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They're an odd bunch, Toph thinks, leaning against a rock that's not too far away but not too close. Really odd, actually.

Not that she thinks she's normal by any means. Rich, blind, and has more in common with bats than with kids her age. Oh, and she's fully capable of taking down anyone from here to the South Pole.

Sokka's squabbling with Katara over something or another, and Aang's just trying to keep the peace but not really helping, because he's just too soft with Katara. Momo's stealing Sokka's food, she notices, by the sneaking vibration, and suddenly Sokka explodes, and Momo rushes behind Aang.

And now Sokka's yelling and probably has a weapon out, Toph thinks, imagining these people in her head as she watches without seeing. Aang's moving quickly, ducking and weaving (Twinkle Toes, she snorts) while Momo clings on stubbornly. Now Katara's stepping in front of him and protecting Momo and Aang's just trying to make sense of it all.

It's times like these that make them forget they're supposed to be saving the world and remember they're not even all grown up yet- except when they are.

It also disturbs Toph that, besides her, Appa is probably the sanest of them all.

But that doesn't really matter, because they're not quite friends and not quite allies but family, and family doesn't have to make sense.

Toph grins, and kicks enough dirt to knock Sokka right into Katara, who stumbles backwards and ends up tangled with Aang, who's shaking and Toph can easily hear his thundering heartbeat and expects all that blood to go to his cheeks.

She's laughing loudly now, and Katara is mortified and angry, Sokka is chuckling, and Aang's probably red as a Firebender's armor by now.

And now, suddenly, she's drenched in water and now it's Aang who's laughing and Katara who's smirking, while Sokka's rolling on the ground and gasping for air from all the laughter.

Toph is angry but not really, because this is fun and this is real, and she wants that so badly that being drenched in water isn't so bad.

So they're something not quite but like family, so they're not quite grown up but not really children, and maybe they'll save the world or maybe they won't.

And maybe Appa is the sanest after all.