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Haruhara Haruko

The last Child

"Who are you calling last?", she asks defiantly from her folding chair. She's still dressed for a race through the 1920s on motorbike through the countryside. Even if it is just pitch black around her.


"Wow, that's really blind of you.", she declares. "It's obvious from the start I loved Atomsk."


"I did love him. I don't care what Chief or Takkun or Canti or anybody says! I love him!"


"Who are you to judge me?", the alien calls out to the darkness.

"What are you, my father?", Ninamori asks when a spotlight hits her. "You're not fit to judge me. I'm a nuevo-riche princess."


"What is love anyway? How can anything be the correct answer to that trick question.", she counters snarkily.

Mamimi is illuminated by another spotlight in a different oasis from the darkness. "Takkun. I wanna leave my mark on you."


"Oh, him you mean.", Haruhara nods understanding. "I just didn't care."


"I just told you."


"Because then I'd have to take care of him, alright?!", she screams. "I wanted Atomsk to take care of me. So I used everyone. I used Takkun and Chief and everyone to get to Atomsk. I didn't want to take care of anyone.

Because I wanted to be taken care of. And I know how much would have to be done to take care of me. Filling that void in someone else, I couldn't bear it. It's so large, so painful. The pain of being alone. The pain of apathy. I never wanted to be responsible for such an unmatchable job."


She half squints, half glares at nothing now that she's 'alone' again. "Yeah, so what? I'm just like everyone else. Covering my own desires with a pretext of nobility. Hiding behind my absolute terror field by the porcupine's dilema. For all my flaws, I knew what I was doing when I did it."

Haruhara appears beside her in pajamas and bare feet. "And that's why I made him feel so good. Why I had that kind of relationship with him. It's not like he got nothing out of the deal. I mean, he wouldn't have to be roofies for another couple years after the sleeping bag."

Haruko appears in a maid's uniform. "That's right. I took good care of him."

The alien appears again, this time in a nurse's garb facing the seated one. "I made him feel aaaaallll better."

She faces upwards in her chair. "That is not what I meant."

Amoroa walks into her spot of light. He wears his full uniform and drags a square steel chair with him directly out of a noir detective film. He sits down. He stares at her.

"So what did you mean?"

Haruko scoffs at him. "Oh, don't you give me that. You got exactly what you wanted from me. You got to play the hero-saving Blue, Takkun and every other human I tried to...recruit. I'm not going to feel bad about decieving any of you when none of you ever told me the truth."

Naota appears, a baseball cap forcing his gaze to the ground. "I thought...we were special. I said I saw you first."

Rei appears, bland as ever in a school uniform. "I won't be able to help you on your quest."

Haruko turns back to Amoroa when he starts singing. "I do, I do, I do, I do"

She grimaces in disdain. "I'm not the bad guy!"

Atomsk comforts her by laying the tiniest portion of his hand on her shoulder, assuring her that that's not the point.

"And what about you!" she demands. "Like I should ask forgiveness for my betrayals after yours!"


"Yes, betrayals.", she finally admits. "I turned on IIS. I turned on Takkun, his father, Amoroa, my commanders, Seele/"


"Yes, I said.", she calls out.


"And I betrayed myself.", she realizes. "I wanted. But I hid my wanting under rebellion. Devoted myself to an obsession in defeat of my desires. I just wanted to be loved and I passed everyone who could love me by. Chasing the dragon burned me out."

"I already told you, I don't like the sour kind!", Naota whines.

"That's the best you got?", she asks. "Kid just bitches about taste instead of taking it like a man?"

"I don't care if it's New York style, I don't like spicy!", Naota whines.

"I have desires and instead of admitting my own wants to myself I attacked everyone around me.", Haruko states sullenly.

"But that means that I am me. Not the me I threw off into everyone else' mind but the me that is, indeed, me. That I have my own wants. I want to be loved. By other people and by myself, or I wouldn't have lied to others. I want to show the true me, with all the selfishness and not have that judged as wrong. I need other people even if they don't need me and only want what I can trick them into being."

"I have no shame. And I'm not going to have any anymore."

The darkness rips away. She's lifted into the air, a few feet above a pitcher's mound. She looks down at her teammates.

Naota smiles at her while holding her foot up. "Congradulations."

Amoroa smiles at her while taking more of her weight on his shoulder. "Congradulations."

Atomsk somehow fits between her and the ground.

To my mother-I've always hated you

To my father-What has been said of you?

And to all the children-Congradulations.