Oh where, oh where has your big brother gone?

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I cannot lay claim to any of the characters, personalities or anything about Supernatural, so I guess I can only play with them and eventually send them back. Oh of course the other bits belong to my fevered imagination!

Chapter 1

Sam sat reading the note for the fifth time, none of it made sense, why would Dean go off on a job on his own and leave Sam sitting in the motel room?

'Sam, got a tip and going to check it out, don't worry be back in a few. Dean.' Sam threw the scrap of paper on the floor and got up stretching his lanky frame, he felt so tired and suddenly very alone.

Although he often felt alone, even when he was with Dean, even when he lived with Jess and attended college, there were times that a different type of loneliness consumed him. But now, now it was more, this time it was a scary lonely.

Breathing deep he started to pace the small bed-sitter sized room, 'get a grip Sam, this is not the time to start wigging out.'

The shrill ring of a phone made him jump and then laugh self-consciously as he picked up his mobile, 'Hello?'


'Dean? Dean where are you?'

'Don't listen to them Sam, don't ... '

'Dean!' Sam yelled into the phone, 'Dean?'

'Not so loud Sammy boy or you will wake the neighbours.'

'Who are you?'

'Think about it Sammy boy it'll come to you.'

'What have you done to Dean?'

'Well, you see it's like this Sammy boy, you do what we want and nothing will happen to big brother Dean, fuck up and he will be also ... fucked up that is.'

'What is it you want me to do?'

'All in good time now say good night to your brother.'


'Dean? Dean are you alright?'

'Listen Sam don't do what they want, it's bullshit Sam ... ' Dean stopped speaking instead all Sam could hear were Dean's pain-filled screams.

'Damn you, if you kill him I will hunt you down and personally rip you to pieces!' Sam thundered.

'Tsk, Tsk Sammy boy you can't kill the dead, just be ready when we call again.'

Sam threw his phone onto the bed and still in a rage punched the wall with all of his strength, the thin plaster wall crumbled under the impact leaving a hole that would be hard to explain away.

Dully Sam looked down at his knuckles, the skin across them split and bleeding, bruises already forming over his hand, he barely felt the pain, instead he watched the blood seeping between his finger becoming mesmerised by the fluid escaping from his body.

Dean was gone, and Sam was alone, no dad, no Dean, no Jess no one except himself.

Sam's breath hissed between his teeth as a white flash blinded him, and a searing pain filled his head, 'Not now.' He gasped dropping to his knees, he squeezed the bridge of his nose with his good hand and tried to fight the vision from coming to him.

On a filthy mattress he could see Dean curled up in a foetal position, huddled as close to the wall as possible. He only wore his blue jeans covered in mud and ripped in jagged lines, the edges of the cloth covered in dried blood. His head lifted slowly and his unfocused eyes turned towards Sam, 'Sammy?' Dean coughed and let his head drop again, too exhausted to keep himself upright.

The vision changed and Sam saw two shadows menacing a hapless victim, they had him tied to a post, his arms stretched tightly behind the post, making his muscles stretch to ripping. An agony filled scream echoed through the room, sending chills down Sam's spine as the angles changed in his vision and he saw Dean tied to the post.

Without warning the vision faded, but just as the blackness descended on him, a white light exploded in Sam's head and suddenly he was the one tied to the post, heavy weights were added to the chains around his wrists, pulling his muscles even tighter until he felt them rip across his chest. A scorching pain across his stomach made him throw his head back and scream. Laughter filled the air.

Sam shook his head and regretted it immediately, blinking he looked around and realised that it was now morning, the sun streamed into the only window, filling the room with a welcoming warmth. He had been lying on the floor for most of the night. Sniffing he rubbed his nose with his hand and stared at the blood, he must have had a nosebleed after the vision.

Exhausted to the bone, he sat back against the bed and rest his head on his knees, his head ached from a dull headache and his smashed knuckles hurt like hell. It hadn't been a dream, Dean was still missing and Sam was still alone.