The plot bunny has bought a condo in the empty space of my head where my brain should be. Remus looks so cute with a bow around his neck! More chapters to come.

"MOONY!" Sirius yelled and bounced, literally, into to the dormitory. "MOON…what the hell happened to you?"

"Lily and a few of her friends thought I would look cute with a bright red bow around my neck," Remus growled looking over his book at the longhaired teen.

"And why haven't you taken it off my dear Moony?" Sirius asked and flicked the rather large bow dominating Remus's neck.

"It won't come off for twenty-four hours. Now leave me alone I'm reading."

"Well isn't that interesting? I do believe for that twenty-four hours you are mine," Sirius laughed and tugged at a tag attached to the bow.

"What?" Instantly Remus was the bed and in front of the mirror. "Oh bloody hell!" He cursed when he saw the tag.

To: Sirius Black From: Lily

"See, I told you you are mine until the bow falls off," Sirius said and wrapped his arms around the little werewolf's waist. "You look adorable with that bow by the way."

"Gee thanks Padfoot, that really makes me feel like I'm 14."

"You can't help but be adorable. It's who you are. I'm tall and sexy; you're small and cute. That is how life intended us to be. Personally, I wouldn't have you any other way," Sirius murmured and nuzzled the soft golden hair. "Do you love me? Not like friend love but more?"

"Y-yes," Remus choked out and looked like he was going to cry.

"How long?"

"Since the moment I saw you on the train."

"I love you too, Moony. Sleep with me, not sex, just sleep."

"Okay Pads."

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