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This is a little trailer for you: Tidus and Yuna, both seventeen, have been living with their guardian Auron since they were both five. In that time, they have become the best of friends. Since Yuna was fourteen, she began to develop feelings for him that were anything but platonic. But, for the sake of their friendship, she has kept such emotions under glass. But what happens when that glass breaks, and all her feelings become exposed? But more importantly, does Tidus feel the same way?

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Under Glass
Sir Joshizzle


Pure, unadulterated perfection.

That was the only word that was even remotely appropriate to describe Tidus Sasaki.

I'll start off from the beginning, because I know you're thinking that this is another cheesy, clichéd memoir of a high school girl befriending the most popular guy in school.

Let me just say, that you can scratch out the part about him being popular, because he's anything but.

It started when I was about five or six. I came from a very wealthy family; one of the most affluent and influential in all of nijusanku. My mother died giving birth to me, so, other than my aunts, I never really had a motherly figure to look up to. My father fell ill with cancer when I was four. My aunts and uncles and grandparents searched all of Japan for the best doctors to help him. But all of their treatments- medicines, chemotherapy, you name it- wasn't enough to save him. He passed on very short after, about two and a half months after being diagnosed. But before he died, he refused to put me in the custody of my relatives. It's not that he didn't trust them with me, but that he said that a friend of him owed him a very large favor.

His lifelong friend, Auron Shibasaki, a business man who works at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, was personally appointed by my father to take me into his care. Even though he wasn't someone who would have children of his own, he did have a way with kids. Anyway, he took me into his home. After that, my life was never the same.

I vividly remember the first time I stepped into his penthouse in the Bunkyo ward. It wasn't exactly the giant mansion my family owned in Chiyoda, but it was very upper-middle class, or lower-upper class, whatever floats your boat. He introduced me to a little boy that looked my age.

"Yuna, this is Tidus," Auron introduced.

He had dirty blonde hair, and his skin was a tannish color. His blue eyes sparkled with curiosity but promise. He was wearing a light blue t-shirt, black shorts, and flip flops.

I remember smiling and waving politely. He, in return, just nodded in acknowledgement.

"Good mowning, Yuna-chan," he greeted in a cute but monotonous voice.

I had a feeling that he was suspicious about me, but, being the naïve five year old little girl I was, I thought nothing of it.

"Tidus, take Yuna with you and show her to her new room, okay?"

Tidus nodded obediently. "Yes, Auron-sama."

He took my small hand in his own and guided me up the stairs. As we ascended the staircase, I heard Auron order two servants to bring my bags up to my room.

He led me down a long hall and stopped at a large door. He let go of my hand, and jumped up to reach the doorknob. He took hold of it with both of his hands and twisted it open. I saw his grip loosen and he fell on the ground butt first.

"Owwww…" He groaned quietly, rubbing his sore behind. I couldn't help but giggle at how cute he was. He looked up at me and blushed softly. He got up, dusted his back end and legs off, and pushed the door open for me.

The room I saw before me left me lost for words. I couldn't help but gasp at how large and spacious the room was. It wasn't as big as my old room at the mansion, but this one was very livable. I ran inside and spun around in place in the middle of the huge room.

The walls were painted a warm baby blue, and on the ceiling was a very large and expensive looking diamond chandelier. At one end was a large super-king sized bed with a pink bed skirt, soft, satin champagne colored linens, and on the pillow sheets and the comforter was my initials stitched in with gold thread, "YK," for "Yuna Kuriyama." There were nightstands on either side of the bed with lamps on them, and on the lampshades were my initials stitched in again. At the opposite end of the bed was a wall mounted flat-screen high definition television with an expensive looking stereo system. A few feet from the television was a washroom. The counters were solid marble, the sinks were made of gold, and the taps were carved out of platinum. There was a door on the right leading to a toilet, a shower stall, and a bathtub with therapeutic jets. On the wall where the door is was a walk-in closet with a giant mirror next to the door. And the wall opposite to the door was occupied by giant French doors and floor-to-ceiling windows, spilling light into the gargantuan room and displaying a panoramic view of Tokyo.

