Well, I decided to make a fma/real life story. Some of these things actually happened (like seeing the bald eagle and finding a baby snake).

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"When are we going to swim?" whined a brown-haired, brown-eyed teenage girl.

"Hang on, Harriet. Be patient. We're almost there." replied her mother.

The pontoon boat finally came to a stop in shallower water. Harriet's father lowereed the anchor, and Skyler,
Harriet's little brother, bellyflopped into the water with Madeleine and Naomi, Harriet's little sisters,
following closely behind.

"Finally!" exclaimed Harriet, climbing carefully into the water. The coolness of the lake was a welcome relief from sitting in the hot sun.

At the shore, Skyler was flipping over rocks and startled a small snake. It swam lazily across the surface of the water to find a new hiding place.

A large bird soared majestically over the water, looking for prey.

Harriet gasped.


"Is that a bald eagle?"


"Cool! I've never seen one in the wild before!"

"Me neither!"

Suddenly, a large splash caught Harriet's attention. A canoe had just tipped over. She swam into deeper water to investigate.

Just as she realized nobody had come to the surface, Harriet felt cold metal on her ankle and was pulled under...

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