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Author's note: I wrote this in script format; it just seemed more natural to me.

Summary: Set shortly after season eight, life is going very well for the Halliwells. Phoebe and Coop are married and have a one-month old daughter, Melinda; Piper and Leo are expecting their third child; Paige is married to Henry. However, despite having an almost perfect, demon-free existence for the first time in her life, Phoebe isn't happy. The reason for her gloom soon becomes apparent when a series of dangerous "visions" threaten her sanity and her family's survival.

Opening Scene:

(Phoebe is standing in her bedroom at the condo. She's wearing a blue bathrobe, slippers, sloppy ponytail. She's swaying, rocking a baby, who makes a noise.)

Phoebe: (coos) Yes! Ah, look at you. That's my girl! My baby, my-

(a door opens and closes in the background)

Piper's Voice: Phoebe?

Phoebe: In here!

(Piper pokes her head in the doorway, smiles)

Piper: Hi Mommy.

Phoebe: I could say the same to you.

Piper: (walks in, laughs. She's pregnant-seven or eight months) How is everything?

Phoebe: It's fine.

(Piper approaches, holds out arms. Phoebe grins and carefully hands the infant to her)

Piper: (to baby) Hi there! (she bounces her niece)

Phoebe: (smiles at the situation, but looks sad. She goes over to the bed and starts to fold

laundry; baby clothes, blankets, etc., talks to Piper) So obviously your niece is

absolutely fabulous. How's mine?

Piper: She's wonderful. Doctor says she's the picture of health.

Phoebe: (quietly) Perfect. (goes back to folding laundry)

Piper: Yeah. (glances over at her sister, senses her mood. The baby makes a noise,

Piper turns her attention to her) Hey, you! (starts to lay the baby down in the bassinet.) There you go! I'm gonna go talk to mommy now. (she tickles the baby's tummy and walks up to Phoebe, starts helping her with the laundry.) So, things look great around here. Beautiful baby, handsome, adoring husband, caring family, a job with flexible hours that pays outrageously well, a nice home, your first niece on the way.

Phoebe: Yeah. It's great.

Piper: Yes it is. Then what's wrong? (fixes Phoebe with the "ha I've caught you!" look)

Phoebe: Nothing's wrong! What are you talking about?

Piper: Phoebe, ever since Melinda was born you've been…off.

Phoebe: (snorts) Don't be ridiculous.

Piper: Phoebs, you act happy, thrilled even, but you just seem so distant! Sad, brooding.

Phoebe: Piper, I just had a baby! (waves around a tiny onesie for emphasis) I'm a little


Piper: You had a baby a month ago.

Phoebe: And any normal woman in that situation would be wiped out!

Piper: Normally, yes. But Phoebe, there are no dark circles under your eyes. All you do

is get up every morning and work out, write your column, and sleep.

Phoebe: Um, hello, I also take care of my daughter. (she puts down the laundry and

picks Melinda up)

Piper: Yes you do. (she follows her sister and pats Melinda's head) You take very good

care of your daughter, who, incidentally, spends most of the day sleeping.

Phoebe: (to Melinda) Hey Melinda honey, could you ask your Aunty Piper what her

point is?

Piper: (rolls eyes) The point, Phoebe, is that you aren't just tired. Something is wrong,

and you need to tell me, your big sister, what the problem is.

Phoebe: (sighs) Fine.

Piper: Aha! See, I was right!

Phoebe: I've...just been down. I don't know why. I have every reason to be perfectly

happy. I love Melinda more than anything else in the world, Coop is everthing a husband is supposed to be and more, but...I'm just not happy. Not really.

Piper: (concerned) Phoebe, (she touches her arm) Sweetie, you should have said


Phoebe: Like what? "Hey, I finally have a perfect life and I can't deal?"

Piper: (chuckles) Phoebe, honey, you have baby blues.

Phoebe: Baby blues?

Piper: Yeah, I mean, you're on an emotional roller coaster that's run on new mommy

hormones. Everybody gets it.

Phoebe: But when you had Wyatt and Chris, you...I never sensed you feeling like this-

Piper: So I didn't feel exactly the same way you're feeling. It's different for everybody.

Pheobe: (hesitantly) I guess...

Piper: C'mon. (she leads Phoebe to the rocking chair) You sit here, (Phoebe sits, Piper

props Melinda safely into Phoebe's arms with pillows) and look at your beautiful

baby. (Phoebe looks at Melinda, smiles) See, better already! I'll go make us

some tea, and we'll talk, okay?

Phoebe: Okay. Thanks, Piper.

Piper: No problem. (she exits)

Phoebe: (to Melinda) Hello little love. My baby. My baby. My first...(strange look

crosses her face)

Phoebe's Vision:

(at this Phoebe passes out, her head thrown back. A flash of light, then into a new place. It's an airy room, similar, but not exactly identical to the room in the last scene. The light is yellowish, dreamy, almost like a sepia photograph. Phoebe is standing by a wooden cradle, smiling and cooing, holding a baby who's all wrapped up in a yellow blanket note: you can't see the baby's face. Camera to Phoebe's back. A man like the baby, you don't see his face walks up behind her, and rests his hand on her shoulder. Phoebe turns around and beams. Camera to the man's smiling face.)

Cole: How's my family doing?

Phoebe: (looks lovingly at him) Your wife, (looks at the bundle) and son could not be


(Phoebe and Cole grin, and share a short, sweet kiss. When they pull away, Cole wraps his arm around Phoebe's waist. The couple gazes at the bundle, and Cole takes his tiny hand)

Cole: Hey, Slugger! What's happenin, kid?

(camera to the baby obviously not Melinda who makes a face)

Phoebe: (amused) Warren Parker Benjamin Halliwell Turner, tell daddy to stop acting

like he's hip.

Cole: (mock insult) What? I am hip!

Phoebe: (laughing) Noooo, you're not.

Cole: Am too!

(Phoebe and Cole continue to fake argue. Happiness fills the sunlit room. End of vision)

(We see Phoebe, back in her bedroom at the condo holding sleepy Melinda, passed out. She jerks out of the vision shaken, breathing hard. Melinda startles awake, and upon seeing Phoebe, smiles and waves her arms. Phoebe tries to smile back. Clutching the baby, she stares into space.)

Phoebe: Yeah. Baby Blues.

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