Ok, we'll start right off with this:WARNINGS: Non-con (Rape), abuse, self-mutilation, cutting, depression and possible slashieness in the future. Please, if you don't like it, DON'T READ IT! No flames please, you chose to read it.

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It isn't very good and has no real plot. I personally like the sequel much better, so just skim this and move on. haha.
Also, I am aware now that antibiotics were not invented until much later and it mentions them in a future chapter. Sorry 'bout that. Save your breath telling me I'm wrong. :) Just read and enjoy.

Both Jack and Will were tied to poles deep under the deck of the ship. Both had been stripped of their shirts and left alone until Barbosa would come and undoubtedly torture them. Will looked over Jack and met the dark eyes.

"Curious lad?" he asked smirking. Will nodded, eyes lingering on the varying scars and marks. "Bullets, sharks, tangle with the British navy." was the only information he supplied. Will didn't know what to say to that and turned away awkwardly. Jack caught a glimpse of the boy's back in the dim light. The pale skin was covered in crisscrossing scars of all different colours. He frowned. Who would dare hurt Will? He was the governor's son in law. That was, unless they were made before he'd married Elizabeth. "How'd ye get those marks whelp?" Jack demanded gently.

"What marks?" Will asked, turning so his back was hidden against the pole. Jack narrowed his eyes at the younger.

"Don't play games with me boy. Ye know I'd win." He warned. Will looked away. "Come now, who would I tell?" Will sighed, but didn't look up.

"When I was younger, I got in with the wrong crowd. I was thirteen, the youngest of the group. Most were over sixteen and of course, I was thrilled to be accepted by them." Jack didn't really see where this was going, but he listened with furrowed brows. "See, one night they got me to do something I knew I shouldn't have. The police caught us and sentenced us to a night in prison or two. However, they didn't know that I was too young, one other boy was too, he was fifteen. Well they decided it would suffice to whip us instead." They sat in silence for a few moments. Jack was thinking. Those marks were all different ages, not just from one incident.

"Well, what did yer group do for such trouble?" Jack asked. Will bit his lip.

"We robbed a shop." Will supplied shortly. Jack almost smirked. So much for no pirate blood.

"Bet yer master wasn't too happy." He said lowly. Will mutely nodded. Jack was trying to calculate the look on the boy's face, but couldn't tell what he was thinking. He however, had no chance to say anything else because the door swung open, revealing, who else but Barbosa and four crew members. Jack glared at them, still furious for the mutiny.

"Well, well. Jack Sparrow." Barbosa sneered. He ignored when both Jack and Will muttered 'Captain'. "It would seem that yeh've finally been caught. By me none the less. Imagine that." Jack glared at him, trying to figure out what the evil pirate was planning. "But, it would appear that there's another toy for the crew tonight..." He turned a hungry look on Will, who tried to look away. Barbosa laughed coldly and held out his hand. One of the crew put something in his hand, making Will look in curiosity.

Jack was even more angry now. He immediately recognized the leather straps as a whip of sorts. One strap was slit into three, held together at a handle. Was that bastard planning on using it on them, like they were dogs? Barbosa saw the look in Jack's eyes and smirked. He walked right into Jack's face. With the whip in his left hand, he placed the other beside Jack's head, thus blocking the ex-captain's face from Will's view. Will watched as the mutinous captain hissed something at Jack. He frowned and tried to hear what they were saying, but Barbosa pulled away, revealing Jack's tanned face stained with red. Will didn't know if he was blushing, which he highly doubted, or if he was furious. He was willing to bet on the latter.

Barbosa turned on Will, brandishing the whip in his hands. Will backed into the pole, but was unable to move much. He squirmed under the hungry look in the fierce man's eyes. He knew that look. He didn't like that look at all. That look meant trouble. Jack barely registered the fear in the boy's eyes. He was focused on the leather straps that were dangerously swinging from Barbosa's hands.

"Well lad, from what I hear, this should be familiar to yeh." Will bit his lip to brace himself. He heard the leather cut through the air before it hit his chest. He let out a little moan, but tried to keep quiet. Jack was shocked. He figured he'd get hit if anything, not the boy. He saw tears sparking Will's eyes. The cut was already oozing blood, and it ran from his right shoulder down the the left side of his stomach in three long, bleeding welts. Barbosa laughed to himself, accompanied by the chuckles of the crew.

"Now," he said. "I'll untie yeh and leave. Ye have five minutes, then I'll come back, got it?" Will was confused but Jack voiced the ok for the both of them. Barbosa left and the crew undid the ropes binding the two men. They backed out the door, swords never leaving the two captives. The two were alone in the dank room of the ship and Jack went over to Will at once. The boy was laying against his pole, trying to ignore the pain in his chest. Jack helped him up and looked him dead in the eyes, hands on his pale shoulders.

"Listen, when he comes back, he's gonna ask for one of us to go with him."

"For what?" Will interrupted. Jack narrowed his eyes.

"For twisted things lad. But listen, he'll want one of us to volunteer, to save the other one or some nonsense. Now, this may be hard for ye to understand, but I need ye to say ye will."

"What?" Will asked in shock. He tried to back away from Jack, but he was held strong.

"Trust me, I know Barbosa. He'll throw the other one of us to the crew! Please boy, don't be stupid. Even ye know what they'd do would be worse than what he could do on his own. He won't say anything, but I know he'll do it. Please, please do as I say and go with him. I'd never forgive meself if I'd left ye to those barbarians." Will looked in the deep eyes, searching for hint of a lie. All he saw was fury. Jack looked down and touched the blood on Will's chest, making him wince when he hit the cut. "I'll get that bastard if it's the last thing I do." he murmured to himself. Will still said nothing, but jumped back when the door crashed open again.

The four men of the crew stormed in with swords drawn. Two held Jack and Will back while Barbosa entered. The click of his boots on the rotting floors made Will sick as it came closer to them, but it only infuriated Jack more with each click.

"I need a volunteer..." Barbosa drawled slowly. Jack glanced to Will and motioned for him to say something. WIll's voice cracked and Barbosa looked to him. He shifted uncomfortably and muttered, "I will.". Barbosa's grin was cold and chilling. The gruff man holding Will shoved him forward into Barbosa's meaty grasp. Will shivered as he felt the cold hands on him, keeping him from escaping.

"Excellent... Now lad, I don't suppose yeh know what's happened to yeh?" Will's eyes narrowed suspiciously. "No... Jack's betrayed yeh." He whispered. Will's eyes went wide before glaring to Jack. "I told him that one of yeh was gonna be me toy for the night, and yeh'd both walk free the next morning. So guess who he chose to save? I'll give yeh a clue, not yeh!" he laughed and Will growled at Jack. Jack only glared at Barbosa. "Well, I believe yehr familiar with the ol' saying: The deepest circle of HELL," he accented Hell, squeezing Will harder at the word.

"Is reserved for betrayers," Will snarled to Jack.

"And mutineers." He muttered lowly, knowing what was to come for himself. Barbosa's cackle echoed around the rocking ship. He shoved Will into another crew member's hands.

"Take him to me cabin." He turned to Jack and waited until the door was closed before sneering at the smaller man. "Yeh have no idea what yeh just did. Yeh just betrayed yehr friend and I'm gonna let the crew have their way with yeh."

"Ye said we'd walk free the next morning if ye had one of us." Jack growled.

"Aye, but I didn't say the other'd be unharmed. I thought yeh of all people would be able to bargain with pirates." He chuckled darkly again. "Take him away." Barbosa left the room with Jack being dragged to the deck where the crew was waiting for him.

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