Rei Ayanami-

Nothing strange ever happens here.

Like all the adults, I work for the highly classified anti-angel world defense agency NERV. "God is in his heaven, and all is right with the world."

The only difference is that I'm not an adult.

I have to go to school today. The steady banging wakes me. I must have had a nosebleed in the night again. I leave the repeatedly stained pillow. I go through the exact ritual I've completed 2,487 times-disrobing, showering (though not as throroughly as when after I'm bathed in the blood smelling womb), dressing again in an identical blue jumper. Grabbing my briefcase, I head out into the same season it always is and off to school.

It's when I'm halfway there when I notice her. Not her exactly, mostly the traffic commotion she's causing with her reckless piloting of her Vespa.

Haru Haru Haroku san-

That blue haired girl standing in the road looks really peaceful. I wonder if she'll look that at peace when she's dead.

Augh! This Vespa isn't made for swerving out of the way of idiots who can't drive on the side of the road I'm not on at the time.

Hey, where'd that blue haired girl go?

Rei Ayanami-

Haru Haru Haroku san is new to Tokyo-3. She just piloted that very vehicle into town. She's here to search for the Pirate King. She won't find him here, or at least not yet according to what I understand of the remarks I overhear between the Commander and Dr. RitsukoMore to the point, I won't be able to help her.

She's spotted me. She's decided that I can help her. I'll have to dissuade her.

Haru Haru Haroku san-

There's the girl again. If she was there and she's here, then she must be REALLY good at space time warping. She may have a head I can use.

I hop onto the back seat. Ready the weapon with a swift yank on the ripcord. Ready. Steady. And swiiiingggg...

Rei Ayanami-

I step to the side of her Vespa that is oppositte the guitar in her current stance.

She doesn't seem to care that she was standing on the seat or driving on the sidewalk until she swings the guitar and hits nothing but air. Then she, her guitar and the scooter end up tackling and retackling each other as they roll down the sidewalk in one clump.

By the time my normal stride has let me reach her, she's nearly resting on the hot concrete. She looks at me with an expression I've seen before. But it is not one of the defaults I have seen on others. Is it smug?

"I cannot help you in your quest.", I tell her simply. I dislike taking the time to dissuade her, but if I do not I will waste even more time avoiding her attacks in the future. She doesn't seem to be the type of person that will interpret my dodging her blow as a lack of permission to strike me.

I step over her and continue on my way.

Haru Haru Haruko san-

Jeez, what a doll. I bet they couldn't make a more bland soul holding biobot if they tried.

Yeah, being an alien, I've seen all sorts of wierd gadgets madmen use to hold their dead wives souls away from the Almighty. She's not the strangest. But considering the backwater place I'm driving around, I bet she thinks she is.

Then again:If she's the peak of technology, she can probably point me to Medical Mechanica. I mean, who else on this rock would be able to build her?

"Hey, blue hair!", I call out. She looks at me as if she's lowering her absolute terror barrier to get some extra info on me. It's cool. I got no secrets...that I can't choke her to death for knowing.

"You see a giant iron any where? Maybe disguised as a medical factory or a mine or a toy store or something?"

Rei Ayanami-

"No.", I tell her. Seeing that she has nothing more to ask. I continue on my way.

She understands that I, despite my uniqueness, am not alone in the universe. I think it is...sad. Sad that I don't care to stop and ask her about the others.

When I get to school, I walk to my class. When I get to my class, I walk to my seat. When I get to my seat, I sit down and stare out the window.

The others tell each other that I am wierd for not joining them. Hikari is yelling at a student for a potential infraction that the teacher wouldn't enforce anyway. Suzahara is bragging to Kunoske about pretending to be unconscious when Haruko san ran into him on her Vespa to steal a kiss.

At least nothing strange ever happens here.