"He's beautiful-," Cody breathed, taking in the sight of his newborn son with wide-eyed awe. Allison shifted the baby in her arms before handing him gently to her husband. Cody reached out, taking the bundle oh-so-delicately, and gazing lovingly down at the child that was his second son.

He slowly rocked the infant, eyes filling up with tears. "What-," he cleared his throat, glancing up at Allison and laughing emotionally. "What are we going to name him?"

Allison sighed happily, pushing a strand of hair out of her eyes. "I was thinking we could name him after Zack…" she suggested.

Cody smiled, shaking his head slightly. "No," he said quietly. "Zack wouldn't have wanted that. He thought naming people after people was silly…" His eyes saddened, that old familiar tinge of grief returning briefly.

The baby opened his mouth, beginning to cry a little until Cody rocked him gently. "Shh…" he breathed. "Don't cry, Bobby…"

Allison looked at him curiously. "Bobby?" she asked. Cody blinked, having not realized he'd spoken the name until that moment. "Robert, then?"

"I-," Cody looked quizzically at the now-sleeping boy. "If you're okay with-,"

"I love it." said Allison genuinely. Cody moved towards her, placing their new baby between them. At that moment the door opened and a small boy pushed his way inside the room. With a careful glance behind him, the child hurried over to his mom and dad and writhed his way up between them.

"Noah," said Cody quietly. "Meet your little brother, Bobby." He kissed Allison lovingly as they watched their two boys interact for the first time.

Noah took one of his brother's hands and gave it a gentle shake, doing what he knew was appropriate when introduced to another. "Nice to meet you, Bobby," he said proffessionally. "My name is Noah Curtis Martin, and I'm your big brother." He looked seriously at his father. "The name Robert is of French descent, originating around-,"

Suddenly the baby began to yawn, stretching his arms as he smiled up at his family. Noah stopped talking to look wonderingly at him, and Cody and Allison exchanged another proud, loving gaze.

"Welcome home, little guy," Cody whispered. "We love you already."

And he imagined that in the clouds above was another whom he had loved, and that this young man was smiling down on the happy family; proud, content…

And ready to watch them grow, change, and live their lives.

Because that was the beauty of life.