Blind Warrior

Disclaimer: I deny any ownership of any adolescent or adult transformed shadow warrior chelonians.

Author's Note: This is the final installment of the poem, that is based upon the four Mirage comic books Tales of Leonardo Blindsight. Each chapter is based off a single comic in the series. Ramica.

Taken to the Damiyo

My eyes, spy my Sensei.

Or so it seems but then.

I see it's a statue of the rat Kubira

Of the zodiac Japanese.

The Damiyo enraged

that my swords were taken,

says, as I serve him, my swords

were his property,

then longs to know

my worth to him.

And that I cannot say

For even I am at a loss of late.

And so I'm sent by Damiyo's command

to leave my wife child and land.

Exiled to a life of shame.

Angrily, I stalk away,

deep in the woods.

Where I spied the man I saved

just the other day

he points, a warning clear

Of a ninja above, creeping near.

We do battle, while I strive

to keep my anger locked up tight

Then the ninja reveals her face to me

It is my daughter, of this dream, Yumi

Sent to see to my demise.

She begs forgiveness and gently pleads

For me to hide, far away and watch

For others who may come,

and send me to my grave when done.

I send her home;yet before she leaves

She tells me there was none here but me.

Back to the Damiyo I dare to go,

Sneaking up from behind

He tells me of a legend from another time.

Of Kubira, the rat

His adopted turtle kappa son

Whose anger harnessed could

become swordsman number one.

Kubira saw when this was done,

to seek revenge, and take a life,

and so he gave his son a magic sword

sharper then any knife.

When his son could

not see the mission through

Kubira cursed his son to mortal life.

The Damiyo reveals the swords,

my swords he had stole from me,

out from under lock and key.

Confused as to the why,

He calls me to come and linger by.

The magic swords, contain such fury

They were meant to kill in a hurry

"Those who wield them

can't be beat,

They will never know defeat."

He is wrong, he can not know

the grave mistake that he can't let go

The power in the swords I can tell

is not for any man to understand or wield.

And though we are connected

The swords and I,

they are my life

I know at heart

It's not all that I am.

The Damiyo claims I've grown weak

He holds the swords, against one unarmed

Seeing perhaps, my defeat and harm.

And so the battle starts to rage

I avoid the swords, deadly blade

I dodge, duck and flip

So he can not score a hit

Grower anger, becomes intense.

Kubira the statue topples and falls

with him he does bring

a flaming torch of wild fire

which starts to rise and sing.

Trapped behind a wall of flame

the man I saved comes again.

He leads me clear, and then we speak.

I know him now, he's the man

I killed in another land

I had stolen an innocent life

but he questions that and my recent strife

The blind ninja had sought to punish me

He sacrificed an innocent to my blade,

but in truth his life could not be saved,

for he was one all ready dead.

So my guilt and lack of faith

Held me tight,

keeping me from seeing the light.

From this dream, I awake

And discover a miracle for me,

it seems that the blind was made to see.

I tell my Master of the vision past

and the long lost relative Kubira,

the cunning and resourceful rat

Sensei smiles, and says

"He thanks you for his swords at last."

The End