The world became a whirling, blinding, undistinguishable blur as Jake Thunder rocketed down the race track at 1000 kilometres per hour in his machine, The Thunder Bird. Things weren't going very well. This was the most important race of his entire life and he was in last place with one lap left. There were 8 racers, including him, and each of them wanted the prize for winning as much as the next person.

A qualification into the F-Zero Grand Prix.

Jake hit the tight corner ahead of him with a sharp drift and cut across the racer ahead of him. As soon as his machine steadied, he punched the boost button was pushed into his seat at his machine blasted for a short few seconds at 1500kmph. He took the next corner lightly and kept on the inside, overtaking 3 racers at once and bringing himself into 4th. This was it. He could see the racer in first and the goal looming on the horizon after a flat, bare, stretch of track. He boosted for all he was worth and drew himself alongside the racer in first. But the racer pulled away from him slowly again. In an act of desperation, he boosted himself clear, depleting his energy, and putting himself a machine length ahead.

The goal was coming up in front of him.

His opponent was pulling up beside him.

Crunch time.

Suddenly, he felt a huge jolt from behind and realised what has happened.

Another racer had boosted into him!

His machine jolted forward, past his opponent and over the finish line in first, before losing energy and powering down. Jake heaved a sigh of relief.

He had qualified for the F-Zero Grand Prix!