Title: The Cat

Rating: G / K

Genre: Humor

Summary: preRENT Roger Davis had a pet cat when he was a kid. written for Challenge 11

A/N: Hehe… I know I've already written one for this challenge, but I couldn't resist writing another one, once I thought of it. –giggles- It's another bizarre twist on the prompt, which is, as follows:

"Has to have both Mark and Roger in it. Preferably friendship, but you can slash it up if you wish. Has to be about Roger walking over to the bathroom and hearing Mark vomiting. You can have it be for any reason you'd like."

I'd like to point out that nowhere does it say that the Mark in question is Mark Cohen. Ergo, I'm completely within the challenge specifications. Nyeh.

Anyway, enjoy!

Roger Davis had never been one much inclined to look after pets.

However, one day, when a stray cat followed him home, sauntering arrogantly as it did, though the poor thing was only skin and bones and fur… well, Roger couldn't help but let it into his life. He was impressed that this cat, who had to have been the most mangy, starving, filthy creature on the planet, could have such an air of dignity, of superiority, of command. Of course, the fact that the cat liked to sit and listen to him play his guitar for hours, without complaining or criticizing once, was also an added bonus.

So, take care of that cat Roger did… or at least as much as the cat would let him. It was a very self-willed, independent creature, after all. And, in that regard, it was very much like its master. Or perhaps we shouldn't say master. Or even owner. More like… chosen companion. Yes, that's it.

Anyway, the cat (which one of Roger's sisters had named Mark for reasons that yet remained unclear to the wannabe musician; it wasn't like the cat replied to any calls, no matter what name it was given) lived peaceably with Roger for many a year until one day in the summer after tenth grade, as Roger passed by the bathroom on his way to his own room, the cat made a strange noise. And the cat made the noise from inside the bathroom, which caused the boy to pause, frowning.

And there it was again… A strange hacking, wheezing noise.

Curious and concerned, Roger entered the bathroom only to behold his beloved cat retching upon the tile. Scrunching his nose up in disgust and alarm, Roger couldn't help but stare as the cat contorted and twitched until at last, out it came: A disgusting mass of stomach fluid, hair and… wait a minute… was that…?

"You ate one of my guitar picks, you stupid cat!"

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