Sooo.. This idea popped in my head.. it's another SakuLee Fanfic, well mainly, but there's also other pairings such as InoShika, NaruHina, NejiTen etcetera, etcetera.. xD

I know the idea might be overused and such, but I wanna wreak havoc upon the Naruto characters too for once.. Muahahahaaa.. –coughs-

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Chapter 1

The sky was dark, it was around 9 Pm now and clouds started to gather above Konoha to shower the hidden ninja village in drops of rain.

A flash of light appeared which was followed by a loud rumbling sound, signifying the storm outside to the ninja's at the Hyuuga mansion.

They were all there, Naruto Sakura and Sasuke from Team seven, Kiba Hinata and the ever so speechfull Shino from Team 8, Ino Shikamaru and Chouji from Team 10.

And last but not least, Lee, Neji and TenTen were there, even though they weren't a part of 'the rookie 9' they liked to hang out with them anyway.

Neji and Hinata had suggested they should all stay the night at their mansion to catch up for old times' sake, They were all 18 now, except for team Gai, who were a year older than the rookies.

Sakura was staring outside at the falling droplets, she didn't really have anything better to do anyway so she watched as the sky darkened.

She could see the reflection of the group in the window she was sitting by, and him..

She blushed faintly at the sight of the boy she had developed new feelings for over the years, but she never dared to tell him what she really felt for him.. ( A/N: You'll find out who Sakura's thinking about soon enough, But I'm evil so I'll let you guys guess first.. xD If you're smart you'd know already.. :P )

A sudden rumble woke her up from her state however only to find herself being stared at by the others because of her sudden reaction.

She sweatdropped and appologized before standing up and sitting down inbetween Hinata and Ino.

"What are you guys doing?" She asked as she looked around in the group, everyone was wearing their pyjama's but some of the boys had attempted to not wear their shirts while they were with the girls.

Ino was able to convince them that it was rather rude and not to mention quite disgusting for the girls to watch.

She had stared at Chouji for a moment, who also didn't wear a shirt and shuddered, almost passing out at the sight of his.. big boned body.

The boy had shrugged and continued eating his potato chips, as always.

Kiba shrugged as he patted Akamaru "Iunno.. What do you want to do?" He asked, also gazing around the group for a moment.

Sakura noticed Ino glancing mischieviously in her direction for a moment and turned to face her 'This can't be good...' she thought, and soon she would find out what exactly Ino was planning.

"Guys, how about a game of.. Oh I don't know.. Truth or dare...?" She asked in a sweet voice, giving the biggest puppydog eyes she could summon.

"Too troublesome.." Shikamaru replied before laying down and staring at the ceiling, okay it wasn't as good as watching the clouds but he didn't want to get wet or electrocuted by chance if he went outside in this storm.

Then he would have to get inside again to take a shower, which was also too troublesome in his book.

The others had to disagree with the lazy genius though, it was better than nothing and they were eager to find out some juicy secrets from their friends, this was the perfect oppertunity for it.

"Yosh! I would like to play the youthful game called Truth or Dare, Ino-san! Count me in!" Lee exclaimed as he thrust his fist in the air.

"Oh well, It's better than just sitting around" Naruto said, grabbing a pillow and sitting down near Hinata, who was as red as a tomato by now.

"And look at it from a bright side, it beats being bored and staring at a ceiling for hours on end." She said, obviously referring to her lazy team-mate.

Ino grinned as soon as she saw the others wanted to play "Well Shikamaru, if you don't want to play then don't, there's others who want to play anyway.." the blond girl stated before motioning the others in a circle.

Sakura stayed inbetween Ino and Hinata, she felt that it was the most safe place to be right now.

The circle went as followed: Ino, Sakura, Hinata, Naruto, Kiba, Shino, Neji, Tenten, Lee, Sasuke and then Chouji.

The pink-haired girl stared at the guys across her for a few moments, but Lee noticed her looking at them and smiled at her.

'Oh god he's looking at me! What do I do!'

She blanked for a moment as she noticed the boy with the bowlcut hair looking at her and stared at him for a few seconds but she soon turned away, feeling a warmth creeping up to her cheeks.

Lee blinked and tilted his head slightly, the same red colour was also evident on his cheeks, though not as much as on Sakura's. 'Why was she staring at me like that..?' He asked himself, but he shrugged it off as soon as Ino announced the start of the game.

"Alright! I'll start.." She said with an evil twinkle in her eye "Well well well.. Who to pick first.. Aaah.. I know..." She muttered as she looked around the group, leaving her eyes on...


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