Chapter 7: A Road Like This Never Ends

Like the frozen snow that turned my heart into ice, the spring had melted it into a soothing, but lonely rain.

After staying in Lugdunum, to rest and recover, Captain Placus had order the remaining soldiers to head back Massilia; we were finally going home.

The spring was warm and welcoming to a cold-hearted soldier, and the Mediterranean had never looked so beautiful. Arretium was just along the coastline that led from southern Gaul to Rome. But I wasn't going to see my family just yet, we were required to accompany the Captain back to the capital.

While stopping at the port of Sardinia, the Captain had asked to see me.

"Valerius, was it?" He asked. "What is your full name soldier?"

"I am Valerius Fertivus Hellatorius, of the 2nd First Legionary Cohort." I replied.

"Valerius, I've seen how you've fought in battle and by the Gods I could not ask for a better soldier. Which brings me a question, how would you like to become a Centurion?"

I was surprised, but reluctant, as much as a reward it was to have such an honor… all I really wanted was to go back home and be with my family. "Sir, it is an honor, but I must decline, I have fought many years among the legions and through those years I have lost many friends and have horrific images in my mind that'll probably haunt me for the rest of my life. Which is why, all I really want is just to go home."

"I understand, I will keep this offer available and give you some time to think more over it. Oh and, things back at home, I have heard, are not exactly the most peaceful times at the moment." He left and headed down to his cabin.

After more lonely nights gazing at the fading, crescent moon the sun appeared with homeland in sight. But things weren't as I expected, fire and smoke raged across the land, with Rome being at the center of the Inferno.

We got docked at a nearby village a few miles south of Rome and the Captain had once again raised his gladius, "Units grab your gear! We are to march straight to the forum in full uniform as an entire legion, if any lowlifes attack you retaliate but do not break formation."

As I was putting on my uniform, the Captain approached me, "Have you changed your mind?" I looked at him, and I realized that it'll probably be another long war, before I see my family again. "Yes, I accept duty as Centurion."

"Then you will need this." He handed me the Centurion helmet that had the horse hair lined side ways. "Your officer had died back in Gaul; it's your turn to take his place."

I looked at Rome, and I thought to myself, "A road like this, never ends."

Wow, I totally forgot that I didn't finish this yet, I'm SO SORRY TO EVERYONE WHO WAS WAITING FOR SO LONG. Yeah, the reason being is that I was working on several other stories as well, but I never finished those and I forgot about this until I got the review about telling me to finish! THANK YOU.

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