But he's just a ramen chef!

Authors note: Howdy everyone its me. I am not giving up on any of my stories but I don't know if any of them will get done with in years. The thing is fanfiction is just a writing hobby so if I ever have an idea I like to write it down and submit it for your enjoyment. This one I personally think is one of my better idea's so hope you like. Oh and so you all know instead of 12 the characters are going to be 15. It just works better that way. And this time I purposely made the title start with a 'B' I figure this will be something I am known for. ALWAYS A B TITLE.

Chapter one

The old man Hokage stood smiling in front of the ten-year-old boy. The boy with sun kissed hair sat in a red velvet seat in front of the Hokage's desk.

"So young and yet already one the most powerful shinobi in fire country. Nobody would have guessed that the nine-tails chakra would have almost completely merged with his body in such a short time." thought the old man.

The boy's eyes were calm and calculated; he was always on guard just like he was trained to be. He wasn't a cold person; no he was just professional. "Naruto." Said the old man. "You are only ten years old and are already at a point in power that is considered Kage level."

The boy stared at him with a small modest smile. He bowed his head in thanks. The old man continued to smile.

"Time and again you have proven yourself, and I have seen with my own eyes that you are a natural leader. You may have never been to the academy or taken a single exam to give you a rank but the fact of the matter is you were trained by the best, Jiraiya and myself."

"The council has agreed that you are ready for this…to be our next Hokage."

The old man let his words sink in. It was clear to see that the boy was honored in every respect of the word. "I don't know what to say…thank you." said Naruto.

"However before it is official I have one more assignment for you." said the old man. "You and Kakashi's Anbu squad are to go to our borders and eliminate a group of rock-nin. They are all highly skilled, the seven that there are, are said to be the strongest in Earth country."

The boy nodded in confirmation. "Very well I will leave immediately."

The Hokage now stood in front of his tower a group of Anbu behind him. He stared out to the road and saw the small figure making its way towards them. Naruto stepped forward his hiate(sp?) adorned proudly on his forehead. He wore a tight black shirt and ninja pants. On close inspection one could see that his body was conditioned better then even some of the Anbu.

"Well you have your orders…go." Ordered the Hokage. They all nodded and left in a flash. The Hokage watched their retreating forms and got a strange feeling in his gut, but he chose to ignore it. He looked at the boy and thought. "He will be the youngest Hokage in history. Already he has surpassed me and I was said to be the greatest of the Hokage…well the fourth was in a league of his own, much like Naruto I suppose. Oh well like father like son."

Two days had passed when the Hokage received word that the group was on there way back. He as well as several renowned members of the council stood at the gates waiting. They looked out onto the road and waited, it took a couple of minutes but then they saw one figure make his way forward. The figure reached the gates before the other squad members came into view.

The Hokage as well as the council looked at the one figure that was now walking towards them. His entire body was cover in blood, none of it his own, and only a speck of his sun kissed hair showed. His eyes were shadowed by his bangs as he made his way forward.

The old man smiled he could count from here that all members of the squad were walking towards them from a distance. He looked back to the boy who was now walking solely towards him.

"I trust all went wel-" he was cut off as he saw Naruto take off his hiate. He walked directly in front of the man not showing his eyes, as they remained hidden in his hair. He took the old man's hand and placed his hiate in his hand.

"I quit…" said Naruto. He didn't wait for the man to respond and just continued to walk forward past all of them. Not saying another word he went towards his home, and away from his shinobi career.

The rest of the squad made its way towards them. All the members were completely unharmed. "Kakashi what happened?" asked the old man still in a state of shock. The council listened as well for they had just heard their future Hokage quit his life as a shinobi.

"Naruto was brilliant sir." said Kakashi. He as well of the rest of the Anbu were clearly oblivious to the fact that Naruto had just quit. "Some how the rock knew we were coming and had an ambush set for us. There were over 200 nin's sir…Naruto took them all out single handedly, even the seven we were assigned to kill."

"Did anything happen to Naruto." asked the old man staring at the blood-covered hiate in his hand.

"No…well he was awfully quiet on the way back, he didn't stay with the group always a bit ahead of us. Why?" asked Kakashi.

"Because unless both I and the rest of the council heard incorrectly Naruto just resigned from being a shinobi." said the Hokage. "As well as being our next Hokage."

All those present could only stare out at the distant form of a blood-covered boy. The Hokage closed his eyes and a single tear fell down one. "Naruto…what happened."

