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Running full speed towards the battle site, Katara tripped over what seemed like a corpse on the ground. Her eyes widened as she saw what she thought she saw, but her fear immediately disappeared with a groan, followed by the body sitting up and rubbing its side, apparently in pain. Then, as if he had suddenly noticed Katara looking at him with concern, he shakily stood up, and addressed towards her: "Ughhh… how did I get here Katara?"

"I don't know, I was running and I just tripped over you, I guess."

Then, as if he had just realized something important, he suddenly started looking around, and, not finding what he was looking for, turned to Katara and shook her by the shoulders, shouting "Where's Aang!?! Pakku said- and he- and my boomerang-" but he was cut off by Katara gently flicking him on the head.

"Aang's in one of the medical tents. He's not in what you call the perfect condition right now…" A look of… hurt, concern, and sorrow washed over her face, but it quickly disappeared. "Go find him, but if he tries to get up, make him rest. Knock him out if necessary. I have to go… you don't know where the medical tents are, do you?"


Sighing, she pointed at the direction of where Aang was, and started running towards the battle point, where things are getting as bad as ever.


After finally reaching the tents, Sokka, without thinking, barged right into each of the tents looking for Aang, and in some of them he saw certain things that he shouldn't see (o boy… me, as the Spirit of AvatarKataang, is getting naughty :P), and was chased out by nurses with pillows in their hands. Finally, he got smart enough (and thinking clearer) to ask a nurse, who reluctantly told Sokka where Aang was.

Entering the tent, he saw Aang getting up, and remembered what Katara had said. Go find him, but if he tries to get up, make him rest. Knock him out if necessary.

"Aang, Katara said that you should rest. You are in no fighting shape." Grunting in pain, he limped over to Sokka and rested a hand on his shoulder.

"If I don't, then Ba Sing Se is going to fall. I have to, Sokka, even if Katara doesn't want me to."

Very very very short flashback (woot I'm weird :D)

Pakku: We can't win without the Avatar

End very very very short flashback (end of weirdness)

Sokka shrugged, lifted Aang, and, carrying him with two hands, sprinted towards the inner walls.


Running full force, Katara reached the battle in no less than two minutes, just in time to see a waterbender get blasted in the face by a fireball. Little clumps of soldiers were remaining. Although she had to hastily scan through them to find Pakku (if he was still alive), she found him fast, since he was the one doing all the complicated waterbending moves, whereas the others just blocked as much of the hurtling fire rocks as they can. She ran up to him, and without looking, Pakku flashed a rare, thin smile.

"My star student is here…"


Cliffie! I know that AvatarKataang has put a lot of cliffies during these couple of chapters, but still, no story is complete without one, or in this case, in dozens. :P