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A Pet Fox

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura were on a mission to find a man to capture who kidnapped people. Kakashi followed the three who were jumping to tree branch to tree branch catching up to kidnapper.

Naruto who was in front of Sasuke and Sakura began speeding up faster and faster. Naruto jumped down from the tree and pounces the man. The man tumbled over with Naruto down a hill.

Once they stopped the man quickly made a couple hand signals and pressed against Naruto stomach as Naruto was getting to his feet. In a flash Naruto fell to the ground as the man ran off.

Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi jumped down where Naruto is and kept chasing the man. Naruto got to his feet but fell forward. Naruto tried again but fell backwards into a little river.

Naruto got out on all fours and looked at himself in the river wondering why he could not stand on his feet. Naruto reflection shows a small yellowish-red fox. Naruto's fox eyes widen in fear.

Naruto shook it off and ran after Kakashi who Naruto thought to change him back. Naruto caught up with Kakashi and his teammates who already have caught the man.

"Now tell use where is our friend Naruto and where the other are people you kidnapped now!" Sakura demanded but the man did not speak.

The man looked down at Naruto with a small grin. He then looked at Sakura with an evil smile.

"You will never find your friend or the others." The man said as a mark on his neck glowed and explode killing the man.

Kakashi closed his eye for a moment then opened it.

"Come lets try and find Naruto." Kakashi said as Sakura nods and Sasuke sighs.

"Hello I am down here sensei Kakashi I am down here!" Naruto yelled but it seems as if Kakashi, Sakura, Sasuke heard him.

Naruto followed his two friends and Kakashi for what seems hours. Everyone once and awhile Sasuke and Kakashi saw Naruto in fox form following.

"Ok what is up with this little fox." Sasuke finally said and picked up Naruto.

"Just put it down Sasuka. It is only a fox pup looking for someone to play. He thinks we will play with it. Lets return to town, there may be a chance Naruto may have already returned with out us." Kakashi said as Sasuke agrees and puts Naruto down.

Kakashi, Sasuke, and Sakura took off leaving Naruto in their dust. Naruto seemed annoyed and sad that his sensei and friends did not know it was him.

"Damn this annoying body! I better try and catch up to them." Naruto said and began running back to town.

Naruto got close to town as a throwing knife came at him. Naruto quickly dodged out of the way of the throwing knife, then looked to see who throw it. Hinata ran up to the fox and made sure there were no injures.

"I am so glad you are ok. You are just a pup, you must feel so alone with out your family." Hinata said then picked up the young pup and hug him.

"Hinata it is only you." Naruto said then remembered that he no longer speaks in human tongue. Hinata smiled and started petting Naruto.

"I do not know why but that feels so good." Naruto said enjoys the moment.

Shino is never alone sense he has all those bugs and Kiba has Akamaru so he is never either. I should keep this pup so I do not have to always be alone. Of course I have to train him. Hinata though and cuddled the wolf pup closely.

"Hey know what I decided to keep you pup. I should give you name. Naru will be your name now ok." Hinata told the wolf pup.

"What? No Hinata please reconsider this please!" Naruto barked out at Hinata who smiles.

"I am glad you like the idea Naru. Tonight you can sleep with me in bed and I can tell you who I have my biggest crush on, but for now lets train." Hinata said in a smile.

"Wait you have a crush on someone? You are going to let me sleep with you? I think I might like being a fox." Naruto said as he makes a happy pup face.

End of Chapter

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