? How do you know?" Kurama asked.

"Because, Koenma and I had to investigate on some creature that was turning Human's into bones and then shaving their bones into knives and things! This is what it smells like!"

"Good Lord. You don't think Keiko is some sort of psycho killer that does what that creature does?" Kurama said face full of horror.

"Um, unless, Yusuke is actually a murderer who kills and hides bodies in his room. I don't know Kurama." Botan said feeling queasy.

"I'm sure there's some explaination. Until then, we'll have to deal with it. Now, you lay down and I'll watch you until you sleep." Kurama said. Botan did as she was told and laid down.

Kurama watched the innocent beauty lay there, breathing slowly and steadily. She looked to beautiful in his eyes at that moment. He just wanted to touch her. Kurama could feel sleep taking over his body and couldn't hold out much longer. He noticed she was in a deep sleep now, so he slowly and quietly exited the room, going into his, and falling asleep on the bed.


"Boba, it is time to go to sleep. Enter your room." Hiei commanded after watching Boba tie up all of the people he'd kidnapped.

"Yes, master Hiei." Boba answered. Hiei went to the other side of the room and laid down on his bed.

Boba tried to move to his room, but he tripped over a dead body and fell three floors down, into the basement. Making a loud BOOM!


Botan sat up immediately. "What was that?!" she asked herself, slightly panicking as memories of "Things That Go Bump In The Night".

She shook the thought off. "No...that's ridiculous, there's no such thing as that. It doesn't exist! Hehe, silly me!"

"AHHHHHH!!!!" Botan jumped up when she heard the scream. "Oh my kami! Oh my kami!" she said panicking.

"Kurama! Kurama!" she shouted hoping out of bed and racing to Kurama's room. The door was open so she ran inside, only to see that Kurama was not there. She tried to click on the light to check all around the room, but the lights wouldn't cut on.

"Oh my gosh...I'm all alone! They got Kurama!" she said shivering in fear. Her thoughts were racing, she felt servere adrenaline rush, and now she's was having many flashes of the movie.

"Okay...okay, calm down, calm down. Everythings alright. Kurama's probably in the bathroom or something." Just then, there was another loud crash, and then some loud moaning sounds.

"I don't believe this is happening to me! I-I...I have to find Kurama!" Botan shouted. She ran to the bathroom, no luck there, she ran back into his room looking to see if he was hiding from her as some sort of prank, but no luck there.

"Kurama...where are you...?" she said under her breath. She walked to the stairway, looking down into the darkness. "This is the only place besides the attic that I haven't checked...Kurama...please show up somewhere..." She tried clicking on the light. No avail. None of the lights worked.

"Well, pull yourself together Botan, I gotta go find Kurama." she said, going down the stairs.


"Kurama? Kurama?" she said quietly as she explored the dark house. Still no sign of Kurama. Botan slowly turned the corner...




"What a minute...Kurama?" Botan questioned as the guy looked her in the face.

"Botan?" Kurama said. Botan's eyes lit up, as well as Kurama's. "Botan!"

"Kurama! I've been looking all over for you!"

"Well, I just came down here to get myself some water, but then I heard the crash and screamed." Kurama said slightly embarassed.

"Oh Kurama! I thought you were dead!" Botan said hugging onto the kitsune. There was another bang suddenly. "Kurama, did you hear that?"

"Yeah, something went 'BUMP' like in the movie!" Kurama explained, holding onto her tighter.

"Should we go check?" Botan asked.

"...It would be best..." Kurama said taking her hand and heading towards the kitchen. The two quietly explored the kitchen, Kurama found a flashlight and a broom, Botan found a chainsaw...much to Kurama's disbelief. Nothing out of the ordinary in the kitchen, besides Botan's chainsaw, they finally came to one last place. The basement door.


Meanwhile, Hiei was in the attic and noticed the lights wouldn't come on, so he decided go ask Kurama what was wrong before he went to sleep. Suddenly, he felt the need to go potty, so he got up, only to fall into the hole Boba made.


