Hey everybody, Wings here

Hey everybody, Wings here! As I'm sure you guys have noticed by now, I haven't updated for a long, looooong time, and I apologize deeply for that. My real life has gotten so hectic lately, and I've lost inspiration for a lot of my stories, so I haven't had the time or means to work on most of them.

But, as some of you have apparently already noticed, Jessica01 has volunteered to take this story off of my hands and finish it up. Since I know most of you would rather see this story finished by someone else then remaining uncompleted until when and if I find the time to finish them, I agreed to sign the rights for Ghost Town over to her. Be sure to check her out for any more updates for this story!

Also, could the people who've been harassing her about it being my story apologize properly? I know you guys were looking out for my best interest, and I appreciate that, but I really did give her permission to complete it, so she didn't do anything wrong. If anyone is to blame, it's me for being so busy with my homework that I couldn't make the official announcement until now. I tell you people, college is no joke…