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It wasn't her day... ok, every day wasn't her day but this one was especially bad. Oh, you want to know the reason? Well… it's going to be a long story…

Chapter 1: Bad hair day!






"WHAT? What is it? Who is dead?"

"Oh, no! Not again… ROGUE!"

Well, that was the lovely voice of Kitty Pryde who was yet again waked by the sound of the alarm-clock crashing against the wall. How it happened? Well, as Kitty already pointed out was a rogue or better yet the Rogue of the Xavier institute at fault. Three months after Apocalypse' defeat, Rogue finally gained control over her powers and is now able to use some of the powers she absorbed. True, she can not control them as well as the original owner, but she mastered a few of them quite well. And as the alarm-clock already discovered… Jean's power was one of them.

"Shut up Kit… I want to sleep…" Rogue said dozily and nestles herself once again in the warmth of her pillows.

"Rogue, you just shattered my alarm-clock. Again! Do you like know how long I needed to find a pink one of "the Crows?" " Kitty said angrily as she got up and glared dangerously at Rogue. Well, as dangerously as you can look in pink pyjamas with bunny slippers on your feet.

"Oh, Kitty! Ah don't understand how ya can like a band lahke "the Crows". Metal isn't ya usual music, right?" Rogue said as she groggily tried to stand up but ended once again in her warm pillows. No, extra danger room sessions with Logan aren't very good when you have to stand up at 6 o'clock.

"The Crows" are a new band in Bayville who are, at least in Rogue's opinion, just a bad copy of KISS in music and style. Hell, the band leader tried in their last show to swallow an edible snake and nearly choked… Now, is that lame or lame?

"Why? Can't I just like change my music taste?" Kitty asked as a slight blush emerged from her cheeks. "Ok, Kit… which one is it now?" Rogue asked with a frown on her face.

"Like what do you mean, Rogue?" Shadowcat wanted to know as her blush deepened. "Oh, come on! Ya know what Ah'm talking about! Ya have a crush on a guy who happens to like "the Crows" and to impress him ya became a fan of these losers." explained Rogue as she got up and made her way to their shared bathroom.

"That is like so not true! I just happen to like them! Ok, so Jason likes them, too… but that is just like a coincidence!" Kitty said as she followed her roommate into the bathroom.

"Suuuure! And Pyro dreams of becoming a fire-fighter…. Really, Kit! Do you remember Steve and your sudden leather fetish? Or Andy and your temporary love for Pokemon? All coincidences?" the Goth asked before she began to brush her teeth.

"Ok, ok, I know, but since Lance broke up with me I'm just like so lonely. I want a boyfriend again. I know it's like stupid but I just like can't help it." Kitty said while her best friend finished her job.

"Ya shouldn't let it get to ya! Ah mean he is a total dork! Ya deserve better than…"


"That was Kurt!" Rogue said as the terrified scream from her little brother erupted from the hallway. Without another word both girls sprinted out of their room and the view that awaited them was just priceless.

Kurt stand with a shocked look on his face in the hallway and gaped at the mirror in front of him. He was soaked and every hair on his body stand up which made him look like a wet walking blue pincushion. Kitty and Rogue burst out laughing at the sight and held to each other for support.

"Keety! Rogue! That's not very funny, you know? I have a date with Amanda today, remember?" Kurt said as he tried desperately to straighten his hair.

This remark made the girls crack up even more. They remembered it indeed because Kurt talked for weeks about nothing else. Today was their anniversary and he planned a picnic at the lake followed by a romantic boat trip. He wanted everything to be perfect… including his hair.

"Oh, I'm so going to kill Ray!" the fuzzy (now extremely fuzzy) elf said giving his useless attempts up.

"That was Ray? How?" Rogue said wiping the tears out of her eyes as she calmed down.

Kurt sighed and took a deep breath as he began to explain: "I vanted everything to be perfect today, so I stand up earlier than usual and made myself ready for breakfast. Just as I walked out of the door, Jamie bumped into me. He stammered something like "evil monster icebox" and ran avay. Seconds later appeared Bobby around the corner and shoot ice beams at Jamie. A veaker one hit me and soaked me vet."

"Ok, that like explains why you are like wet but what's with your hair?" Kitty asked confused.

"Let me continue, Kätzchen." Nightcrawler said as he once again looked at the mirror and sighed. "After Bobby chased Ray who looked angry as hell. He also vas soaked and lightning crackled out of his body. He ran past me and crashed against my shoulder. I got an electric shock and because of the vater it ran all over my body. Now, look at my hair! Amanda will laugh at me." Kurt said depressed and tried to straighten his hair again.