"Wooow!" I exclaimed in happiness, laughing all the while.

I noticed Tidus standing at the doorway, smiling at me.

I stopped for a second. I climbed onto the bed and bounced on it a little. I motioned for Tidus to sit next to me, patting the mattress with my left hand.

He paused for a little bit, but then walked in slowly with his hands in his pockets. I helped him onto the bed and we sat next to each other in silence.

A long silence.

The last time I experienced that kind of stillness was when I was in the waiting room at the hospital as everyone was quiet when they received news from a nurse that my father had just died. Of course they didn't tell me about it; they thought it would scar me for life. To be honest. I'm glad they didn't; I had just come back from a day at Ueno Zoo with my cousins. Learning that my father had died isn't exactly what one would consider the best way to end a fun-filled day.

I looked at him, who was in turn staring at his lap, his blonde locks covering his eyes.

I rested my hand on his, and he shuddered a little. Thinking I did something wrong, I pulled back.

"What's, wong, Tidus-kun?" I asked.

He looked up at me, shaking his head slightly to get the hair out of his eyes.

"Your smile… reminds me of my mommy…"

I smiled weakly, flattered that I reminded him of someone that special.

"Where is she?" I asked.

He gulped hard- I could tell by the way his throat tensed.

"Auron-sama told me she's in a pwace far away, called 'heaven.' I sure hope she comes home soon. I miss her…"

My face lit up. "Heaven!"

He looked up at me, confused.

"My daddy says my mom's there, too!"

His expression changed from depressed to beaming in no time flat.

"No way! Maybe they're on vacation together!"

I nodded quickly. "Yeah! We have to tell Auron-sama!"

We both ran out of my new room, and down the stairs, wanting to tell Auron that our moms were together.

That was the day we both learned that our moms, and our dads, left this earth for Heaven on an extended "vacation." I remember crying so much when I learned that not only was my mom gone, but my dad was too. Auron comforted me by hugging me until I cried myself to sleep, but what was more meaningful to me was that Tidus also hugged me. He was crying as well, but he was crying silently and practically noiseless, unlike me, who was making more noise than the scramble crossing in Shibuya.

As the days turned into months, and the months turned into years, Tidus and I formed a bond. A bond that was stronger than adamantine. But it wasn't a quick-forming friendship.

You see, for some reason, Tidus has a hard time trusting and relying on people. It's always been like that, and by the looks of things, it was like it wasn't going to change anytime soon.

From day one, when Auron first introduced us to each other, I knew that if I wanted to make friends with Tidus, it would take an unimaginable amount of patience. I could tell by that look in his eyes, the same look I described to you: full of suspicion toward those he didn't know, but warmth and gentleness to those he cared deeply about.

I learned quickly that Tidus was rather anti-social, and didn't talk much, even around familiar company. I have to admit that living together was nice, although it could have been better if he just warmed up to me.

We started off with small talk. You know, "Hi! How's are you? Bye!" It was frustrating for me, because I really wanted to be friends with him, but he just wouldn't put down the walls that so safely guarded him from being hurt. It kind of depressed me, you know? I started to feel that he didn't like me.

It went on like that for three years, up until we were eight. Just when I was going to give up all hope, he knocked a wall down.

'I was in!' I thought. I finally made it through to Tidus Sasaki. But I had to be careful, especially at this point. The last thing I wanted to do was do something to shatter our so strong, but so fragile relationship.

Our small talk slowly evolved into light-hearted conversations, which in turn transformed into a full-fledged best friend, buddy-buddy relationship.

Although I was so very happy that I got a chance to make friends with Tidus, I had a gut feeling that it would come back and bite me later.

We did everything together: we started daycare together, elementary school together, got punished by Auron together, finished middle school together- everything we learned, we did it together.

We shared our deepest secrets with each other, and only each other. I felt… no… I knew that I was the only one who Tidus could trust with anything.

