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Jack awoke the next morning, feeling more tired than when he went to sleep. He yawned and stretched. Hitting the back of the couch, he looked around remembering where he was. He looked to the other couch to see Will, staring at the ceiling, something he tended to do; stare at things in thought.

"Morning Sirs. How was your rest?" Marie asked, coming in the room smiling. Jack yawned again in reply and Will smiled halfheartedly. "How are you feeling today?" She asked Will like a concerned mother.

"Much better than yesterday." Will commented, stretching a little. She smiled bigger.

"That's good to hear. Would you like something to eat?" She asked them. Jack glanced around. Noticing that it was near noon, he sighed.

"Aye, but then we need to be leaving Ma'am." She nodded politely before leaving to her kitchen to cook up some food for the men. Jack sat up and looked across to Will. The boy was avoiding his eyes, something Jack did not like.

"Jack..." Will trailed off and Jack urged him to continue by capturing his eyes with his captain dominance. "Thank you." Will bit his lip, expecting Jack to say something, do something, do anything at all. But Jack Sparrow being Jack Sparrow, he never quite followed expected lines and instead watched Will. He took in Will's young and experienced features. Jack was considering changing his previous musings: rather than himself being a fallen angel, Will could be considered one. He started like a child, young, innocent, perfect, but inside he was older than he should be. Will should be a child, but he was older than Jack in some ways. No one should suffer as much as Will has, well, no one that was as pure as him. Will never did anything wrong, but Jack could see the apology in his eyes at the smallest thing and he could tell that the boy was using all self restraint not to say 'I'm sorry.' all the time. If anyone deserved the abuse that had obviously been brought down on the kid, it was Jack, a thief, liar, cheater, scoundrel, whore; a pirate. No-good, filthy, blasted pirate.

"Jack?" Will asked softly, breaking him from his thoughts. Jack noticed that Will was kneeling before the couch, looking up at Jack worrily. The captain only raised an eyebrow as though it were Will zoning out, not him. He watched the whelp's eyes travel down Jack's arms to his hands. He glanced down and noticed they were balled up into tight fists with the long, dirty nails cutting into his palms. He slowly uncurled his fingers, revealing little trickles of blood from where the skin had broken. Jack swallowed and turned his hands over. He met the boy's eyes again, a challenging spark in them because he knew the boy wouldn't dare ask.

"Lunch." Marie announced, the smell of food wafting through the white room as she entered. The two ate and were soon saying goodbye to their kind hostess. Will was walking much easier today, but still rather slowly. They headed down the hill toward the docks.

"What are we going to do now?" Will asked carefully. The soft, wondering voice made Jack blink a moment before answering.

"Go back to the ship." Was all he had to say. Will followed the captain down to the docks. He hesitated a moment before stepping onto the deck. Jack had to look away because he knew that Will would be cringing or looking fearfully at the bloodstained wood, and he couldn't bear to see the look. Jack spun around quickly when he heard Will trying to bring up the anchor by himself.

"Turner!" He barked. Will Jumped and dropped the rope. His eyes were wide and he shook ever-so-slightly. Jack could have hit himself for that. "Fuck." he muttered. He stepped around Will, who was frozen in place, following Jack with his eyes. He pulled up the anchor himself, only struggling slightly. He turned around and tried to look as caring as he could. "I'm sorry to shout lad. I just don' want ye to be doing anything physical. Ye'd hurt yerself more and I'd have to kill meself for lettin' that happen to ye." Will nodded mutely and backed into the rail, eyes never leaving Jack's.

However, Sparrow turned away and furiously glided over to the wheel and began to stare out into the ocean, hoping to calm himself. He was about to throw himself overboard for scaring the boy even more. The shore was shrinking into the distance and Jack had snagged a compass from the house they stayed at. He was heading to Tortuga, the favoured destination when looking for anything. Hearing Will softly clear his throat behind him, made him spin around wide eyed. Will backed up a bit, but tried his best to keep eye contact. Jack was his friend, he saved him and would never, ever hurt him. He was ashamed for acting fearful in the captain's presence anyway.

"Er, Captain? I'm s-" Jack cut him off, stepping forward slowly.

"Please, please don't apologize for anything. Nothing, ye hear? Whatever ye've been told, whoever's made ye feel on the submissive side, bullocks to them. Ye saved me more than once and yer my friend, equal, savvy?" Jack pleaded, the words coming from his heart, but still he felt beneath the perfect boy. He wished more than anything to heal the wounds, mend the scars both physical and mental. Will's eyes shined with an emotion that Jack couldn't identify.

"Aye..." Will said, trying to gather his strength. "Captain, Er, Jack? Where are we going now?"

"Don't ye want to get home?" Jack asked, not really wanting the answer.

"Well..." Jack's eyebrows shot up in surprise at the hesitated answer.

"Ye up for a bit of a wait?" Jack asked, grinning lopsidedly. Will could only smile and nod. "Then we're off to Tortuga!" He announced, waving his arms dramatically.

"For a crew I assume?" Will asked.

"Aye!" Jack cheered. Jack felt enlightened at the joy in Will's eyes. The pirate blood in him called the boy to the sea. He wasn't one to stay on land for long, Jack knew that he'd be sailing a ship of his own someday. He also suspected that Will was a bit ashamed to go back to Elizabeth after all that's happened. He up and left to help Jack once again, and because of that, the two were taken captive, in Will's case beaten and raped, and now fairly lost. Elizabeth was probably insane with worry and beyond furious. However, both men knew that Will wanted to be here and was trying to do his best to stay brave on the ship that had taken so much from him. Jack was melting on the inside, he knew that Will was terrified, and didn't think he'd ever get over the fact that he let that happen. But Jack watched as Will leaned over the rail, enjoying the salty spray on his face, the wind in his hair.

Smiling, Jack turned away, shaking his head. They were up for a long ride to Tortuga, and an even longer ride to recovery. Jack took the wheel again, ignoring as the salt residue stung the cuts on his palms from his nails. One glance back showed the sun behind Will's hung head. He smiled, closed eyes at the water below, the flaming star around his head like the halo of the fallen angel that he was. His angel, the angel that Jack swore to protect from now on, the angel that Jack swore to himself that he'd get back into Heaven, if it took every drop of his Hell-bound black blood.


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