Chapter Eleven

Ed sat on the steps out side the grand Central library for a long while spaceing out thinking about how Mei waited on these very steps on this very spot, the night when they first...

They had practically run back to headquarters most of the way with Mei's legs wrapped around Ed's waist. When they had clumsily unlocked and entered the room Ed lay Mei down on the coffee table, his trousers getting tighter and tighter by the second especially when Mei began to unzip them. He stopped her for a second

"Are you sure you want to..." she just pulled him down to continue what they were doing, taking that as a yes Ed proceeded to take off her shirt, she paused him this time.

"The bed..." she said breathlessly

"Hmmm?" came the reply as he was taking off her trousers, wet from the rain.

"On the bed." she repeated and he practically carried her onto the bed still trying to undo her fly with his teeth. 'finally' he thought as they slipped past her knees and fell crumpled to the floor. Good thing Al decided to stay with Winry to make sure she was okay. Mei practically ripped his boxers off as he still fumbled with her bra she also took her panties off so they fell not too far from the boxers. As Ed finally pulled off the annoying garment they both paused panting in the excitment for a second taking in each others appearence before launching another kiss...

(A/N sorry kiddies but i'm rating this T for obvious reasons)

Startled out of his trance by the sound of soft footsteps he looked up and saw his younger brother Al standing in front of him looking concerned. Light bown eyes expressing his worry for his older brother, looking out from under his short Honey coloured hair at his older brother "Niisan..."

"I'm fine, Al." was Ed's reply to the interupted question he pulled a small black leather pouch out of his pocket adn took out the thing that was inside blood red glinted at him teasingly as he sighed and replaced it back into his pocket before standing up and brushing his own golden locks out of his face as he faked a smile for his otouto, his eyes dull and sadened. He walked a little way before he stopped and looked up at the sky. "It's raining." he stated.