A/N- Written for amara anon, who requested a drabble about Genma in the humor genre.


"But 'm hungry, pops!"

"No buts, boy!" Genma snarled, readying himself against his five year old son. "Again!"

"'M HUNGRY!" Ranma whined.

"If you can defeat me, training will be over for today." Genma replied sternly, crouching.

"Fine." Ranma mumbled, a determined look in his eyes. He rushed forward recklessly, and Genma readied himself against Ranma's attack-


There was no Ranma, no Genma, no empty field used for training.

There was only Pain.

"I win pops!" Ranma cheered, and his footsteps could be heard skipping away happily.

Clutching himself, in a hoarse, pained voice, Genma groaned weakly, "No fair..."