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Sam's Ipod Play list

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom, but I wrote this song. If I owned Danny Phantom, it would have a comic book series and I would make some fan fictions into episodes.

"Thoughts" Song

As usual, Danny was fighting a ghost. Danny been doing this for 4 years (a.n- which means he is 18.). He grew out of his crush on Paullina, because he was the ghost boy. This made Sam happy. Sam changed for the better. She dropped the Goth look and wore more earthy colors. Other than that, she hadn't changed much. Currently, she was listing to her Ipod and watching Danny fight a ghost. Tucker was sick that day. Tucker grew taller and played basketball with Danny. He had gone steady with Valerie.

Danny sucked up the ghost in the thermos, and flew over to Sam while she was dancing. "Sam!" Still dancing. "SAm!" Still. "SAM!" Danny yelled. Sam jumped 3 feet in the air. "Yes?" asked Sam. "What are you listening to?" "Nothing!" Sam said quickly shoving the music device into her bag. "O...Kay." Two blue rings formed around his waist turning him back into Danny Fenton. Danny walked Sam back to her mansion. "Bye." said Sam. "Bye, Sam" When Sam wasn't looking; Danny phased his hand thru her bag, and took her Ipod. Once Sam was in her mansion, Danny turned back into Danny Phantom, and flew home.

Once, in his room, Danny turned back into his human form. Danny sat in his computer chair and turned on the Ipod. "Insanity's My Middle Name. By Sam Manson" "Wow, I knew Sam wrote a song." Danny played the song.

Insanity's my middle name

I'm locked up,

In a twisted game.

When I look into your,

Beautiful eyes.

I want to cry.

I want to die,

Because I'm not in your arms!

I feel like I'm in harm!

(Ohhhhhh!) 2xs

I'm Independent,

But feel dependent,

Because I'm not with you.

I don't know what to do!

I'm crazy in love with you!

That is why Insanity is my middle name,

Because I'm playing the game... Of love.

Danny sat there stunned. "I wonder who she wrote that for." "I better give her back her Ipod." said Danny, while turning into Danny Phantom. Danny flew towards Sam's window. She was searching for something in her bag. Danny turned invisible phased thru her window and sat on her bed, next to her. "Where is my Ipod!" yelled Sam. Danny turned visible, and had the Ipod in his hand. "Hi, Sam." said Danny. Sam took the Ipod. "Danny, did you listen to any of my songs?" asked Sam. Danny started to rub his neck, nervously. "Yeah, it was called 'Insanity's my middle name." said Danny. "Who was your muse in helping you write that? It's a good song." Sam blushed and started to stutter. "I...I...I-" Sam was cut off by a pair of lips kissing her. When they broke apart she said, "I wrote that for you, Danny. I love you." "I love you, too." said Danny, and they kissed again. "Sam, do you know any more songs?" "Sure, I'll be happy to teach you." They both started singing:

Life with you is sweet,

Every day we meet.

I want to hold on tight,

On you with all my might.

Ever day is bliss,

To have a kiss.


I love you,

I love you.

To look into your eyes.

They are one of a kind.

I love you.

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