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I'm taking some liberty with the mythological facts and starting Qetesh out with Ra. However the others she is normally connected with will come later.

Ra stood before the crowds as four women were presented to him. His companions watched from behind the curtains as he stood and lowered his mask. Today he was going to choose a host for his new mate. A mate that would help him conquer the galaxy, not deter him like Hather had done and had paid for.

The first he deemed unacceptable, as he did the second and third. As he walked towards the fourth women, he noticed a difference in her. She held her head up high in defiance and he smiled. She would be a treat to break. She would be perfect for his new beloved, Qetesh.

He called over a Jaffa and removed the symbiote from his pouch. Two other Jaffa took the women and laid her on a stone alter that had been placed in front of the crowd. Despite her yells and screams he remained unaffected and laid his beloved on her now revealed skin. It traveled up her back and sunk deep into the flesh of her neck causing the women to scream in pain. Her eyes flashed and the women rose.

Vala awoke with a cry, instantly touching her neck. The scar was no longer there. Removed from years of using the sarcophagus, she supposed, but she could still feel the pain from the burrowing. She reached over, trying to find Daniel in the sheets beside her but soon realized he wasn't there.

Of course he wasn't. She was at her apartment, not his, because they had gotten into a fight and she hadn't felt like being around him for a bit. Now she wished she had just gone over anyway. She needed him to hold her. She rolled into a ball, trying to stop the shivers that kept running up and down her spine. The dreams were getting worse. Before it had been simple times before her being a host but now they were going into painful detail about being host to Qetesh.

She scrambled out of the bed as she felt herself get sick and barely made it to the bathroom before she did become sick. She sat on the floor, tremors still going though her body.

She didn't feel like getting up and going to work today. Perhaps Landry would give her the day off.

Samantha Carter stared at the contraption in front of her, not really noticing it. Instead she had a goofy grin on her face. She knew she should be concentrating on what was before her, but she couldn't help but think of how happy she was at the moment. With Ori out of their hair for at least a few months, she could feel free to be happy about this.

She was going to be a mother. She had only found out that morning that she was pregnant and she was awaiting the official tests by Carolyn before announcing it later in the day. The rest of SG-1 was coming over to her and Jack's house for a backyard party to celebrate the latest victory against the Ori. The Generals Landry and Hammond as well Carolyn and Walter were also coming. It was going to be fantastic. Jack was transporting from Washington early to prepare for the party and she was leaving work an hour or so early to help.

"Hey, Sam." Startled she looked up to see Daniel watching her with an amused look. "How's the experiment going?" She looked down at the object in front of her which happened to be an electro-magnetic weapon that seemed to work on the Ori ships and disabled them without killing anyone on board. Or at least that was the plan.

"Not very fast," She admitted. Daniel just smiled again. She wondered if he knew the reason or if he just found it amusing that she was distracted.

"Have you seen Vala yet today?" He was smiling but the smile wasn't the genuine smile he had earlier. She could tell he was concerned.

"No, but I heard from Landry she called off. Didn't she tell you?" Daniel frowned.

"No, but then she hasn't really been talking to me since yesterday." He didn't need to explain further. Sam murmured in sympathy. The whole base may have been witness to that particular blow out. Sam had been off base at the time but when she returned Cam had filled her in. It appeared the fight was over something to do with the last mission. Cam didn't think the real fight had been about that, but the words actually spoken were about the mission and bad things were said on both sides. Cam had been concerned when it appeared the two hadn't made up in the hour afterwards like they tended to do after their fights.

"Do you think she's avoiding you?"

"Doubt it. When she's mad at me she likes to shove it down my face so she'd be here and annoying me and such." He sighed. "I just wish she'd be serious for once and stop making everything into some giant game." Sam had the suspicion that Daniel's need for seriousness had been part of the reason for the fight.

"Well, I do have the ok to take the day off; perhaps I'll drop in and see her." Daniel smiled lightly and nodded slightly to indicate his thanks.

"Think Landry's trying to get us to take a vacation without us thinking we were taking vacation?" Sam smiled.


"General?" Landry looked up to see Carter standing outside his doorway. He nodded his head and closed his laptop as the Colonel walked in.

"What can I do for you, Colonel?"

"I'm going to take the rest of the day off to prepare for tonight and check in with Vala. Daniel and I think it's odd that she would take the day off."