Sometimes in school, we were sent to a counselor for being inseparable, and that we had separation anxiety. As much as we hated to admit it, theywere kind of right. We would usually play with only each other. I had a few friends, but not to the same extent as my friendship with Tidus. To tell the truth, Tidus got pretty clingy in mixed company. Mostly because he was afraid of being left alone. One would find such a thing irritating and annoying, but not me. Sometimes he would practically beg for me to not leave him, and nothing's cuter than a guy begging, right? Didn't think so, Hahah.

At first, it you judged him just by how he looks on the outside- cold, aloof, anti-social, and a loner, then you'd most likely think twice before trying to say even "hello." But if you got by all of that, you'll find that you couldn't have a better friend. He'll do anything for you, even if it means his own life. If you're happy, he'll be there to laugh with you. If you're sad, he'll be there so you'll have a shoulder to cry on. If you're sick, he'll be there to care for you. If you're hungry, he'll cook for you. …Need I go on? Didn't think so.

If you're lucky, he'll also grace you with his smile. His perfect, toothy, pearly white smile. You'd swear that his teeth were so glossy and bright that you could see your reflection in them, or that the sunlight could reflect off them. His smile is more than enough to light up my day- literally.

Of course, like any generic "high school girl falls for perfect but stupid boy" story, I bet you'd expect him to be the same, right? That one hot, and quiet loner who would fail classes again and again?


He was smart, with a capital size 72 font "S." How smart you ask? Smart enough to be at the top of our class, and probably the only person in Japanese history that could get into Todai without taking the high school exit exam or the entrance exam. Imagine a teenage Jimmy Neutron with a normal sized head. But even then, that metaphor is an understatement.

It goes without saying- at least I don't think so- that he's superhot. I mean "sizzle fo' shizzle" hot. His body sure has changed from the five year old toddler that I first met twelve years ago. But then again, what do you expect? You can't imagine someone like Tidus staying three feet tall forever? His hair grew shaggier- in a cute and boyish kind of way, his teeth got whiter- if that was possible, his build got more muscular, and his smile became more charming and irresistable. He also began growing a moustache, stubble, and pretty much a goatee. Some people would think that he could use a good shave, but I couldn't have him any other way. I personally thought it made him look older than he actually was, in a mysterious and seductive kind of way.

Hmm. Let me go into details about the whole "build got more muscular" deal. I bet any girl whose reading this would kill me if I didn't.

He's got the body of… simply put, a god. A god and then some. It's very much a work of art. Every muscle, every ripple, and every tendon has been cut with excellent pricision, like a marble statue carved by a master sculptor. Picture the statue of David in Italy come to life, only, and this is just a guess, that Tidus is, in my mind anyway, very much more "endowed" than David could ever hope to be. His abs are to die for. Drop a coin on them and watch it bounce, right back into your palm. His pecs are unparalleled. Any guy would dream to have the body he has. The fact that he eats junk food and candy like no tomorrow is pretty astonishing, too. He eats a lot. Don't let that scare you, though. He's not like a "feed him a well-done sirloin steak and see how much of your arm you come back with" sort of thing. But really; he could literally eat a whole horse and not get fat. I don't know his secret. To any jealous guy, he does not take steroids, so just accept the fact that you could never reach the level of perfection Tidus has. But don't let that make you think you're hopeless, Hahah.

Despite coming off as the broody type, he's anything but. He certainly knows how to have a good time. Most of you probably think that it's me that think of all the fun ideas and cause the trouble with Auron by showing up three hours past curfew. But you couldn't be more wrong even if you tried. All our scolding, all our groundings, all our everything's were because of Tidus' antics. Not to say that he's a troublemaker. He's really obedient, and very, very respectful, especially towards girls and elders. But to balance out his goody two-shoes side, he has the most playful and energetic soul any guy could ever have. We spend hours upon hours playing video games in our rooms, he could surprise you with concert tickets to a show you would think is sold out, he could blindfold you and drive you to Tokyo Disneyland, he'll do anything to make you happy. I remember once when we were thirteen, we snuck out of the apartment after dark, took a subway to Tokyo Dome City, and spent hours at the amusement park, and then took me to the Tokyo Tower in Minato for a panoramic view of all of Tokyo lit up in the darkness. What was better was that it was a cloudless night, so you could see the outline of Mt. Fuji in the darkness. You could see the Rainbow Bridge spanning Tokyo Bay, Shibuya Station crowded with hordes of people, and Kokyo all lit up, with the palace gardens illuminated with incandescent lanterns. I was amazed at how clear the view was. It was absolutely breathtaking. The only downside to the night was Auron scolding and grounding us for sneaking out of the apartment and back in at three in the morning. But then again, that night was so fantastic, it completely overshadowed that.

