We Belong

Chapter 16— Truth Unplugged

Syaoran hurriedly got into his car and sped up. "Where could she be at a time like this?" He searched his mind for possible places Sakura could go to.


"Miss, what happened to you?" Wei asked worriedly upon seeing Sakura enter the door.

Sakura walked slightly unbalanced. She forced out a smile, "Don't worry about me. I'm fine." She mumbled as a single tear fell from her orbs. "Oji-san, could you help me to my room?"

"Of course Miss." Wei said politely. He had a hint of what is going on so he didn't questioned further. He carefully assisted Sakura to her room.

"Arigatou gozaimasu!" She said gratefully.

"Just call me if you need anything." Wei responded before walking off.

Sakura locked her door and hurried to the bathroom. She eyed herself at the mirror. "I really look terrible. I just wasted Tomoyo's effort on the gown and the make-up." She sighed. She splashed water on her face and wiped it gently with a towel. She changed to her usual sleepwear; shorts and oversized tee.


Syaoran hurriedly got off from his car and hurried to the door. He met Wei there.

"Wei, is she here?" He questioned worriedly as he was sweating a lot.

"Yes Master. Miss Sakura just got home a few minutes ago."

"Where is she now?" He asked restlessly, searching over the living room.

"She is in her room Master."

Syaoran hurried to the stairs.

"Wait, Master, I guess you'll need this." Wei handed him a set of keys.

Syaoran managed to smile. "Arigatou, Wei." He hurried upstairs and rushed to Sakura's room. He inserted the keys and unlocked the door. He slowly opened it, he found Sakura sitting on her bedside. He noticed the scratches on her face as well as on her arms.

Sakura noticed him on the door. "What are you doing here?" She shrieked surprised. "How did you get in?"

"What happened to you?" Syaoran said. He walked towards her and slightly grazed the scratch on her face.

Sakura irritably brushed his hand off. "Don't touch me! Why are you here in the first place?" She shouted at him. Syaoran just eyed at her.

"We have to put medicine on those." He pulled her by the hand and he started dragging her. Sakura tried to break away from his grasp but he held her so tight.

"Where are you taking me? I told you not to touch me right! Let go of me. I said let go!" She shrieked, hitting Syaoran with her other hand.

Syaoran ignored her cries. He dragged her to his room and gently pushed her to his bed. "Stay there." He instructed her while taking something from his drawer.

Sakura sat on the brink of his bed. "Why you jerk! You think you can do anything you want with me!" She shouted furiously. "I'm out of here." Sakura tried to stand up but before she could even balance herself, Syaoran pushed her back to his bed.

"Why you!" She screamed.

Syaoran took her leg and laid it on his lap. He started putting ointment on her bruises and scratches. "Stay still."

Sakura tried to pull her leg off but Syaoran held it tightly. "I can do this myself; you don't really have to act like you care at all." She shrieked, trying her best to pull her leg off.

"Are you going to stay still or do I have to tie you up?" Syaoran seriously threatened. Sakura relaxed a bit, she rolled her eyes. Syaoran continued putting ointment on her arms and cheeks. "Done."

"Thank goodness it's over. I can't take staying at the same room with you any longer." She pushed him away, stood up and started walking.

Syaoran caught her hand that stopped her from walking further, "Let's talk. I have something important to tell you." He said seriously, tension started to fill the air.

Sakura gulped, she felt tightening on her chest. 'Is he going to tell me about his relationship with her? Not now, please.' She put up all her courage to glare at him, "I'm not in mood to talk with you right now so let me go." She pulled her hand from his grasp and continued walking. Just as she was about to open the door, Syaoran pushed it closed. He cornered her there.

"Look at me." Syaoran whispered softly. He carefully turned her body to face him.

Sakura gulped, she was more nervous than ever. She looked away, she feel so weak that she can't even manage to look to his eyes. "Please let me go Syaoran. Please." She begged as tears started forming on her eyes. 'I don't know what will happen to me if you even mention her name. I don't want you to see me like this; I don't want you to know.'

"No. I only have this chance. I have to talk to you now." He responded, staring at her. "You have to listen to me Sakura, listen carefully."

"No, I don't like to listen." She shrieked. She covered her ears with her fingers and started blabbing aloud so she won't hear him. "Blah blah I don't want to listen…."

Syaoran grabbed her hands and pinned it to the door. "Just listen to me this once, please. Let me explain."