Landry just nodded his agreement. It was indeed odd for Vala Mal Doran to take a day off of work. In the three years she had been a part of the team she hadn't taken any, even when she was clearly suffering from a cold. Granted she had only started to live off base about a year ago and even then spent a lot of nights either on base or with Dr. Jackson. He felt concerned for the women, despite the nuisance she had made herself when she first arrived.

"Fine with me. Thank you for letting me know, Colonel." Sam nodded and left and Landry stared at the door for a moment, a feeling of dread coming upon him. He shook it off and went back to work.

Adria looked out the window of her chambers onto the world below. They were in a high orbit around the planet, allowing some of the black of space to play backdrop the blues and greens of the planet.

She sighed and turned away, taking no comfort in the site out the window. Today was her birthday. Rightfully, despite having the body of someone in her twenties, she was three years old. She missed her mother. Despite her mother's complete and utter refusal to believe in Origin, she still missed her. She saw many of the children of the Ori followers play around in the recreation rooms placed for them on the battle cruisers and often wondered what it would have been like if she had not been the oracle.

Would her mother play with her like she saw many do? Would she sing her lullabies to get her to sleep at night? Adria knew she would never know what could have been. It was beginning to grate on her, how much she didn't know despite how much she did.

There was a part of her that began to doubt the Ori.

There were so many questions, ones they would not answer. How did she come to be? Did she have a father like the other children or just a mother? Was her mother actually her mother?

She heard the door open and turned around to see Tomin standing inside it. She smiled at the man and held an arm out to indicate that he should sit.

"Tell me Tomin, of my mother." She could never call him father. She knew this man was her mother's husband but she also knew that her mother had been pregnant before she married him. That was one of the few facts of information the Ori had given her about her mother.

Many emotions crossed Tomin's face. Love. Anger. Sadness. Jealousy. She had not asked him to talk about Vala before, knowing his emotions to cloud the facts and she wondered if it was still too soon to discuss it with him. However he began to speak about her and Adria listened. She wanted to know much about the women who gave birth to her and this was her most relevant source.

Sam stopped briefly at the infirmary to check with Carolyn to see if the test results were back. Luckily Carolyn had just received them from the labs and could say with a smile that Sam was indeed expecting and that they should set up an appointment with a doctor that had security clearance and handled such cases.

Driving to Vala's apartment turned out to be an adventure in itself as Sam realized half way to Daniel's she was going to wrong way and also she wasn't entirely sure where Vala lived. She had always driven to Daniel's to find Vala before. Vala and Daniel had been having this almost-dating relationship for the last seven months. Sam was pretty sure they were sleeping together too, but hadn't really wanted to ask.

After calling Daniel for directions (He didn't seem to notice the lack of time Vala spent at her apartment like everyone else did) she made it to Vala's apartment. Vala had gotten an apartment in the same building Daniel had gotten his first apartment after returning from Abydos, only closer to the ground floor.

There was no answer at the door when she knocked, but when she tested the door knob it opened. Concerned she walked in slowly, finding Vala watching her from the lone piece of furniture in the room, a couch.

"You know, I figured if I didn't answer the door, you would go away."

"Hello to you too." Sam said closing the door. "You have a lot of people concerned. You don't usually call off."

"Three years is hardly enough time to figure out a "usually", isn't it?"


"Well, I suppose you and the rest have had enough close calls to ignore unopened doors." Vala sighed and sat up so there was space at the end of the couch. "Might as well sit down. I don't think I'm contagious, whatever it is I'm having."

"So it's not avoiding everyone then." Vala glared at her. Sam walked over and sat on the couch next to the robe clad Vala.

"I don't avoid anything unless I absolutely have to. I didn't feel good this morning, I think I have that flu you guys keep commenting on." Sam frowned. Vala had above normal immunity to strands of the flu and hadn't yet contracted it even when the SGC got hit with the seasonal stuff. "Either that or the dreams." Vala paused. Sam just watched her, waiting for her to go on.

"I suppose you're as good as any to tell this to. I'd rather not go to that idiot again." Vala had been sent to see one of the base psychiatrists, a Dr. Michael Ferguson, during her first year as a part of the SGC to make sure she adjusted well to the base and Earth in general. However, Ferguson and Vala did not have a very good relationship and all of SG-1 had been present for the last meeting which had not put the man in any good standing with any of them.

"I'll listen."

"Well, then. I started having the dreams about a month ago."

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