"Kurt? Ya are going to use the image inducer, raght?" Kurt nodded still occupied with his hair. "Then don't sweat it! Amanda isn't going to see it anyway!" realisation dawned on Kurt's face as he turned it to look at his sister. The image inducer always showed the same image of his owner despite the state his body is in.

"Schwesterchen, you are right!" the blue mutant stated grinning widely. That made Kitty and Rogue nearly crack up again. Before he looked funny but the look of pure happiness made him look incredible insane.

"Ok, since this problem is solved I like think we should make us ready for breakfast."


30 minutes later the trio walked into the kitchen to be part in the every day chaos named breakfast. Everyone was already up because the Professor wanted to make an announcement at seven o'clock and he wanted that the students are in the entrance hall by that time. Everyone, except Jean and Scott of course, complained about the time until Wolverine suggested extra danger room sessions instead. To stand up at six looked a lot better now.

The three x-men ate breakfast while Jamie explained happily what happened that morning. To be frozen three times in a row didn't seem to affect his enthusiasm in the slightest.

He told them that he wanted to get back at the "ice box" for locking him up in the danger room two weeks ago. Because of that he sneaked into Bobby's room, which he currently shared with Ray, and "gave the ice box a nice wake-up-call with ice cubes". Bobby awoke with a start, shot ice beams around and hit Ray. This waked him of course with the same gentleness and the chase began.

Rogue, Kitty and Kurt stared at the young x-men with wide eyes. "Man, the ice cube seriously has to vork on his aim…" Kurt said rolling his eyes.

The others laughed at that as a voice began to echo in their heads.

"All x-men please to the entrance hall." the Professor's voice said . Kitty frowned and smacked her right hand against her ear as if she tried to get water out of it.

"I can so not get used to it." She said as she followed the others out into the hall.


After five minutes and the famous sound of 'snikt' later was everyone in the big hall of the Xavier institute and awaited eagerly whatever the professor had to announce. Logan, who looked extremely pleased with himself because of the silence he just created with a threat of his claws, stand beside Ororo, who grimaced at Logan's educational methods.

Professor Charles Xavier offered his students a friendly smile as he came into the hall and positioned himself in front of them.

"Good morning my X-Men! I hope you can forgive me for this early appointment. As I told you yesterday, I have to make an announcement today."

The professor smiled once again at his students before he continued. "A lot has happened since we defeated Apocalypse. The state is now fully convinced that we mean them no harm and even made Henry McCoy the first mutant ambassador in history."

This made the x-men smile. Henry McCoy, their big but gentle ex-teacher, was the perfect man for the job. He already prevented a mutant registry law which would have forced all mutants to officially admit who they are and what they can do. Some politicians even wanted them to wear special armlets with the letters MHB which means "mutated human being". But this suggestion was fast forgotten as Mr McCoy referred to WWII and the Yellow Star (the sign the Jewish people had to wear as identification).

"Rahne and Jubilee have rejoined our team and Rogue had finally gained the well earned control over her powers." The professor looked proudly at the three female students.

"Sadly I have to say that not all things became better for us. The rate of hate crimes had increased. The humans have realised how much damage a mutant like Apocalypse can do and blame us for it. I know how much you all already have to endure in school and it pains me to see how much you have to suffer at such a young age."

The days at school became nearly unbearable. Indignities and threats followed the young mutants everywhere. No day went by without at least two fights and their racistic principal made it not better but worse. They were punished for everything that went wrong at Bayville High while their harassers seemed to be rewarded.

"And that brings me back to the point. It seems like some mutant haters have founded an organisation with the ironic name of "Friends of Humanity". Nick Fury informed me two weeks ago that these people have obtained important information about the sentinel program and sadly I have to say that a sentinel attack occurred yesterday in Illinois."

Everyone was shocked. They all knew too well how much damage a sentinel could do especially when no one is there to stop it.

"Fortunately S.H.I.E.L.D. was there to stop it and no one was badly injured. But I don't think I have to tell you that that wasn't the last sentinel the world will have to face. The so-called "Friends of Humanity" built them much smaller so they fit in every truck and can appear everywhere without warning. This and the increased amount of weapons make them even more dangerous. I don't want to lie to you. The future we are going to face isn't going to be a pretty one. We will have to face many threats and the FoH aren't going to be our only enemies. Because of that I'm even more delighted to introduce two new team members to you who have just arrived."

With that Xavier turned his head to the door which just opened as if commanded. The students gaped with unbelieving looks on their faces as the big shadows of their former enemies entered the institute.

'Congratulation, Rogue! Ya'll life just evolved from bad to hell.' the southener thought as she glared at the grinning face of one of the arrivers.

"Remy LeBeau and Piotr Rasputin. Welcome to the X-Men!"


Oh, mein Gott!Oh, my god!

Kätzchena cute way to say cat

Schwesterchena cute way to say sister

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