Five years later…

"Oh please let me help you Naruto-sama." said a very attractive brunette. Her cleavage was all but bursting from her incredibly tight bikini.

"No let me massage you shoulders Naruto-sama." said an equally attractive red head.

"Girls girls you can both do it." said Naruto a huge perverted grin was on his face. As well as a tremendous blush.

"Yayy, we love you Naruto-sama!" shouted out both girls at the same time. "How can we repay you." Naruto began laughing with joy like an idiot.

"Oh I'm sure I will think of something."

"NARUTO!" shouted out a figure. "Wake up you lazy idiot!"

A fifteen-year-old boy with sun kissed hair woke up from atop some bags of flour. He wore a large straw hat on top of his head and wire frame purple shaded sunglasses that didn't even cover all of his eyes, he had on a tight white muscle shirt and on top of it a loose bright orange button up shirt, that wasn't buttoned up. He had tan shorts on that were torn near the bottom and sandals on his feet. Black bands adorned his wrists and ankeles. He had rather long hair done back in a ponytail that went down his neck. Every thing about him screamed one thing…lazy. And yet his body was what most people in they're early twenties only dreamed about. The old ramen vendor couldn't figure out for the life of him how such a lazy boy could workout enough to be blessed with the body he had.

He rubbed his eyes lazily. "Oh good morning boss." said Naruto with a yawn. Naruto sat up with his legs crossed and reached over and grabbed a bottle. He poured himself a glass and began to drink.

"You want some sake boss?" asked Naruto in a lazy tone holding the bottle out. A vein appeared in the old man's balding head.

"I don't believe you!" he shouted. "When we first met you begged me for a job you said you would work harder then anyone I'd ever seen, but look at you half the time you're asleep and the other half your drunk!"

Naruto began to yawn. "Boss boss you need to relax I don't want you to die on me from stress." said Naruto.

"I swear to you if it wasn't for the fact that when you do work you make the best damn ramen I've ever tasted, you would be sooooooo fired." said the old man.

Naruto began waving his hand as if saying go away. "But the fact is I do make the best ramen, so why bother arguing if your not going to fire me." said Naruto as he took another sip of his sake and refilled his glass.

"I can't believe the Hokage gave you special treatment and allows you to drink that stuff, your only fifteen for heavens sakes!" said the old man.

Naruto held his bottle tighter and began to rub his cheek against it. "Well if I didn't have this gift from heaven I would probably go psycho and kill everyone." said Naruto as he began to laugh at his joke.

The old man began to laugh nervously wondering if it really was a joke. He took a couple steps back just in case.

"Well enough of my break, time to get to work." said Naruto standing up. He was already in the kitchen he slowly walked over to where a huge pile of dough lay. His face instantly became serious as he began to work.

In a matter of minutes he had one of the most perfectly prepared ramen dishes ever made in front of him. "Wa la." said Naruto. He grabbed the bowl and put it on the counter. A very attractive woman came up and grabbed it. Naruto smiled, as she was about to pay for it. "No no no miss I can't allow you to pay for that, it wouldn't be right."

The women looked up at him surprised. "But what to do you mean I must pay for it." she said.

"Your beauty is payment enough." said Naruto. A blush rose on her cheeks as she quickly took the ramen to her seat. She was with a man that appeared to be her boyfriend.

"Mom, I want a bite of yours." said a boy in his seat next to the woman.

Scratch that the man next to her was her husband and he was now glaring daggers at Naruto. Naruto let out a sigh as he looked at the two together.

"Someday." he said to himself. The old ramen chef came up behind him and smacked him on his head.

"What were you thinking giving that ramen away for free…that money is coming out of your pay." he said. "And what do you mean someday! You go through more girls a week then I did my entire life of dating!"

"Some how you didn't I'm not surprised." said Naruto. The old man began to glare at.

"But I don't love any of them." said Naruto. Naruto sighed. "Your way to serious." Naruto lied back on the sacks of flour pulling his straw hat over his eyes. "Wake me up when you need me, I'm going to sleep."

"Say isn't that the legendary Tsunade with out a top on?" said the old man. Naruto was up in an instant.

"Where." said Naruto.

The ramen chef sighed. "Get back to work now." he said. Naruto looked at him realizing he had been tricked.

Naruto grumbled at this and went back to work. "Slave driver." mumbled Naruto before he yawned yet again.