"Kurama...you go first..." Botan said, softly pushing him onto the basement steps.

"Me!? But why?!" Kurama said looking terrified.

Botan pouted. "Because I'm a girl, and your a boy."

"You know what I think, your a sexist, and I'm a terrified kitsune." Kurama explained pushing her ahead of him.

Botan sighed. "Okay, whatever Kurama. Fine, I'll go first. But if I die...I'll haunt you forever."

Kurama shivered. "Well...maybe I should go first." he exclaimed, moving ahead and slowly walking down the stairs followed by Botan.

When they arrived down their, they heard the moaning, and it was much, much, louder. Botan held tighter onto Kurama, as he shivered and continued to walk farther. Then, they saw something moving in the corner. Kurama swallowed hard as he and Botan moved over to see what it was.

"It...looks like a hole where someone fell into." Botan said examining it.

Kurama nodded. "Phew, I guess we could relax, just a bit."

Just then a figure covered in dust sat up extremely quick and groaned.

Botan and Kurama screamed. "AH!!!!IT'S A ZOMBIE!!!!!"

The figure screamed as well. Botan and Kurama turned to run only to run into something smaller than them. Botan screamed and pushed it away, only for it to fall onto Kurama.

"Go on without me!" Kurama shouted.

"...Okay!" Botan said running away.

"IT WAS A FIGURE OF SPEECH!!!" Kurama shouted after her.

"Oh...sorry!" she said coming back and trying to get the small thing off of Kurama, only to have the thing from the hole grab her.

"Ah! Kurama, help!" she shouted trying to fight it off.

"Botan!" Kurama said trying to get the little thing off. "P-Please let me go! I don't taste good at all!" he explained.

"Kitsune? Ferry Onna?" the small figure said getting off of Kurama.

Kurama raised a eyebrow. "That voice...Hiei?"

"Hiei?" Botan questioned. "Then who is this holding me?"

"Are you alright Master Hiei?" the large figure said.

"B-Boba?" Botan exclaimed somewhat relieved.

"Boba, drop the ferry onna." Hiei said walking over to hold catch Botan in his arms.

"Yes, master Hiei." Boba handed Botan to Hiei/

Kurama giggled and then started to laugh. "Well, this certainly was a night, wasn't it Botan?"

"You can say that again!" Botan giggled, getting down from Hiei's arms.

"What's the matter with you two baka's?" Hiei asked with a frown.

"Well, me and Kurama were watching this scary movie on the t.v. and then when we heard a crash and some moaning, we panicked thinking it was the movie. And then when we got down here we found out it was you two." Botan explained laughing nervously.

"How did you two get down here?" Kurama asked.

"Well, Boba fell threw the floor, then I fell." Hiei answered shortly.

"Well, that explains the sounds," Kurama started. "But...what about the lights?"

Just then the phone rang upstairs. Kurama and Botan ran upstairs from the basement, followed by Hiei and Boba, to answer it. Kurama reached it first. Botan looked out the window and took note that it was morning.


"Kurama?" it was Yusuke.

"Oh, hi Yusuke-" Botan interrupted Kurama.

"HI YUSUKE!!!" Botan shouted.

"Tell miss loud mouth I said 'hi'." Yusuke sighed.

Kurama sighed. "He said 'Hi' Botan." Botan squealed happily.

"Um, Kurama, did the power go out on you guys?" Yusuke asked.

"Yes...yes it did." Kurama answered suspicously. "How did you know?"

"Well...I kinda forgot to pay the electricity bill..." Yusuke said. "Could you like pay it, and then like you know...I'll pay ya when we get back."

Kurama sighed. "Fine. Well, good day Yusuke."

"See ya!" Yusuke shouted cheerfully. Then the two hung up.

"What happened?" Hiei asked, he and Boba walking up behind them.

"Yusuke didn't pay the power bill." Kurama answered shaking his head.

"Well, how about we all go to sleep, then, we'll wake up and take care of this little problem." Botan suggested. Kurama nodded. Hiei and Boba were already making their way to the attic. Botan and Kurama headed to their rooms.

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