Final chapter then I'll start on the sequel. Hope you enjoy lovelings.

X x x x

"I wonder who Sirius Black is taking to the ball."

"Isn't he dating Veronica?"

"I thought he dumped her."

"I know, she was heart broken, who is he with now?"

Remus found it hard not to burst out laughing at the whispers circulating around the classroom.

Sirius, who had considerably less control than his werewolf counterpart, burst out laughing. "Ladies, do you really want to know who I'm taking?" He asked turning around to face the now fawning girls.


He just leaned over and kissed Remus deeply, making his mate blush. "I'm taking my lovely Remmy to the ball. Spread it around that I am officially off the market," he purred and turned back around.

"Who said I was yours'?" Remus scoffed and Sirius smirked.

"I believe you did this morning in the shower."

X x x x

"Sirius, does it honestly take this long to do your hair?" James sighed. Lily had taken Remus away to "prettify" him, leaving James to take care of Sirius.

"For those of us who actually care about our hair, it does take this long. Running my fingers through it and looking like I just woke up will not do," Sirius snapped and finally finished his hair. He was wearing a skin tight black leather flex top with matching leather pants that laced up the front, thigh high boots, and a blood red robe left open. His hair was left loose but for a small braid in the front. He put on a touch of black eyeliner and just enough red lipstick to make his lips a little more vibrant. "Finished."

"Finally, Lily and Remus have been waiting from fifteen minutes already," James said and dragged Sirius out of the dorm and into the common room.

Sirius looked at Remus and was struck speechless.

Remus was wearing tight brown leather pants, black boots, a white button down shirt with the first three buttons undone, and a forest green robe left open. His soft, honey hair was teased slightly to make it fall sexily around his face and over one vibrant amber eye. And much to Sirius' complete surprise the werewolf was wearing clear lip-gloss.

The first thought that came into Sirius' head was 'I wonder if that lip-gloss is flavored'. But out loud he said, "God, you look hot."

Remus blushed at the compliment. "Shall we go?" He asked and held his hand out of Sirius who took it with an ear-to-ear grin.

"Of course my dear Moony."

X x x x

Remus and Sirius walked into the ball hand-in-hand and nearly fell over laughing when all of Sirius' fangirls gasped.

They mingled with Lily and James until a slow song came on.

"Dance with me?" Sirius asked and Remus nodded.

Out of the dance floor they were swaying softly with the music and Sirius thought there was no better moment than now to ask this.

"Remus, will you bond with me?" Sirius asked and pulled a small black velvet box out of his robe pocket and handed it to the stunned werewolf.

Remus opened it and inside was a beautiful white-gold ring with amber set in. "Of course I will," he beamed and kissed Sirius softly.

'Mmm strawberry…he said yes. HE SAID YES!' Sirius thought and kissed Remus deeper, his hands sliding up the werewolves' shirt.

"Ah hem," Professor McGonagall coughed lightly making them jump. "That is not appropriate behavior for the ball gentlemen."

Sirius just smirked and pulled his hands out of Remus' shirt, while the werewolf blushed.

"Dormitory," Sirius whispered in his mates' ear making Remus blush even deeper. He practically dragged Remus out of the ball and up to the Gryffindor common room.

X x x x

"OH GOD! PUT A WARNING UP OR SOMETHING!" James shouted into the dorm room from the bottom of the stairs where there was a trail of clothing.

From somewhere in the dorm one of the two now over-sexed teens, most likely Remus, shouted "warning, copious amounts of hot gay celebratory sex!"

"Oh ha fucking ha."

X x x x

Shitty end, I know. The sequel is going to be better…and longer. READ MY DANNYXVLAD FICTIONS!