We also shared our most pensive and reflective moments with each other. Any time we were apart, which is usually never, we agree to meet up at a secluded alcove in Yoyogi Park in Shibuya that no one knows about. It may be a public park, but it's one of the largest in all of Tokyo, so there'd bound to be someplace that hasn't been discovered, right? Anyway. There's a small pond, small pagodas, water lilies, and it's all surrounded by tall sakura trees. It's all so very beautiful, especially in spring when the sakura blossoms are in full bloom. Tidus first showed me this part of the park on my twelfth birthday, but he's been coming here long before that- since he was nine. That pretty amazed me, I have to say. A nine year old taking the subway all by himself was pretty wild. "I come here to think," he told me. "To get away from the noise and the people." It's his very own secret garden, and I'm so very glad he thought I was trustworthy enough for him to show me this utopia of a garden.

Girls at school say they would kill to be me, if just for only a day. I can't blame them, not to sound egotistical or anything. At first, when I learned of my parents and their unfortunate endings, I thought I would be a prisoner, trapped in a penthouse, being forced to put on a façade of cheerfulness. But it turned out nothing like that. I have a loving uncle, great friends, a high grade point average, but most of all, I have Tidus. He's been so good to me, in some ways indescribable. At times I feel I don't deserve his friendship, his kindness, and most of all, his trust. But knowing that he cares for me deeply diminishes all those feelings, and right now, I'm pretty lucky to have a friend like him. It's not everyday that you run into a guy who could fulfill your every dream and wish.

No matter how much the boys at school try again and again to emulate him, and no matter how deathly the glares I get from other girls become, they'll just have to learn to live with the fact that Tidus wants only me.

To put it in layman's terms, Tidus is the undisputed epitome of faultlessness. He's everything any girl would want and then some. I mean, what girl wouldn't want someone like Tidus?

But like any quintessential "miserable girl meets life changing boy" story, there is a catch to this whole thing. A catch that I was afraid of from the beginning. One small minor detail that comes with the "perfect guy" deal.

I fell in love.

And what a plunge that fall was. It was as if I were pushed off the Roppongi Hills.

Some people think that I'm on something for thinking so negatively about something that seems so wonderful. But you're forgetting something very important.

Our fragile friendship.

Remember how I said that sooner or later, something would come back to bite me?

Boy, did it came back. And it came back with a vengeance.

Damn karma for being such a bitch.

I know I should be happy for having anything a girl could possibly want, but the fact that one wrong move and our friendship could be over keeps eating at me. It eats at me from the inside out, beginning with my heart. The very last thing I want to do is something that could drive Tidus away from me forever.

I can't imagine life without him.

On the other hand, I could tell him.

"Go for it, Yuna!" You cheer for me.

Yeah! I can tell him!

But then I'd have to kill myself afterwards.


Either way, I'm in a lose-lose situation.


"Sometimes… what?" a deep and masculine voice asks behind me.

My heart practically jumped out of my chest and onto the keyboard.

"AHH!" I shrieked. I fell off my chair and turned around to see Tidus behind me on the floor, clutching his heart.

"What did I do?" Tidus asked in bewilderment.

I gasped for breath, swallowing the air caught in my throat. I stumbled over my own words. "Wh-wh-wh… What are you doing here?"

'I… just came to see how things were going… Is that a problem?"

I shook my head. "No, no…"

I looked back at my computer screen. I swallowed hard.

"How… How much of that did you read?" I asked him in a frightened voice, pointing to my computer screen.

