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Things are about to get worse. I thought I'd left all that behind the night we ran away and it all came back in a second when I saw him in London. What he's doing here I don't know but hopefully it's not for me. All I have to do is last a few more weeks and then I'll be back at Hogwarts out of his reach. Who am I kidding if he knows where I am he's gonna find me and take me back to that place, that torture house…Manticore. If I go back there I don't know what they'll do…if you get the shakes you're not sent to the basement with the anomalies. You're terminated.

You're probably wondering what I'm babbling on about. I was born X5-483, my family call me Az but I'm better known as Harry James Potter, Boy-Who-Lived. You see Lily and James Potter couldn't have kids naturally but they didn't want to tell anyone lest they were disappointed. Sirius so wanted a godchild. That was their first mistake, the second being trusting Doctor Lydecker (like he could pass as a doctor). Apparently mum read about some great new IVF clinic and talked dad into going to it. The only trouble was it just so happened to be in America. So my parents went there for an 'extended holiday' and came back with a bubbly bouncing baby boy. Only trouble was that baby was not me. From what me I've gathered the child that went home with my parents was some kind of special clone. It was set to die at two years old but Manticore never factored in an evil dark wizard known as Voldemort (scary huh?). One thing you need to know first due to my 'condition' I am slightly impervious to some magic, which is a pain in the ass at the worst of times. It was due to this that my clone survived the curse that night (for a while anyway). But for some reason I still ended up with the stupid scar, it must've been something to do with having the exact same DNA or something. As I was saying the killing cursed didn't kill my clone straight out, only speed up the time to when he was supposed to die. You know the rest of the story Voldemort became a spirit thing, Sirius went after Pettigrew, Dumbledore left 'me' with the Dursley's…blah, blah, blah. Thing is the child left with the Dursley's died soon after and they dumped the body somewhere probably in the river or dumpster, I don't know and I don't really care. So while all this was happening I grew up in hell. I was put through physical and mental training and torture until that night we decided to escape. It was Zack's idea that we should leave and 12 of us made it. The next part is a bit fuzzy. Before we escaped I got into some records and found out about my parents so the first chance I got when I was out I searched for them (which was hard since they had changed their last name). Finding they were in England made me so happy but getting there and finding them dead was horrible; my whole reason for leaving Manticore was gone. That was until I found my aunt and uncle and when I look back now I laugh at how funny their faces were when they realized their supposed dead nephew was alive. They had no choice really but to take me in unless those 'freaks' found out.

So for 2 years I grew up with them. I could've kicked Dudley's gangs asses and I could've made the Dursley's treat me better but all I wanted was to be normal and, honestly, I had no idea at the time how a real family treated each other. Then my 11th birthday came, as well as my first meeting with Hagrid. The rest of the tale you know. Keeping up pretenses was hard at first since I had to create this life I never had and pretend to be as normal as Harry Potter could get. It was difficult especially the first term when I found out some magic didn't work on me and I had to act out the effects. So here I am 16 years of age and just finished shopping with Hermione and the Weasleys, running from Manticore and just about to start my 6th year at Hogwarts. I'm in so much trouble…