Chapter 16

"Honey…" Derek helped Meredith back to her room.

"Derek. Don't." Meredith said warningly, her voice wavering slightly.

"Okay." Derek stood silently by the foot of her bed occasionally opening his mouth to try to say something but nothing came out.

"It's not my fault Meredith." Derek finally said.

Meredith sat up abruptly and glared at him with a look which made Derek instantly regret that he had uttered those words.

"It's not your fault that what? You're so handsome and successful and good-looking. It's not your fault that you're just a man with sexual needs that his pregnant wife can't fulfil" Meredith sat angrily, bitterly, sarcastically. Tears welled up in her eyes as she now saw the hurt etched on Derek's face.

"Meredith." Derek pushed down what hurt he felt and blamed it on her hormones.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean that." Meredith mumbled.

"Meredith…" Derek moved a little closer to her.

"Don't Derek. Just go okay."

"Meredith… I can't just leave you now…"

"I think it would be best if you did." Meredith said her voice now emotionless. She wriggled back down and lay on her side, back towards Derek.

Derek reached out a hand to touch Meredith but retracted it, knowing she just wanted to be alone.

Meredith waited until she heard the door close and his car leave the driveway before breaking into tears.

Derek sat at the bar nursing the same glass of scotch he had had in his hand for the past hour. He took a swig and felt someone's presence beside him.

"Is this seat taken?"

"No. I was just leaving." Derek downed the last of his drink and moved to leave.

"Please, stay. My shout?"

Derek knew better. He knew he should be at home with his wife. He knew that he had given her enough space and he knew they had to talk again. But now he was tired and he just wanted to forget. He pushed the last of his rational thinking aside and sat back down at the bar stool; accepting the invitation.

"You're looking lonely there."

Meredith looked up from her magazine that was propped up against her knees.

"The Birthing Process" Mark read as he glanced at the page it was open to.

Meredith smiled. "Just having a look at what to expect I suppose."

"You weren't really reading that were you?" Mark sat on the edge of her bed, one leg dangling over the side and the other tucked under, sitting on it.

"No. Not really." Meredith admitted tossing the magazine on the floor.

Mark smiled sympathetically, waiting for Meredith to say something.

"Derek's not here." Meredith finally said; confusion imprinted over her face.

"I can see."

"I don't know where he is." Meredith's voice began to break and tears threatened to fall. "And it's my fault."

Meredith began to sob. She placed her head in her hands despairingly and wondered why she kept pushing him away. Mark frowned and shuffled over to hug Meredith. She leaned into him while he rubbed her back soothingly.

"Mark." Meredith whispered after the sobs had subsided.


"Why are you here?" Meredith asked. She knew that Derek and Mark were not on the best of terms and Mark hadn't come to check on Meredith before, so his presence did confuse her. But she was grateful that he was there to listen to her and literally lend a shoulder for her to cry on.

"Can't I visit an old friend?" Mark grinned managing to get a small chuckle out of Meredith.

"Addison." Mark confessed.

Meredith looked up curiously at Mark.

"She thought something was up but was working so she sent me to check on you."

Meredith remained silent trying to process what had happened the last few hours. The intern who was adamant on getting her husband and her husband insisting that the intern was nothing, however the green-eyed monster still reared its ugly head. Now virtually the whole hospital knew what was going on and she wanted to keep what little pride she had left. When was Derek going to come home? How was this going to work out?

"You are a brilliant surgeon." she purred in his ear, lavishing him with comments.

"Yeah… well…" Derek mumbled into his scotch.

"Such accuracy and meticulous precision. I'm always at awe…"

"I should go home. Thanks for the drink." Derek muttered unenthusiastically. He knew the drink with Cat was a horrid idea. He didn't know what possessed him. All he could think of now was getting home to his wife and cuddling up to her.

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