Tidus slowly got up, brushing himself off.

"I started at "Sometimes,"" Tidus replied to me. "Why?"

I heaved a sigh of relief. I was so glad that's all he read! I'd be devastated had he been there the entire time I was typing!

"Oh, thank god."

"Why?" Tidus asked again, helping me up. "Is it something top secret?"

I smiled widely and nodded. "Yep!"

"And you're not gonna tell me?" he guessed.

I shook my head, still smiling. "Nope!"

He nodded slowly and grinned mischievously, his left eyebrow raised. "Ah hah… Well, then…"

My smile faded and I eyed him suspiciously. "What are you thinking?"

Tidus closed his eyes dreamily and turned away from me smiling, with his hands behind his back and walking away from me.

"Oh nothing…"

He turned his head back to me, smirking the same mischievous smile.

"Except this!"

He dashed past me for the computer screen. He took the mouse in his hand and scrolled up the screen.

I looked on in horror as he began reading aloud.

"'Damn karma for being such a…' OOF!"

I pulled him away from the computer screen with all of my might, with my right arm wrapped around his waist, and my left covering his eyes from reading any further.

"Get away from there!" I squealed, laughing.

"Come on, Yunie-chan! Just a peek!" Tidus asked, using his pet name for me.

"NOOOO! That stuff is top secret!" I argued, still trying to hold him back.

"Oh, come on! We always share secrets!" He complained in a whiny voice. "Pweeeeeeaasseee?" He pleaded in a baby voice.

"If you think that's gonna work on me- again…" I continued to walk backwards, but then I slipped on his flip flop that slipped off his foot when he rushed for the computer.

"Ahhh!" We both screamed in unison. I fell to the ground back first. Thank goodness that the floor is carpet- a very nice and soft carpet at that.

I then felt a hundred-fifty pound body fall on top of me.

"OOF!" We both exclaimed.

I slowly lifted my head, shaking it softly, and felt Tidus pressing me down into the carpet.

"Ugh, Tidus, get… off… of me…" I asked, but slowed down mid-sentence when I looked down and noticed that both of his hands were groping my breasts.

Tidus stared wide-eyed at where his hands fell. I'm pretty sure that it was his perverted sub-conscience taking control of his psyche, but at any rate, despite of his shocked expression, I could tell he was enjoying it.

And, as much as I hate to admit it, I was enjoying it as well.

He slowly looked up at me, and I noticed at his chest was rising and lowering rapidly, his breath pattern hastening.


No reply.

"Tidus…" I repeated, my tone growing more irritated.

No sound. The only reply I got, though, was in his pants, and then, and only then, could I tell that he was really enjoying this, provided that he didn't even try to get his hands off of me.

"TIDUS!" I finally screamed.

He snapped back to reality and shook his head, his hands unintentionally moving around, which in turn made my breasts move in conjunction with his motions.

I gasped and, while I was really wishing that this would never end, put on an angry stare and slapped him hard across his face, knocking him off of me.

"PERVERT!" I screamed loudly, covering my chest with my arms.

Tidus was looking at the carpet while on his hands and knees, with his hand rubbing his right cheek where I slapped him.

I looked over to him and gasped in shock. I ran to his side and helped him sit up.

"Tidus! I'm so sorry!"

I rested his head in my lap and brushed some hair out of his face.

All he could do was chuckle and continue to massage is sore profile.

"No problem, Yunie-chan…" he reassured me, taking quick breaths. "If I were you, I probably would have done the same thing," he joked.

I giggled and moved his head onto the carpet. I stood up and ran over to my computer. I saved the document I was typing and closed the window.

I then logged off and set the computer to sleep mode.

I then turned to him, who was still sitting on the carpet with his legs open, wiping sweat off his face with his white shirt, and scratching his bare chest with his free hand.

"Tidus," I started.

He looked up to me and put his shirt down. "Yeah?"

"How's about you and me…" I walked over to my nightstand and grabbed my wallet. "… Catch a subway to Omotesando and do some shopping?"

