Okay i've completely redone all chapters and this story will be finished as soon as i can get it all uploaded there eleven chapters and if i get enough reveiws a sequel (or if i feel like it) i've cut bits out, added bits in, rewritten bits and merged a few chapters so it's shorter and you get longer chapters, i spent a whole day editing and finishing the last chapter so please enjoy it and reveiw.

Chapter one

Mei sighed at the screaming that was going on above her head, it was always like this either her parents or one of her parents at her siblings or just everyone at everyone else for nothing but how late they were out last night or curfew times that had recently been changed. She hated it. This time was probably her father having another affair, her parents were still married and lived in the same house, but weren't 'together' as such their excuse was that they didn't want to leave the children fatherless.

"Screw the pact." she muttered as she emerged from her basement bedroom, but paused as she saw rather than her mother and father it was her father and two older brothers and seeing that a fist fight was going to begin sometime within the next few seconds she stepped between them and shouted at the top of her lungs

"WILL YOU JUST STOP!!" there were tears in her eyes as she continued, "You're all just as bad as each other you always criticize just leave it for one day." as the tears fell to the ground she ran out of the house her customized combat boots banging loudly though out the house as the only sound left, grabbing her backpack on her way out.

The black haired dark eyed female only stopped when she reached the children's playground which was empty as it the sky was black with clouds, but the moon seemed extra bright this evening she thought looking at the shining orb, out of breath.

"You're an idiot Mei!" she whispered "Why'd you screw the pact, no getting into others' fights remember, heh," she dropped to her knees repeated punching the ground for about half an hour before wiping away her tears and licking some of the blood coming from where her fists had continuously made contact with the concrete path. "Get up and walk!" she said to the night as it began to rain heavily "tomorrow's just another day, no fear remember, He's been through worse." she was referring to her favorite character ever Edward Elric, it's what she always did when she decided her life couldn't get worse and she should just give up just incase, that maybe if she died things would get better for everyone else.


Mei awoke to voices outside of a door, trying to piece together what had happened at the park, why she was inside and why those voices seemed all too familiar but weren't her families, she had no Friends to take care of her.

"Will she be okay, Auntie?" asked a female voice she sounded worried, and young. The raven haired girl tried to sit up but hissed as she felt sore all over, and realized she was covered in bandages on her arms and legs, and so lay back down losing her eyes even her eye lashes felt heavy and her chest pained with every rise and fall.

"She should be, not for a while though and i may be wrong, this is something i have never seen like before." replied an old voice, 'are they talking about me?' thought Mei as she drifted off into a deep state of unconsciousness.

"How are you old Hag!" shouted a male voice wakening Mei once again.

"Fine, hope you didn't fall off any matchboxes lately." came another, 'the old lady from before' Mei noted and that Boy she felt as if she knew him

"What the hell, you broke it again, Alchemy freak?" Familiar.

"What did you say Auto mail Geek?" 'Ed!' thought Mei sitting up and ignoring the intense pain shooting through her body, she got up off of what looked like an infirmary bed 'probably for auto mail patients' and she walked out of the door stumbling slightly but leaning against the wall for support, the door swinging closed made everyone turn and stare at her. She smiled and scratched the back of her neck with her free hand, Winry immediately tried to help her.

"You shouldn't be out of bed yet! you were in a terrible state!" She said a little shrill and looking worried.

"I'm just a little sore is all, I'll be fine,I'm sure people have gone through worse." She said still smiling and trying to shake off the auto mail mechanic who was currently much stronger, but still managing to sneak a peak at a nearly naked Edward Elric in his boxers before giving up and letting herself be led back into the room she was in before, scowling at her weakness.

"Who's that?" the blue eyed girl heard Ed ask

"I'm not sure but we found her outside almost unconscious, with scratches all over her body, they were like finger nail scratches only smaller, and it had looked like she walked here from somewhere on the road."

"Maybe she's a traveler who got attacked and walked to the nearest house!" suggested Al. A look of surprise and understanding came over her pale features as she remembered the night before what had happened, the door she had been through the door and seen what Ed liked to call 'truth' those little black hands that's what scratched her maybe that's why she hurts so much, none of her body was missing as far as she could tell, so what was the Equivalent Exchange? she thought, maybe her life as a scared little girl hiding in the corner, at the nearest sign of danger, her family if that's what she would call it. She pondered this for a while when she heard Winry and Pinako talk

"I'm going grocery shopping, Winry."

"Okay I'll get started on Ed's Auto mail, i can't believe he broke them both!" she said walking up the steps. Mei heard Ed and Al walking outside too. she stared out of the window it looked bright and she needed to stretch, her whole body hurt like hell. so she got up and limped out side to where Ed and Al were sitting, Ed had a cheap substitute for auto mail on his leg and no arm, both looked up when they heard her approaching, hands in pockets looking around as if in a daze.

"Hello." said Alphonse a little nervously snapping Mei out of her daze.

Mei looked at the suit of armor blankly for a second then smiling she said to him

"Hi" and an evil idea came into her head "you must be the Full metal Alchemist, Edward Elric, Right?" Ed's face darkened as Al corrected her

"Umn, no I'm Alphonse Elric." Mei fought hard to keep a straight face as she interrupted

"So then the little guy must be . . ."

"I'M NOT SHORT!!" shouted Ed almost knocking Mei off of her feet, as she began to laugh hysterically

"I know!" she said "You're taller than i am." Ed stopped fuming for a second and both stood up straight, before Ed smirked evilly and began jumping around for joy at for once not being the shortest person around, "By the way I'm Mei." she introduced shaking hands with the Alchemist, who nodded in response, and then with Al. she then stretched her whole body. feeling as if she had been sleeping for weeks

"Doesn't it hurt at all?" asked all referring to the scratches all over her body

"Yeah, but only when i move." they both sweat dropped at this "But I've always been able to stand pain. . . well on the outside anyway." she sat down again and looked at Ed's arm and leg "Hows about you?" she said

"It takes a little while to get used to walking and moving them when you can't really feel them there." he replied "Of course it's nothing compared to Al." he added darkly they were all silent for a couple of seconds until Mei broke the silence,

"Well, it's better than being dead, right?" she said brightly and they both looked at her "Well if he's there, even without his body it's of some hope to get his body rather than if you had left him." they both looked at her in complete surprise for a second before Alphonse asked

"How do you know about my body?" Mei blinked before muttering under her breath

"Shit! Um well i can tell by looking at you, it's not so hard to notice." she said trying to cover up her tracks and she let out and inward sigh when they bought her excuses. All three of them jumped when they heard Pinako yell

"What are you doing out here you're supposed to be resting!" the small old lady was looking at Mei through her glasses and walked towards them and Mei tried to hide behind Ed and use him as a shield, the blonde struggled beneath her grip.

"Mei, let me go!" he protested, half heartedly, Pinako blinked

"Mei? Is that your name?" she asked the squirming figure behind her adoptive grandson she nodded her eyes just visible over Ed's shoulder

"Mei Dearle." Pinako nodded and headed inside carrying the recently bought groceries, Mei relaxed slightly as the old woman went inside the house.

"Guess she just wanted to make sure you had your memory." said Al looking at his brother who was still trying to free himself from Mei twisting and turning, he eventually turned right around so he would be facing her if she hadn't of fallen on top of him from the surprise.