Sakura gulped, she felt helpless. No matter how much she doesn't want to hear it, she doesn't have any choice now. She just closed her eyes and braced herself. She realized that nonetheless, she's going to face this sooner or later. She'll just have to accept whatever Syaoran has to say.

"I didn't really mean to abandon you tonight. I originally planned to go to you after the first half of the celebration. But when I looked for you, you already left." Syaoran started.

"Really?" Sakura chuckled sarcastically. "Why would you still come to me when you've already spent the first half with her. You must be joking."

"I'm serious. Yesterday, Aika came here after you left to meet Tomoyo. She asked me to be his partner and I turned her down because I've already committed myself to be your partner. But she pleaded and begged, she told me that this might be the last time that she could be with me."

"What?" Sakura asked, bewildered. "Why would this be the last time?"

"Sakura, Aika is sick. She has a heart problem." Syaoran said further.

Various thought came running to her mind, she can't think clearly. "What exactly is happening here? Aika is sick? What does that have to do with you?"

"Aika confessed that she loves me, and that she wanted to have a memory of us together. That is why she asked me to be his partner for the homecoming. That is why I agreed."

'She likes him, I knew that already. She was even brave enough to tell him that. Maybe she really deserved to be his partner because she had been honest with her feelings, when I, I hadn't. He agreed because he feels the same way for her. Right.' The tears she has bottled up started pouring from her orbs. She looked down. She hadn't managed to utter a response.

Syaoran continued, "Aika is leaving for America tomorrow. She's going to have her surgery there."

The things that Syaoran stated took a while before it registered on her mind. There's just so much that happened, so much that has been revealed that she can't think clearly anymore. 'Right. He's going to tell me that he'll accompany Aika to America. He's going to tell me that he loves her too. He's going to tell me…'

Syaoran slowly let go of Sakura's hands, "That's all about her. Now, let me tell you how I really feel. Sakura, I love you."

'Say it again? What was that again?'

Syaoran lifted her face, "Now, look at me. Sakura, I've fallen in love with you, for as long as I can remember."

Sakura looked up at him, jaw dropped. She can't process what he said yet. 'Am I hearing it right? Is he telling me that, he, not Aika, but me…'

"I just haven't had the courage to confess it when I first realized it. I'm sorry for having you go though all this. I won't do anything that would make you suffer, not again." He said sincerely. He eyed at her softly and he gently leaned forward and kissed her.

Sakura felt her heart loosen up a bit, it was pounding and thumping as hard as ever, but in such a nice way. She closed her eyes as she felt his lips on hers. 'He loves me. I'm the one he loves.' She wanted to smile; she was filled with so much joy. Tears continued welling up on her orbs.

Syaoran felt her tears as it fell on his cheeks. He pulled off. He got too overwhelmed with his emotions that he forgot to wait for her answer. He just kissed her without her consent. He felt bad, "I'm sorry Sakura. I'm sorry for making you cry." He wiped her tears.

Sakura giggled. "You stupid jerk." She cried while laughing.

"Hey, what's the matter?" He asked worriedly. "Stop crying already. I'm really sorry. If you want to go, I won't stop you anymore."

"If you just told me that earlier then I wouldn't have to go through all that. You're really a jerk." She laughed as her tears continued falling. She grasped Syaoran's collar and pulled him closer, "I actually, actually, love you too." She smiled.

Syaoran smiled happily. "Really?"

"Yeah, really."

"So, can I kiss you?"

"I would love that."


"Everyone, it's time to announce the King and Queen of the Homecoming." Tereda-sensei caught everyone's attention as he announced it. He opened up an envelope that was handed over to him. "It was actually a close fight for both the Homecoming King and Queen. We've judged you from when you entered the door a while later."

"I wonder what happened to Syaoran and Sakura." Tomoyo said worriedly.

"Don't worry about that anymore dear." Eriol smirked. "I've thought Syaoran every word he has to say when he meets her so I'm sure he succeeded." He stated proudly.

"Eriol dear, you seem to be really full of yourself. If they haven't reconciled then I would have to put it on you." Tomoyo responded with the same devilish smirk.

"Eh? If they haven't reconciled yet, then, it's not my fault anymore. It'll be Syaoran's." He gulped.

"Let us not keep you all waiting. Our Homecoming King is (drum roll) Li Syaoran!" Tereda-sensei announced. Applauses and shrieks from girls filled the auditorium. "Syaoran? Where are you? Come to the stage please." Tereda-sensei searched around the place. Everyone became silent; all are looking for the King. A staff came to the stage and whispered something to Mr. Tereda. "I'm sorry to say but it seems that Syaoran has already left before the celebration ended which makes him disqualified for the title. Because of that, were going to declare the second who garnered the most number of votes as the Homecoming King----and the title goes to (drum roll) Eriol Hiirigazawa." Applauses filled the auditorium once again.

