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It must've been an interesting sight to come step into. Axel struggling to get his pants on, hopping up and down on one foot, cursing at his zipper to 'hurry up'.

"Need to lay off the Coco Puffs, Ax?" I smirked, figuring if I'm about to die, I should spent it laughing at someone, preferably Axel.

Xemnas, unlike me, was not amused however. No surprise, I don't even think that man has jacked off his entire Nobody life, heck, maybe his Someday was some asexual bastard. Because seriously, who would touch that?

Ew, I do not need to be thinking of that, I swore to myself.

"What the fuck is going on?" I wordlessly handed Axel his shirt, pulling my pants up. Yeah, talk about awkward. It's almost like getting caught masturbating by your mother. But I don't really remember having a mother, so you try to relate what this situation felt like. It was mortifying.

"Well, you see, Larxene is a bitch and she blackmailed me into fucking Roxas in your room, Your Majesty," Axel tried to explain, after situating his state of clothing, still wearing that lazy smile that screamed, 'I just got laid.'

I rolled my eyes. Axel is an idiot, but this is not new. The only two things he can do best are twirling his chakrams and acting like the village idiot.

Xemnas's scowl deepened. "VIII."

"That's my number, don't wear it out."

Xemnas glowered at Axel, looking as if though he was about to explode into a million pieces. That was the last thing we needed: Millions of pieces of Xemnas shattered across the room.

"Look--It was my fault. I kinda forced him," I broke in, not believing I was doing this shit. What the fuck, did Axel literally fuck my brains into goo?

"Your fault?" Xemnas questioned sharply, turning to me.

"Practically climbed into his lap and undid his fly--Yeah." If I wasn't the Organization whore before, I surely was now.

"Axel, the hell out of my face before I do something I regret later."

It was the first time I had ever heard Xemnas call any of us by our names, and to be honest, it fucking terrified me. It must've terrified Axel, too, because he ran out before Xemnas could finish his sentence. I quickly followed-but Xemnas put a firm hold on my shoulder-shoving me back in the room.

"XIII, you'll stay with me."

"XII." Xemnas gave her a pointed look, and Larxene did not look happy in the least, but she smiled sweetly at our master before departing, muttering about "sexism." Yeah, she would pull that fucking card.

How the fuck did I get the rotten end of this deal? My ass hurt enough as it was.

"I want you to meet someone," was all Xemnas told me as he led me down a narrow hallway; a part of the castle none of us had access to but Xemnas. I remembered I always wondered about what was in this part of the castle, but now? I wish I never knew it existed.

Right about now I was inwardly cursing a certain redhead and wondering what happened to a Nobody in the afterlife, did we have one? Was this it? Would I ever see Riku again?

And whoa, where did that come from? Who the fuck is Riku? Fuck, Axel must've fried my brains as he fucked me. But hey, at least I won't die a virgin, right? Ding ding, Axel actually did me favor for once by fucking me pre-death?

"XIII," Xemnas drew my attention back to the present and I noticed a tall black-cloaked figure in the room, his back to us, his silver hair spilled down his back, almost to the floor. It kinda made my chest rumble in the familiarity of the color, but I shook any distracted thoughts away, wondering if this was the assassin Xemnas hired to kill me. I called for my keyblades, but to no prevail. Xemnas must've put that stupid system in the room, preventing access to our weapons. Sonofabitch.

"Meet Sephiroth, he's been so anxious to meet you," Xemnas whispered to me, pushing me forward to the center of the room. Fuck, I thought, noticing the blade attached to the man's hip. I didn't want to be no where near this man. I recognized that sword. I think I almost got sliced in half once by that damn sword.

Sephiroth turned around, and I choked, unable to help stepping back in fear. I recognized him, almost. He had this aura about him, power and all. I mean, his presence scared me more than Xemnas ever could. But despite his dark aura I could feel humming from him, I didn't back away again when he stepped closer, his grey steely eyes gazing into mine as he examined me.

"Mmm, not quite what I expected," he muttered, looking down at me, a sly smile on his lips. He was tall, a fucking giant and I felt like, two inches, compared to his frame. I know I'm the shortest member, but damn.

"Hey now, no need to insult," I retorted, unable to stop the comment flying past my lips. No one insulted me, big sword or not. "What's with the sword, man? Trying to make up for something?"

Sephiroth broke into a dry laugh, his tone condescending as he told me, "You sure have a mouth on you. I like that."

I tried not to think about that phrase in another way, god, did Xemnas schedule a gang bang?

"Somebody? Hey, you knew him?" I asked eagerly, all anger gone, replaced by curiosity. Would this stranger finally tell me some shit about my previous life?

"Unfortunately," he remarked, stepping back and nodding to Xemnas.

"Roxas, it is finally time." Xemnas said, smiling so wide, it was almost sickening to look at. Oh god, I'm totally fucked.