I'm having one of my 'Can't stem the flow of stupid ideas' nights -looks out window- I mean, mornings, so you all must suffer through the McKadman stupidity. I apologize in advance.


Rodney McKay was lying in the infirmary, recovering from a very close call he'd just had. He was seriously beginning to despise these four walls, as often as he'd been stuck in this room since he'd arrived on Atlantis, he probably could have drawn a perfectly accurate diagram of it in his sleep.

Plus, recovering from anaphylactic shock was no fun at all. His throat was dry and sore and all in all, he felt like he'd just been hit by a rouge rhinoceros.

Lieutenant Cadman had been with him when he collapsed. She had been the one to call for a medical team and ended up saving his life.

She was also currently over in the corner conversing with Beckett in hushed tones.

"What I want to know is, how the bloody hell did he end up ingesting citrus? The man knows for a fact the stuff could kill him...has reminded us of it several times, actually."

"It uh..." Cadman looked at her shoes and mumbled something unintelligible.

"What was that?"

The marine reached into her pocket and retrieved a small plastic tube.

She ashamedly handed it to Beckett, still unable to look up at him.

"Lip gloss?" He questioned, confusion coloring his tone, "I don't understand."

"Look at the ingredients label," she answered quietly.

He did, and found there to be the very non-descript 'natural flavors' printed along side the other ingredients, "So it contains fruit juice of some sort, most likely."

Cadman looked up at him with a blush covering her cheeks and all became clear.

"Oh," Beckett said, realization crossing his features and then hitting hard, "Oh."

Rodney groaned and shifted on the infirmary bed.

"So then...you were wearing this and he-"


"Death by snog," Beckett said thoughtfully, clearly teasing her, "I can certainly think of less pleasant ways to go."


A/N: This almost became McWeir, because I'm tired of pissing off the Beckett/Cadman shippers (they're vicious, I'm telling you! They bite your ankles! Well...some of them, anyway). BUT! I don't happen to like McWeir -dodges tomatoes- and I really couldn't see Elizabeth in this situation, acting in the way I needed her to act for it to work.

Inspired by finding an old tube of lip gloss in a very old purse yesterday afternoon and wondering just what those 'natural flavors' are.

It was short and very stupid, I know...in fact, I don't really find it all that funny now that I'm looking at it. Hm. Probably delete it/rework it later. I like the premise, but it just..something seems off to me. Can't put my finger on it...might be the sleep deprivation.

Any thoughts?