"Wow. I'm proud of you dear." Tomoyo shrieked. "Go to the stage now."

"But what about you?" Eriol asked worriedly.

"Don't worry about me. I'll be okay. Go." She responded and smiled reassuringly.

"If Syaoran was supposed to be the Homecoming King, then I'll be the Queen. We entered the doors together after all." Aika cheered to herself. "It's like my luck hasn't ended yet."

Eriol proceeded to the stage. Kaho-sensei crowned and congratulated him.

"Now, Mr. Hiirigazawa, would you care to give some speech." Tereda-sensei made way for him.

Eriol cleared his throat before he spoke, "Thanks to my cousin, Syaoran. If he hadn't left, then I wouldn't be standing here in front of you all. This is also for my girlfriend, Tomoyo. That's all. Thank you." He said coolly.

"Thank you, Mr. Homecoming King for that short but sweet message. Let us now proceed to our Homecoming Queen. We've judged the Queen based on her attire tonight and of course on her appeal and on the way she carried herself. Let's get this over with, our Homecoming Queen for this year is none other than (drum roll) Sakura Kinomoto!" Tereda-sensei announced excitedly. The crowd went crazy. "What? Sakura's not here as well? What's happening to these people?" Tereda-sensei wondered.

"How can she be the Homecoming Queen, she didn't even have a partner. Besides, they should have noticed me instead because I was with Syaoran." Aika grunted to herself. "It doesn't matter, I still have a chance." She crossed her fingers.

"Just like a while ago, were going to declare the second who garnered the highest vote because Sakura has been disqualified too. So, the Homecoming Queen title goes to (drum roll) Tomoyo Daidoujii! Wow, it looks like this was planned. The lovers nailed the title after all. Ms. Daidoujii please proceed to the stage.

Eriol happily went down the stage and brought his girlfriend to the stage. Kaho-sensei congratulated and crowned the beautiful queen.

Tomoyo happily received the crown. She was also asked to have a short speech in front of everybody. "Well, I didn't expect this actually. But just as Eriol said, thanks to Sakura and Syaoran that were here in front of you tonight. We're glad to share this to them. Let's us all enjoy the rest of the night!"


Back on the Li-Kinomoto Mansion…

Syaoran sat on the couch in his room. Sakura was sitting on his lap facing him and they had been talking endlessly about how their lives had been for the past days that they had been busy with the homecoming preparations.

Syaoran encircled his arms around Sakura's waist and pulled her closer. "So you're trying to say that you missed me?"

Sakura glared at him, "Hey, I haven't said anything like that."

"You were also saying that you were jealous of Aika. Am I right?"

Sakura blushed, embarrassed, "No way. Well, that's not what I meant. I wasn't jealous or anything." She pouted.

Syaoran smiled playfully. "You're really cute when you blush like that." He pinched her cheeks.

"Shut up, you jerk. I wasn't even blushing." She covered her face with her hands.

"Yeah right. Fine." He took her hands off her face and placed it around his neck. "You know, this is one of the happiest days of my life." He confessed with a smile.

"Why is that?"

"Because finally, you're not just my best friend, but my girlfriend too."

"Whoa! Wait a minute. Who told you that I'm already your girlfriend?" Sakura opposed.

"Hey. What does that suppose to mean? Were lovers already right? We've already confessed our love to each other."


"We are."

"Any proof?"

"Well, yeah." Syaoran smirked. "This." In a snap, she was trapped as his mischievous smile brushed against her pouting lips. He just brushed his lips again and again, teasing her. He nipped on her lower lip, gaining access to her entire mouth. Her heart screamed, pounding her chest continuously. He slid his hand into her tee and grazed the skin on her back. She shivered. It was an intimate touch and he most likely did not realize what he was doing. This was entirely new to her; the feeling that overwhelmed her was something she sure hasn't experienced before. She finally gave in to his passionate kiss. She found her hands lost in his disheveled chestnut hair. Finally, they both gasped for air. But he wasn't contented yet. He smirked before planting kisses on her neck. His right hand caressed her waist while the other one grazed her right leg. He was charmed with the smell on her neck, it was just so Sakura. Her heart started thudding much faster. She knew that he would never disrespect her or take advantage in any way, but that really wasn't why she was worried. What worried her was the fact that she didn't really know how she would respond to such advances. After dominating over her neck, he went back to kissing her lips. His hands both traveled to her waist and it pulled her close into a hug. He felt Sakura breathing hard, he smirked.

