Second Beginning

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Aang was the first to rise that morning. The sky was blue, and nature chirped all aroud him, so he decided it was the perfect time to take a walk. it was the first time in days, possibly weeks since he had time to think. Zuko, Azula, the blue spirit, it was all too much to take in at once. Avatar Roku popped into his mind; "the comet will strike, and you must be ready, or this war may be over.

But that was not the reason why Aang had to think. Katara. Even her name made Aang's heart skip a beat. Her glitsening blue eyes and striking body feature was almost unbearable. And her voice. (Aang sat down underneath the shade of a tree) Her voice rang through him like a thousand ceremonial bells striking, and yet...peaceful. However, Aang's thoughts were interrupted by the noice of a nearby bush.

It was Momo. "Hey little guy," whispered Aang. Now that his thoughts were interrupted, there was nothing left to do except head back to camo. "C'mon, boy!"

As usual, Sokka was the last one up. Katara was barely getting up, when she noticed Aang. "Good morning, Aang." "Morning, Katara." There was a moment of silence between them, as Katara rolled up her sleeping bag. Its so hard to tell what Katara is thinking of, although she always notices when something is wrong.

At last, Katara broke the silence. She smiled, and Aang literally flinched, but Katara didn't seem to notice.

"C'mon, Aang lets make breakfast before Sokka complains. Get the berries you collected yesterday, please."

After breakfast, Sokka had gone out to hunt, muttering something about "unripe berries" and "trying to kill me". Aang and Katara went to a nearby stream to practice their waterbending. "My gosh she's beautiful" Aang thought in his mind. "Okay, Aang, what I am about to teach you is something called the "Strike of the Eel. It focuses the inner body strength and fluid body motion to work. If done correctly, the water eel will strike the opponent, knocking them down, and then it will wrap around the enemy, and then turning into ice, therefore binding the bender. Of course, this has little effect agianst firebenders, as you can probably imagine, but against earthbenders, it works charms..."

However, Aang was not paying attention. He couldn't take his eyes off Katara, with her wet hair down, it was mezmerizing. "Aang? Aang?" Aang was snapped back to reality, and he noticed, to his embarassment, that he had begun to sink because the movement of his feet had pushed the soft mud down, making the land underneath the water uneven.

"Let's see what you got, Aang." "Okay..." Aang had no idea what he was supposed to do, so he just did something completely unrelated: he dove underneath the water and grabbed Katara's feet and drove her underwater playfully. "Aaahrhh!" After Aang had brought Katara back to the surface, Katara yelled at Aang. "DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN, AANG! THAT SCARED THE WITS OUT OF ME!" Aang made his trademark puppy eyes and lower lip at Katara (0o evil. muhahaha), and Katara couldn't resist. She laughed, and made a gi-normous wave at Aang, who was totally crushed by the power of the wave. "That's for your dirty little trick!"

But Aang didn't emerge from the water.