Blind Warrior.

Rated: T

Disclaimer: I deny any ownership of any adolescent transformed shadow warrior chelonians.


This is my past, coming back

Yet, what you know I do lack

You blame me fore the crime done

But you are my enemy and survival is the name of the game.

I didn't kill you just the same.

You were alive hatred bred

You longed for revenge for what I did.

It was an accident by my hand

But you plot to make me pay

Poison weapon tips

causing loss of sight.

Then to take an innocent's life.

Now I fall in the pit of despair

Finding no salvation there.

Lost,alone I question doubt.

What my life is all about.

Seems to be that what was mine

Has turned against me for all time.

Longing to rise above

I climb the tower

to get higher up and gaze

upon the streets below.

My heart is heavy and full of woe.

My swords have a mind of their own.

I raise them high and scream

My soul is torn.

Then fickle fate

takes a hand, plunges me down

to the world below.

My hated sword rises now,

against me as I plunge to the

ground and so all I know

is sudden fear, as I plunge to my fate.

My cursed sword, takes my life.


I didn't want to leave him,

Wanted him to come.

Leo's changed

I know he can't help it,

nor can things stay the same.

I heard his questions

and wanted our Sensei near,

perhaps he held the answers

to what plagued the leader's heart.

I shouldn't have left him

Should never have left him be

Yet he wanted to be alone,

in a world of half light and half dark.

Our fearless leader losing heart.

So I sit and wait,

questioning what it may take

to get him back, and away.

But then these thoughts are torn away.


They come in our home,

threatening our lives and bearing guns.

Though they order us to freeze.

I do not listen or heed.

I launch to attack,

This is our home.

If we fight together we will prevail

But it seems I stand alone.

The loud sound of guns

roar through the lair

breaking the silence and peace

that once was there.

As I crumple gainst the wall

My blood spills staining ground

My family handcuffed stands around.

"What are you freaks?" an intruder asks.

Adding to the injury.

I gasp in pain, and with dying breath

Blame Leo, knowing in my heart,

this couldn't have happened, had he'd been here.

Even without his sight

He could have set things right.

I stand up high, though I can't rise above

The pain that stings, the past that strikes

Hard with all of it's might.

Leaving me to a world of black and white.

The vision fades, it doesn't last.

Nothing more then a dream

perhaps of a future to be.

I drop the swords the clang and ring

Metal on metal. I hear them sing.

Down to the rooftop under me.

I stand and watch, the world, unseen.