"So, was that proof good enough?" He whispered softly n her ear.

She felt his breath on her ear and it made her shiver and turn beet red again. "I guess so." She responded weakly.

"So, are you my girlfriend now? Or do we have to go over it again?" He said, having that devilish smirk.

"I am you're girlfriend now."



"I love you."

"Love you too."


"Hurry up." Syaoran grunted as he waited outside Sakura's room. He walked back and forth, glancing at his watch.

"I'm almost done."

"Honey, you've been saying that for the last 2 hours." He complained.

"I'm done." Sakura responded, she smiled upon opening the door.

Syaoran just stared at her.

Sakura turned around. She placed her right hand elegantly on her waist and posed. "So, how do I look?" She asked, smiling nicely. She was wearing a white sleeveless laced dress and her hair—tied in half with the tips slightly curled.

Syaoran who was in a black handsome polo was stunned. He gulped, "Honey, you look really pretty." He smiled. He leaned over and brushed his lip on hers. "Shall we go?"

Sakura smiled. "Yes."

Syaoran grabbed her hand and hung it on his arm. They started walking down the stairs.

"By the way, where are we going?" Sakura questioned confused.

"You'll see." Syaoran smirked.


The moonlight shone elegantly with the brilliant stars. The place where they currently are is filled with bright lively lights.

"Where are we?" Sakura asked. She looked around the suspiciously empty sophisticated restaurant that was supposed to be filled with customers at the present time. "What are we doing here?"

"Just wait and see." Syaoran responded plainly. They walked together and when they reached the entrance, Syaoran slowly opened the door. It revealed the beautiful interior of the restaurant. It wasn't just the magnificent design that made it beautiful but the people waiting inside as well. The both entered.

Sakura smiled upon seeing the welcoming beams of her friends inside. Tomoyo and Eriol was there, Chiharu, Naoko, Rika, Takashi and many more. All her friends are inside obviously waiting for them to arrive.

"Honey, what is this all about?" She asked Syaoran happily.

Syaoran winked at her. "I have a special announcement tonight, that's why I invited everyone here."

"What is it?"

"You'll see." He smirked. "I bet you can't wait to go to that table." Syaoran pointed at the table where the girls are happily chatting. He escorted Sakura there and left to talk with the boys.

The night was fantastic. The restaurant that Syaoran rented until morning was exquisite. It has a huge dance floor and a stage where the band is playing. The food served was delightful too.

In the middle of their celebration, Syaoran went up to the stage. He picked up the microphone and asked for everyone's attention.

"Hello everyone!" He greeted. "All of you must be wondering why I called everybody here. Sorry for suddenly calling you out and thank you for being here with me tonight." He bowed in front of everybody. "You guys are our closest friends so I would like you all to know about something important that has happened in my life." He smiled. "Just last night, I confessed to that special girl that I've been in love with for the past years." He stared at Sakura. "And also, last night, that girl told me that she loves me too. And also, last night, she agreed to be my girlfriend." He smiled. "For sure, you know exactly who that special girl is right?"

Sakura blushed when everybody looked at her. She bowed her head and covered her face.

Syaoran giggled. He walked down the stairs and went to fetch Sakura from her chair. He snatched her hand and dragged her to the stage. "Guys, I would all like you to know that, Sakura Kinomoto is now my girlfriend." He declared in front of everyone. "Honey, what can you say?"

Sakura just smiled and shook her head off. She was happy and touched with what Syaoran did but she was embarrassed at the same time. Syaoran giggled and hugged her. "That's all guys, ebjoy the rest of the night." He dragged Sakura down the stage and to the dance floor.

"Let's dance." He invited.

"Eh? I need to recover from my embarrassment first." She responded shyly.

Syaoran smiled and pulled her closer to his body. He placed her hands on his shoulders and placed his on her waist. "Aren't you happy?" He whispered on her ear.

"I am. It's just that, I'm a bit surprised. I mean, there's no need to prepare something like this just to announce that you know."

"But I'm different. I am the great Li Syaoran after all."

"What? You're such a braggart." She chuckled. "But you made me really happy tonight." She planted a soft kiss on his lips. "Arigatou." She smiled.

"You're welcome." He smirked. "Prepare yourself; I'm going to do much greater things in the future." He bragged.

"Really? I can't wait." She tiptoed and gave him another kiss, much passionate this time.


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