First of all, I wanted to thank you all for every single review submitted to this story. It means a lot to get so many reviews, even more to see how many favorited it. There is a sequel on the way, but since I've been working I haven't found much time to work on it so you'll have to be very, very patient with me on that.

Now for the big news that only the people who read my drabbles know. Fire Behind Blue Eyes is being edited and re-posted on my deviantART account! If you want to read the updated version, there is a link to my dA profile in this profile (since we can't post links here). I know a lot of you are dA members so it would be wonderful of you to fave it. I even do a little fanart now and again, so you could watch for that as well.

Once I'm done with FBBE over there, I'll post the sequel there and here and update both at the same time so no one gets left behind. I'm cool like that. And for those of you who read my other works, the sequels to Dear Diary and CoD: The Plan Unfolds are coming up as well so keep an eye out and thanks again for all your wonderful support!