Oh where, Oh where has your big brother gone?

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John pulled the impala up at the front door of the hospital with Gloria parking the truck just behind him. He smiled as he saw the two boys waiting for him under the veranda. Both sitting up in wheelchairs accompanied by two extremely good looking and young nurses.

Dean's eyes widened in surprise and happiness when he saw his Dad pull up with his baby, the shining, black, and sleek impala. Tears threatened to fall; he hadn't ever given up hope of seeing his baby again, even when he thought he was dying.

Carefully he stood up and managed to walk the last few steps to the car, grinning madly he slipped in behind the wheel and sighed with relief. He was truly home now.

Sam went around to the passenger seat and turned to watch his brother, 'want me to leave the two of you alone?'

'Nope, it's okay ... it is gonna be okay now Sam.' Dean grinned then he turned and waved to the nurses, John and Gloria, before turning back to Sam. With a wink he pulled out a Metallica tape and slid it in to the slot spinning the volume up louder.

'Driver picks ... shotgun...'

'shuts his cakehole.' Sam finished for him laughing.


A dark cloud hovered over the hospital, blocking the sun but not naturally, it glided after the cars as they pulled away from the building and into the traffic, floating above them unnoticed.

A cackle of laughter rumbled like thunder in the distance as the cloud grew in density and speed, following them so easily, it was child's play.

Author's Note:

This is not the end, just a break for now. Decebal will be back, there's unfinished business between the boys and the demon.

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