Costumers came and went each one more then satisfied with their meal. Naruto was one of the best chefs in Konoha, if not one of the best in fire country. At least that's how he felt.

"Dad I'm back!" shouted Ayame as she walked into the stand. Ayame was eighteen years old, long brown hair and brown eyes, and beautiful in every sense of the word.

Now Naruto was a bit of a pervert as well as a flirt, he knew it and so did almost all the female population of Konoha. But the one girl he had the utmost respect for, and the only one he would ever think of, as a sister was Ayame.

"Ayame-neechan!" said Naruto stumbling over to her. "How was your journey? I trust everything went well."

"Naruto-kun…your drunk aren't you?" said Ayame.

"That may be true but that doesn't mean I wasn't worried about you." said Naruto.

"I only went to the store down the street."

"That far." said Naruto with astonishment "…Ayame how could possibly have done it."

Ayame let out a sigh. "There's just no talking to this boy…oh well that's why he's so fun." thought Ayame.

"Did you buy me anything?" asked Naruto with a hopeful glint in his eye. Ayame just shook her head. Naruto put his head down and went back to cooking. Ayame only laughed at this.

The street was dark and baron. Only two figures made there way down it, the moon lighting there path. "I swear Naruto you really got to stop, that stuff is going to kill you." said Ayame holding Naruto up with her shoulder.

Naruto had a goofy smile on, and his face was flushed from the alcohol he had in his system. "I'll stop when I'm deaddd!" declared Naruto in a drunken slurr.

"At the rate your going that won't take long." said Ayame. Naruto just continued to give his drunken smile.

They were almost to their destination when trouble happened. Several figures made there way out of an alley and surrounded the two. They were all dressed in loose clothing. Some of there cloths were actually torn. Slowly they began to surround the two of them.

One man who looked to be a little over twenty-one stepped forward. His black hair was cropped downward over his skull. He wore a loose tank top and wore similar shades to Naruto's.

"Hey beautiful." said the man. "How's about you play with us for a bit."

"Play?" said Naruto in a drunken stupor. "…Ayame-neechan you've made friends..this..this is wonderful!" Naruto then put his arm over his eyes and began to cry. "Why didn't you tell me! I thought we were friends."

The men of the gang began to smile. The boy that was with the girl was drunk. They had all thought they would have to beat him to get to her, but as it seemed it would be like taking candy from a baby.

"Yeah friends so what do you say?" said the man to Ayame. She didn't get the chance to reply, as one member of the group came up behind her and grabbed her. Her eyes narrowed, and she elbowed him in the stomach. He let go of her and doubled over, she then planted a kick to his face sending him to the ground unconscious.

"Wow…Ayame-neechan plays so rough with her friendsss." said Naruto taking another swig from the sake bottle in his hands.

Two more men came up to her. She jumped in the air with the grace of a trained shinobi and did a spin kick, hitting both her opponents in their skulls knocking them out. Another came up from behind and she threw a punch to his nose, which gave way with a snap.

The leader of the group stepped forward. She tried to throw a punch at him but he caught it with ease. "You little bitch." he said before backhanding her in the face. Her world began to spin as she was sent tumbling to the ground.

The force behind the blow had been great and she was barely conscious. "Naruto…help." she said. The leader and everyone in the group looked at the drunken boy as he stood there silently. The straw hat shadowed his eyes as they waited.

The leader with his black cropped hair took a step forward towards him. "And what is this girls little hero going to d-" he was cut off as he heard a sound coming from the boy.

He bent down slightly and took a look. Naruto's eyes were closed and his mouth hung open. Loud snores could be heard escaping from his mouth, and drool began to travel down his chin. Everyone present sweatdropped especially Ayame.

"Naruto." she said embarrassed. The leader gave a loud laugh as he turned around and looked at her.

"Were-were you really-really thinking he could help." said the man unable to contain his laughter. He let out another howl that he called a chuckle, and was about to make his way forward when something happened. An open palm backhanded him in the side of his head sending him flying into a wall knocked out on contact.

"Oy what's the big idea!" shouted out the blond drunk. Naruto stood there looking pissed, his face still flushed from the sake. "I was sleeping and this ass starts laughing loud enough to break the sound barrier."

The people present stared out in silent shock. As Naruto began to wine. "And I was having such a nice dreammm toooo."

Naruto looked around the area at everyone there. "WHERE AM I? WHO ARE ALL YOU PEOPLE!" he shouted. He began to stumble forward drunk as a fish. "I know…you were laughing to weren't you." he said walking over to one of the gang members who started to back away.