He smiled and put his shirt back on. "I'd really like that."

I beamed widely and ran over to him, grabbing his muscular arm.

"Great! Let's go!"

Tidus kissed me on the forehead gently. He always does that. I love how gentle his kisses are. But just for once, I want those kisses to be on my lips.

"Shall we?" Tidus asked in a faux English accent, gesturing his other hand to let me lead the way.

I tugged his arm we left the room, ran down the stairs, through the apartment building and down to the subway station, laughing whole-heartedly along the way.

So this is my life now, living what most people call a storybook life: befriending the most perfect guy under the sun, and being the happiest girl in the world. But in my eyes, I'm anything but happy, because as long as I live, I'll always have to keep my true feelings for Tidus Sasaki under glass.

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Oh yeah, before I forget, this is a key for all of that Japanese stuff mention in the chapter:

-nijusanku: Japanese for "23 wards." By Japanese law, Tokyo is not an actual city, since Tokyo itself is a conglomeration of twenty-three different cities, called "wards," making it a metropolis rather than a city.
-Todai: The Japanese name for the University of Tokyo
-Chan: Japanese suffix used to refer to children, animals, and other people. Often used with people who have known each other since child hood
-Sama: Japanese honorific used to address one with great respect
-Kun: An intimate and informal honorific primarily used for men. Like Chan, this usually requires at least some familiarity between the user and the one that is addressed.
-There are many places mentioned in the chapter, most of which are the wards that make up the Tokyo metropolis. They are:

Bunkyo (the ward where Auron, Tidus and Yuna live)
Chiyoda (the ward where Yuna was born)
Shinjuku (the "capital" of the Tokyo Metropolis, since many of Tokyo's government buildings are in this ward)

All the landmarks I mentioned are actual places within Tokyo. I will list them all (in order I mentioned them in), along with where they are located and a short description of what it is:

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Shinjuku; Tokyo's "city hall")
Ueno Zoo (Taito; Japan's first and most famous zoo)
Shibuya Scramble Crossing (Shibuya; The world's busiest intersection, with over one million people crossing the street a day. The world's busiest Starbucks is located at the intersection as well.)
Tokyo Disneyland (Chiba Prefecture, north of Tokyo; The first Disney Park to be opened outside of the United States)
Tokyo Dome City (Bunkyo; Tokyo Dome is the largest venue in Japan, with 55,000 seats, home to Tokyo's baseball team the Yomiuri Giants, and a number of very famous concerts have been held here, most notably Mariah Carey's record breaking concert held here in 1996, when she broke the Tokyo Dome's attendance record when she sold out 220,000 tickets for four concert shows in just under half an hour. The grounds also house a hotel resort and an amusement park)
Tokyo Tower (Minato; Tokyo's equivalent to Paris' Eiffel Tower; only a couple hundred meters taller, but isn't as famous as its French counterpart.)
Mt. Fuji (Shizuoka and Yamanashi Prefectures, west of Tokyo; Japan's highest mountain and synonymous with Eastern art)
Rainbow Bridge (Minato; T double-decker suspension bridge spanning over Tokyo Bay. It's has solar-powered lighting fixtures on the cables that light red, green, and white. The lights gather their energy during the day, and automatically turn on at sunset.)
Shibuya Station (Shibuya; Japan's third-busiest train station after Shibuya and Ikekuburo Stations. It handles 2.4 million people a day. The Shibuya Scramble Crossing is east of the station.)
Kokyo (Chiyoda; The Imperial Palace and home to the Japanese Imperial Royal Family. Tokyo Station is not far from here.)
Yoyogi Park (Shibuya; One of Tokyo's largest public parks.)
Roppongi Hills (Minato; One of Japan's largest multi-purpose skyscrapers. Standing at 54 stories, inside it contains office space, apartments, shops, restaurants, cafés, movie theaters, a museum, a hotel, a major TV studio, an outdoor amphitheater, and parks.)
Omotesando (Shibuya; One of Tokyo premier shopping districts/avenues. The recently completed shopping mall Omotesando Hills opened this year.)

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