His claws-but I don't have claws!- tore through the soft fabric and the even softer flesh beneath, shredding it. As the blood covered his claws, he couldn't help but lick it-God, what am I doing- Laughing, he crushed her shoulder with his foot.

He taunted her-No, please, stop-smirking all the while. The bitch was finally down-God, she's bleeding, help her, someone please save her-and he was free. Soon, the Jewel would be filled with the beauty of darkness.

"Traitor!" she screamed; her voice was hoarse, desperate -I'msorryI'msorryI'msorry-

He walked away-Go back, please, she's dying, please-and smiled.


His eyes were open, his shirtless chest soaking with sweat. His breath was harsh, coming in short pants, and he stumbled out of his bed, letting the comforter fall to the floor. Drunkenly, he made it to the bathroom. Within seconds, his stomach heaved, and he gagged, vomit choking him, burning his throat.

After the short, gagged sounds ended, and his stomach was empty, he wiped his mouth, his breath harsher than before.

"I'm not him." He assured himself, and his voice was a choked kind of sob, his eyes watering with tears. "I'm not him."

But you want her. The voice was cold and dark, like knives flashing in the shadows of his soul.

"Not like that." He snarled, his voice cold. "I want her to be happy. I won't force her to love me."

Hojo sucked in a breath, steadying himself, grasping the counter tightly.

"I am not Naraku. Not anymore."