"No wait." Said the man.

"Why did you do thatttt?" slurred Naruto. Tears fell from his eyes over his flushed face. "Did you laugh because you thought I looked funny…I'll have you know I've been called handsome on a number of occasions."

Naruto's face then grew angry with rage. He slammed his fist into the gang members face sending him crashing back. "Why you.." said another gang member with a bald head and sunglasses. He threw a punch at Naruto's face.

Naruto bent backwards on a horizontal angle avoiding the punch. His arms began swimming at his sides as he tried to stay balanced. His one foot shot in the air as he was falling back hitting the bald man straight in the jaw. The force knocked him out. Naruto pivoted on his foot so that his front was facing the ground if he fell forward. Instead he began to stumble forward and in attempt to get his balance he began to run forward to keep up with the rate he was falling at.

His head slammed into a gang member's chest that was behind him, as he rammed him into a wall. Naruto lifted his head and the back of it hit the man hard in the chin rendering him unconscious. Naruto clutched the back of his head with both of his hands.

"Ow that hurttt." Naruto stood up again and looked at the remaining men as they took what looked like fighting stances. Another drunken goofy grin came on Naruto's face. "So you want to fightttt." he slurred. "I hav-have to wornnn youu I-I am a a a great fightinggg masterrrr." Naruto began to take several posses as if going threw fighting stances.

He rushed forward at one of his opponents at surprising speed, but tripped and began to summersault towards him instead. When he reached him he immediately sprung upright. He was still dizzy and had rolled too much so he appeared off balance. His forehead slammed into the man's nose. He then shoved both his wrists into the mans ribs, which was the only indication that Naruto had done that to attack. Naruto spun around and was greeted by another man.

The gang member threw a punch and him. Naruto bent backwards and landed on his knuckles. He then kicked the man in the stomach with his right foot. The man doubled over and Naruto hopped off his right foot and kicked him with it.

Naruto began to roll on his body towards another member. The man looked scared and didn't know what to expect. Naruto stopped rolling right in front of him. His eyes spinning in spirals.

"Soooo dizzzzy." said Naruto. The man smiled and lifted his foot in the air to take a step forward. However at that moment Naruto began to roll again taking the mans foot out from underneath him. The mans rear end was still sticking up in the air. Naruto got up from behind him and looked at it. He smiled.

"Never-never showwww your back to yourrr opoonent." said Naruto. As he kicked the mans but hard. The gang member sailed across the ground face first into a stone wall.

Naruto righted himself and looked around. He blinked and then looked at Ayame who was getting up off the ground. "Helllllloooo Ayame-neechan….when did you get here?" asked Naruto as he stumbled over to her.

She looked at him and then began to giggle. "Your drunk." she said.

"Am not." Said Naruto on instinct, completely ignoring the fact that at the current moment he was seeing two of her.

"Let me take you home." she said with a smile. Taking his arm and putting it over her shoulder.

Naruto gave another goofy smile and then looked around at all the men that were unconscious on the ground. "WOW Ayame-neechannn you surre are popularrr, I mean lookk at all the guys that have fallen for for you." said Naruto swinging his arm around to show all the unconscious gang members.

Ayame began to giggle which soon developed into a full-blown laughter. Like she had always thought Naruto was defiantly fun.

On a rooftop near by a silver-haired Jounin with his hiate covering his left eye and a mask watched the seen with amusement. He to gave a small laugh before he disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

Authors note: well there you go. I thought it was funny and let me tell you it was very enjoyable to write. I don't know the pairing so those of you who think it might be Ayame and don't like it don't worry because I am still uncertain. As for how Naruto was able to obtain Hokage power at such a young age. The Kyuubi has already fully merged with Naruto…at least in chakra. And don't give me reviews about how his body wouldn't be able to take it all so soon. This is my fic my world my rules, so lets just say that the seal allowed his body to handle it. I know having a super strong character might not appeal to some of you because you think, how will the character develop and grow if he is so strong? Well there is more ways to develop a character then just making them stronger.

Also incase you are wondering, Naruto just did the drunken fist. That is pretty much going to be his main style since I plan on having him drunk almost all the time. He is still just as strong as he was when he was ten…except maybe his body is tougher. He hasn't gotten any stronger because he hasn't trained; all he's done is kept his body in shape. He wears weights but they are the same ones he wore when he was ten in my fic.